Monday, April 14, 2008

Tis Hard

God is with me keeping me strong. Every day is tougher but I am
so thankful that I am doing as well as I am and I know the
prayers and love do it. By mid day I am unable to think out things or concentrate. Just know
I love ya all, am here, but won't be around BloG world much.

Love in Him

temps of 60s predicted

turkeys have been visiting daily

deers visit to eat tulips

God's love

I'm a stay at home

my friends & family



  1. Deena, we know you're here in thought. I think everyone who comes here wants you to be happy, healthy and blogging for years to come. If you need time to concentrate on healing, we want you to take as much time as you need. I know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

    Think positive and take joy in being loved. You are a precious soul.

    Blessed Be.

  2. Deena,

    Take care of yourself and take comfort in all the people praying for you by name.

  3. Good morning Deena.
    You are in my prayers daily. Rest and sleep is best for you now, so you will have many tomorrows.
    Hugs, Sharon
    My Vintage Studio

  4. Good morning Deena...
    I feel good every time i see a new post from u.But if u think u need rest, do it...take good care of yourself...lots of love to u....

    chikku :)

  5. Oh sweet Deena, we all love you so much and hope you can feel our prayers. You rest so your body can heal!

    In His Perfect Name,
    LeAnn :)

  6. Deena, sending love and listening.

  7. Hi Deena,
    Your body is telling you not to overdo so it can heal. Take comfort in so many prayers being said for you.

  8. You are always in my prayers, Denna! And with each passing day, you are one day closer to wholeness and being well, and one day more behind you in this journey! It's time to rest! YOu need it! Love you, Cora

  9. It is so time for you and time for your mind to rest in Him.... Those of us that love you are here and we are praying....... We so want you to be well....... God is on your side and He is close........ and I have a thought for you....... begin to pray the word.. sometimes it is hard for us to pray, words dont come..... but His word is powerful... find scriptures that talk of His love and His healing power and life..... and pray the word..... Put your name in those scriptures and speak His word back to Him... I do that for things that I just do not know what to pray.........

    sister in Christ

  10. Still praying for moving on, dear friend.

    I'm so sorry you're having a rough go right now, but eternally glad you know where to go for strength and peace.

  11. Dearest Deena,
    I know that we put pressure on checking your blog every day to see if you were able to post...but we can't pull ourselves away...
    Please know that if you are not able to post...we will still be praying and thinking of you daily.....
    you have become a very special person in my life...
    your strength has made me stronger in my faith, and made me more able to give to others...
    I am grateful for my health because you are thankful even while you are going through such a health crisis...
    {{Hugs for you and Rich}}

  12. Many, many prayers are being sent up to God for you, Deena . . . I know He is listening and loves you dearly. Baby yourself and give your body time to heal. Warm wishes, Jann

  13. good morning....sweet friend....home from watching a wee one for her mommy...but just checking in...and as has been reciprocation is needed, we just want to remind you that you are always in our prayers and hearts....hoping you have sweet rest and feelings of being wrapped in love today...
    hugs, prayers and love,

  14. Deena,
    You are on my heart and in my prayers everyday! Sending healing on angel wings to you...
    Donna Lynn

  15. sending you much love and prayers always, deena. you stay strong and know that you are loved and cared about by so many.

  16. Rest my friend, know we're all thinking of and praying for you. Feel the love.


  17. Deena Dear...

    Please know that I am sending you healing thoughts and Love daily. I check on you through your blog every day.. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this.......You are so blessed having so many pray for and with you.
    Big Hugs,
    brenda bliss

  18. Dearest Deena ~~ like everyone is saying, just rest, rest, rest. Know that we love you and pray that each day brings you strength. I love that turkeys are visiting! See, God is sending you little visitors to brighten your days. Love you, sweet lady! Hugs and little Duhgall kisses,


  19. Uh huh!! Sure...likely story our girlie girl! We all know it's your birthday tomarrow, April 15th, so you're spending the day party hoppin! ;-) Who you think you foolin! Well, Oh Tay!...bed or party dresses, all the same to us.
    You are somethin special. All anyone wants and prays for is that you have A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY MANY MANY MORE! Love you Deena, God blessed us all the day you came into the world. xxxooo
    Theresa Mary Rose

  20. Thanks for visiting Chelsea and I today. We were packing my dear hubby off for a lengthy out of town stay at another job site.

    Rest..get strong...and know that you are not forgotten...We pray for you!

    Becky K.

  21. Cyber hugs and love, Deena.... You do whatever is best for you - we are thinking about you and care and understand about not blogging much.

  22. Denna, rest and take care of yourself for now, that is all that we the little blogging world want you to do. One day at a time and soon you can look back and I am so glad that is over. And again be just Deena

  23. Deena ~ You are in my thoughts and prayers each & every day. I'm SO touched by your blog. Keep looking up and keep a positive attitude!

    Love, Karen, a 7 year BC survivor

  24. Oh sweet Deena, I understand when you don't visit me, and I know you love all your blogging friends who have supported you with love and prayers.

    Praying for you,

  25. Rest my sweet friend ~ your friends love you and will always be here with you.

  26. It's okay Deena...just take care of you....lots of prayers for you...

    oh..I would love to see your deers...and turkeys...

  27. Keep up your thankful spirit Deena. You are an inspiration and a wonderful messenger of God's love.
    Keep in the light...

  28. Just keep doing what you are doing -- for you. It's about rest and gathering strength...that's all that matters right is all you need to do xo.

  29. Deena, take care, thinking of you.

    Good days ahead, I hope, especially tomorrow, xoxo

  30. I'm scatching my head, wondering how this can be true. You all tired and admitting it too. But I just happened to check your Primitive Gathering site and my page too. Ya know what, there's my page looking pretty as you did all this for us after chemo and such?! You woman are too much. How can we thank you for how you still manage to get done three times that of any other one. You are truly awesome. Thank you. "Church"

  31. took me days to do it..and
    3 hours just to publish

    I hope I did it right
    good thing I have a back up
    if i need one

  32. Sweet Deena

    You rest knowing there's lots of us out here in "The Land of Blog" who love you and are praying for you. You might be tired and feeling yucky, but be happy that the chemo is doing it's job and that you sweet girl are being held in the hands of our God. His hands are big and strong and comforting.


  33. Deena, Even though I am new to the blogging world, you have touched my heart and I pray for you daily. I know God will hold you in His loving arms - and one day you will feel well and normal again! This prayer has meant a lot to me:
    "Lord, Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can't handle!"
    Hugs! Your new friend Ruthie

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  35. Rest assured that even though you may not be blogging, you will be thought of, prayed for and loved.

  36. Deena,

    We all understand that you are going through a rough time right now. We are praying for you and keeping you in our thoughts - positive thoughts coming your way.

    I love you, my friend. Please be sure to rest when you need to. When you are tired, it is your body telling you that it needs rest.

    Blessings and hugs,

  37. Rest well, Deena. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  38. ~~Happy Birthday~~Deena,

    Hope you are feeling better today...I want you to know you are in my prayers and my shield of faith is held up very high for you...Resting is good for you now...I know....and I know too how hard it is to for you to do that...I know it's going to get better for you too....Lay the bible open, on you chest and dream a good dream of Jesus healing you! For the word of God is our shield!
    Thank you Jesus!, for healing you, Deena, of cancer....
    From the Heart of Texas
    afriendtoyou, Judy

  39. I'm sure it must be hard Deena. Wishing you a bright sunny, pleasant birthday; may you have a wonderful year, and many many more happy birthdays.
    Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  40. Deena,

    I am sorry that this is so hard. You are such a trooper. My prayers are with you. I pray it gets better soon.

    Love & Hugs, Sharon

  41. I know what you are going through, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a double masectomy and chemo weeks. Its so hard on you. I know what you mean by not being able to concentrate my mom was the same way. Rely on God for strength and rest!!! YOu are in my prayers Deena.

  42. I hope that your birthday was wonderful and that you enjoyed your family and all the wishes that all your FRIENDS who love you sent your way. Keep resting and getting better. This blog can wait. You are the important one!


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