Friday, April 18, 2008

Program I Meant to DVR


the other was Diane Sawyer, but I never even knew what day it was on.

did anyone see them??

I 'm better this AM, it is a MARVY day

& yes we were awake & aware of some things moving

@ quake time

all is good, my eye is purple,

Loving LIFE each DAY
share your joys please, I love it
did a bit of gardening oh so wonderful use my garden gloves from Church
to tend a garden is to walk with God


  1. good morning, sweet deena....i will have to watch this, but no i didn't see the program you are talking about....and quake....what quake...guess i better read the news! so happy to know you are having a good day....hope it is blessed with love and lots of joys!

    ~a new day
    ~inspiration from friends
    ~jamie and matt approved for adoption!
    ~little grandbaby coming to nonnies today
    ~beautiful roses

    have a beautiful day,
    xoxo and prayers,

  2. Pray for you every night. Enjoy your good day. I have to go to my oncologist on the 29th. Praying all is still well with me. Hate those appointments! Have a great weekend.

  3. Good Friday afternoon to you, sweet Deena. What kind of flowers and plants are in your garden right now ?
    It feels so good to be in that harmonious bit of nature, doesn't it ?

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  6. I love that 'to tend a garden is to walk with God'...lovely.

    You had an earthquake I take it?


  7. Denna,
    Came back to say hello again. Saw your note - am making amends. Apologize. You get to see things as you choose, and as you feel them, and believe them, and for what is fact to you; and I am truly sorry if I put my foot in my mouth.

  8. Hello Deena ~ Glad to read that you're having a good day. Did you plant something in your garden?

    We were asleep when the quake occurred this AM, didn't feel a thing, but on reading the Ann Arbor News,many who were up and about felt it.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  9. This is such a lovely blog and you are clearly a very special person. I wish you all the best in your battle with cancer. It is quite wonderful to feel how greatly you embrace life and joy.

  10. To my brave friend Deena. I really admire you. Watching my mom, husband and son all go through chemo, I know what an ordeal it is. You are looking great, even with the purple eye! We pray for you every day, asking God for a miracle.
    Rhondi xo

  11. I heard about your earthquake and wonder what you felt.... I am so afraid of earthquakes.. I have been in two and that is two too many........... I am glad that you are in your garden some..... I love being outside ...... feels like God is closer........

    My joys today

    trip to the nursery for shrubs for Mom and Dad.

    DH home all day today

    Many many hummingbirds coming to their home away from home..

    Mothers and grandmothers Iris's beginning to bloom..


    the joy of friends that I cannot see.......

  12. Deena,

    I am so glad that you felt well enough to work a little in the garden. Gardening is a blessings - so relaxing and it brings us closer to God. And gardening gloves from Church is a blessing.

    My joys for today:

    Hearing from you.
    Bird song.
    A walk with Meeko.
    Buds in my garden.
    Sunny and warm - above seasonal.

    Love you, my friend. Prayers continue.


  13. Went for a long ride on my motorcycle. Country roads. Everywhere the sweet sights and fragrances of Spring. I prayed, "Lord if you have made this earth so beautiful, what must your heaven be like?" Love and prayers.

  14. gosh I can hardly see what I am typing with all the tears blurring the screen~

    YOur photos are so lovely, you look so lovely~ even with a black eye ;)

    I pray that you feeling well, not sure what stage 4 of cancer is, but it doesn't sound nice...I hate cancer!

    I wish you could be attending the ZNE convention too!

    sending you hugs !!

    xo ~Bella


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