Friday, May 2, 2008

Flea Market Friday

Oh my friends..I've been doing a bit of
uncluttering lately, nestling I like to call
it & I'll be doing Nestling Market Fridays

Click here to see more Markets
It's not really a Flea Market, cuz I won't send ya
any fleas. Take a look, I'll be adding something new
each Friday I can get the job done!!
My offerings are under Curious Goodes here
I will always state if it's something I made . I had
purchased mostly hand dids for years so that's
mostly what will be offered.


  1. I love the idea of "nestling" instead of uncluttering.

    I'm getting caught up on blog reading and want to say I'm agreeing with you on American Idol.

    So glad you've only one more chemo to go! Wow, what a journey.

  2. Hey Deena, I am so glad you are almost done with the chemo, you know I am taking a pharmacy tech class and we talked about chemo some, and so I know it is pretty bad stuff. Our bodies are so amazing really. God is wonderful, and he made us wonderfully! Saw the art doll and loved it! How cool! Take good care of yourself!
    Love, Maridon

  3. Dear Deena,
    So happy to see your new posts today! You look beautiful as always, can't wait till you are all done and healed up...daily lifting that up to our Father!

    I will try and get your box off this weekend, can't find the right size...I go "borrow" them from a local box bin, I will check my hot spot tomorrow! :)

    Bless you this weekend, hope you get lots of rest and prayer time in...
    Love ya, Donna Lynn

  4. Hope your weekend with your hunk is fabulous!
    hugs, bj

  5. good morning, dear deena.....hoping you had a wonderful rest last night....and are enjoying the beautiful morning....wishing a day of feeling good...
    hugs and prayers,

  6. Deena,

    I'm so glad to see you posting. I hope you've slept well and that you are enjoying the weekend. Prayers are speeding toward heaven for you daily.

    Love and blessings,

  7. Good Saturday afternoon to you, Deena. How are you feeling today ?

    DeCluttering always feels good. Nesting market Fridays sounds like a fun idea :)

    Thinking of you with *blessings*

    Loving Annie

  8. Hi Deena. I just got you added to the list for next week. I didn't open your message until just a moment ago. Sorry about that. Your link is to this page so on Fridays you'll have to put a link to the curious goodes. Let me know if you would prefer that I change it. How did your chemo go? Are you feeling a bit shattered today? I'll bet you're exhausted. Hang in there. =) Praying for you today! Blessings... polly

  9. Good morning Deena!
    Nice to see your pretty smiling face, oh I remember the count down when they did the poison in me!Keep Smiling, I know God and my positive outlook and family are what brought me through! Big Pink Hugs Diana Lyn,,, Donna send that Box! LOL :o)

  10. Sweet Annie, may I take your pink bra? I am soooo in luv with it.
    love, bj

  11. good morning, dear deena....hope you had a wonderful movie evening and a restful night.....and that today looks brighter......i too, LOVE your pink bra!
    loving thoughts and prayers today...

  12. Cute houses!! I'm so glad you're almost finished with chemo. One more to go!!

  13. just stopped by to check on you...I pray you had a good Sunday...Kept all your food down...and spent time outside with Rich...

  14. Happy Sunday Deena...Hope this finds you doing well today! Your strength amazes me every time I read your have a very special gift that allows you to see good & beauty in everything! I saw on the Primitive Gathering blog that I may have won your sweet lil' mermaid cool! Don't know how winners will be contacted, but I hope to hear from you soon!! Sweet dreams & good week ahead *elaine*

  15. Thinking of you sweet friend and hoping you've had a good weekend.


  16. Have a wonderful Monday, dear sweet Deena! :)

  17. shhhhh, go back to sleep...i'm just peeking in to say i hope your day is a really, REALLY good one...

  18. Cute goodies! hope you had a great weekend! Have a blessed day!!

    kari & kijsa

  19. good afternoon, deena...i've been watching a little one this morning...home now....and wanting to stop by. hoping you are feeling better and have many joys on this new day....
    love and hugs....and prayers,


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