Monday, December 31, 2007

Going to the Doctor"s today

Yesterday's do.

New Year's Eve 2007, the new me.
Still not going too short, but we'll gradually
do it. Gotta get ready for the BALD me!!

I love the back too

I've got a pink tee & pink panties on

but ya know, PINK is being exploited!!

To see my sweet plastic surgeon
Dr. Jones.
I'm all cute, with jeans and a shirt
& my new hair. My sweet daughter
Nicole does so good.
Makes me feel younger for sure.
fondly, deena
I have a new Gift Away coming up
I'll post it in the next couple of days


  1. Good Morning Deena,
    I love your new Hair do. It looks very beautiful. I bet it's easy to take care of too. Hey, a Woman can never have enough Pink huh? My youngest Daughter has all kinds of Pink things. Her clothes has to be Pink or at least have some kind of Pink on them. I call her our Little Princess. She is all girly girl. "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you and yours from our Family. May 2008 be a great and wonderful year for you and yours. Take care my friend and have a great Monday. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  2. Save these pictures... and post again with the bald you... and I will bet that the bald you is every bit as beautiful and sweet as either one of these...
    (but I hear that creates a new problem for you... I have heard it said that when your hair grows back in it is curly...then you will have to have Nicole straighten it for you!)
    I will say that you look might fetching in your pink tee, etc... to go see "your Dr Jones"
    love ya,

  3. Pink Becomes you! A dear friend of mine had a bone marrow transplant last year. SHe lived at The City of Hope for 6 monthes and wse didn't have an opportunity to see her except for her website into her journey. Which, by the way, her "end" photo looks better than her beginning!
    Thank you for letting all of us be a part of your journey, hard though it may be....His Love Endures Forever.

    Great Big Pink & Blue Hugs,
    Karen Eileen

  4. I love your new do....

    Happy Happy New Year Deena!
    Love and Hugs and Prayers,

  5. Your blog is so uplifting and a real gift. May you be blessed tenfold with good health and continued happiness in the new year.
    Brightest of Blessings Always to you and yours!

  6. Deena, love the new 'do'.
    It's amazing how much just a new 'do' can do for your spirit. Feels great.
    Take care.
    Have a wonderful positive New year.

  7. Deena,
    I was thinking of you when I posted the verse Isaiah 41:13 on my blog today..

  8. Your hair looks lovely, you look lovely. It feels wonderful when we get into our "regular" clothes and we know we are mending and healing.

    Wishing you a wonderful, bright new year Deena. No resolutions, just one day at a time, allowing each one to unfold.

    May this year be filled with love, with renewed strength and health and much laughter, all in abundance.

  9. As for being bald...I know you will find it another interesting experience. My head was such a perfect shape my oldest son could put his cup from McDonald's on it when he'd come in from his part-time job!! It produced much laughter. And I found myself being happier going with nothing on my head around the house...watching it grow in was torture as it took forever and grew at different rates all over my head.

    My hair fell out straight and it grew in straight, though I have one little piece that does want to curl.

    Part of the journey..waiting to see what would happen next!!!!


  10. Deena, You look so lovely!
    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.
    Hugs & love ~Mary~

  11. Deena,

    Just dropping by to see how you are doing. I've posted on my blog with a bit of an update. Beautiful hair do. It's lovely.

    Blessings and love,

  12. PS Happy New Year. I wish you abundant blessings in 2008

  13. Good evening Deena,
    How did you appointment go today? I sure love your new haircut and color. You and your husband are so adorable, too!

    I ran into a friend of mine the other day. Her name is Dee and hse said that she wrote to you. I didn't know this, but Dee is another breast cancer survivor. She is the sweetest of ladies and just a joy to know. Funny how God puts our paths to cross one another.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year Deena. I know that the start will be tough, but I do believe that you have the strength to battle this. I really do.

    Love to you,

  14. Great hairdo. As yours gets shorter, mine gets longer and we could end up with the same cut soon. :)

    I'm due for a cut but was waiting for after the holidays in case it's hideous. LOL.

  15. Let's exploit pink, I love pink, the happiest colour you could be wearing. Your new hairdo is amazing I really love it, I always have to go a little shorter for me to look anywhere near as glamorous as you do! x

  16. Well don't you look like a cutie pie?!!! I love your new "do". It looks adorable. Wow, I bet you feel so good in your pretty pink tee and undies, and your jeans too. Isn't it good to get out of the jammies and comfy clothes and get dressed up nice? I am so happy for you Deena. Take baby steps. You will do just fine. Keep that pretty smile on your face and take care of yourself my friend.

    Warm Hugs,


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