Friday, October 31, 2008


Just some ideas..these were made by my friend Sally

OK, I'm so excited, let's do a Pretty In Pink Christmas ornament exchange
just sign up with Mr Linky & make & purchase  ONE ornament. Each of us will send their hand did ornaments to their partner.I have  opened  up a YAHOO Group too for the Speckled Egg,  SO SO FUN..we'll show our pink trees online when we decorate them. Ornaments should be mailed to your partner by Dec 1st . I  will make a donation to the Komen Foundation for Christmas too for each ornament exchanged.  I challenge you all to make a small's a GREAT day here.
Please sign up by Nov25 th & I'll post partners on the 28th

I'm going to have tree for JUST pink and as many ornaments as are exchanged,  I will send ONE dollar to the Komen Foundation~ Jingle for the Cure


  1. Count me in Deena! It's funny, I found a little pink artificial tree, and am collecting pink ornaments for it. It's such a coincidence, and am excited to participate!!
    Blessings to you,

  2. So glad that you are feeling better.

  3. Glad you are having a good day today. An ornament exchange sounds good. Love the idea.

  4. HI Deena! Im glad you felt good ornament exhange sounds lovely! What a great idea! I love Christmas!! Jackie (Dove2mist)

  5. I am in , but I have no idea how it works,,,,,,,, I will watch and read........

  6. Deena, it is great to "hear" you sounding so great. Yesterday after getting your news, hubby brought out trees and put them in their spots---I know--too early, but with less energy, it will take me a month to get it done. I will think about the pink ornament swap, but it sounds super fun and I kept a small spot for a tiny tree of pink. Will check back for details. Have a wonderful day today. Prayers, love, and hugs, Pat

  7. I'll have to try to do this. Sound like fun! It's good to "hear" you are doing better. Sounds like it's been an exhausting week or so. It's amazing how we unknowingly let our families define us, isn't it?! I guess God knew that we'd do that and that's why He said He's Abba, Father. Have you read "The Shack"? I know some theologians are up in arms about it but I thought it was wonderfully insightful. Anyhow...=) Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... Polly

  8. Hi Deena! I found you via Denise/Good Samaritan women. You and your spirit are beautiful!! I would love to be included in this swap. I'm kinda a newbie at swaps so I'll keep watching. I'll be lifting you and your family up in my devotions hon. I'm glad you are feeling better. Blessing to you and yours!! Jenny in Kansas ( I like Wizard of Oz too! ;) )

  9. Count me in, too, Deena, although I don't get along very well with Mr. Winky. Have a beautiful, blessed day.

  10. Well Sweet Deena, It sounds like your having a terrific day! God is wonderful....I'd love to do the swap BUT let me think about it, sounds like a great idea, and most likley I will, one pink ornamnet hand made hmmmm, I'm throwing ideas around in my head now..scary....I love you and I hope you continue to keep doing wonderful.
    Love you

  11. Happy Halloween MOM bought me a pink tree last year.
    She works retail and it was on clearance and the very last one!!

    I would love to do your swap:0)
    Glad you are feeling better~ Hugs,Sheri

  12. Hi Deena, You are having a most deserved hugely GREAT day. Yay!
    I will do a pink ornament too. Weekend Blessings of Peace and Love, Mollye and family

  13. I wanna Play. THis will be my first swap and I am so excited its is pink. Glad you a feeling better today Deena. Hugs Deb

  14. Deena come over and enter my giveaway. Thanks Deb

  15. That should get us in the holiday spirit. I am glad you are feeling are such an organizer! And a very good one, I must say.

  16. Sounds like fun! Please include me in this wonderful swap.

    BTW, please check out my blog for the cutest pink photo for the cure!

  17. I've had a pink decorated tree for years but had to put it away after I lost Jenny. It was too hard to deal with. But I think I can decorate my small tree with pink ornaments and bows like I used to.
    I would love to be part of the ornament exchange, I have just the ornament in mind. In fact if you need extra's I can do that too. Just let me know and I'll start making them now. Make sure you let us know about the details.
    I'm just so thrilled after reading your email yesterday, miracles do happen every day.

  18. I have never done this - so this swap is all new to me! I will make a pink ornament - but persuading my husband to live with a pink tree (never mind that most of the house is green and pink)is probably not going to happen! I think he and his 5 brothers and 2 sisters must have all been frightened by a Christmas tree when young - they don't like decorations (But I do them big time, regardless!) Andrina X

  19. Sounds like fun! Please include me in this wonderful swap. but I have no idea how it works. I'm glad that you are feeling better.
    Many Blessings & prayers, Virginia

  20. I love your new banner! I'm thinking about the ornatment swap...if I can think of a good idea, I'm in!

  21. Well, The Museum (me) had the Tea...the speaker/exhibit was beautiful. Centuries of clothes, like a time line. One thing BIG missing, your laughter and glee. A lot of women/people are kinda dull after you Deenz. My husband and I have not had a tree in the 17 yrs since we lost our son. Tried one Thanksgiving dinner a few yrs back together once but it felt flat. I'm really really mad at God right now for allowing this to happen to you, and to me, cause I miss the you also before C. Because you always are coming up with another happy plan for beauty I get mad at myself for not being more positive.
    When I met you I said "all my friends have died, I have no family left and I don't want to be serious anymore. I want to have fun." You said "OK, my old boss used to say I could make a train wreck fun." He was right. But you got diagnosed 2 months after we became friends. You bring light into the world that never was there. I've never liked pink ever, but I've learned to look at it in a different way now. I really like your new site graphics, the pink on black with pretty script. I'll do an ornament for you to use. But I can't do a tree. Whoever "Bernie in Comments" is, that hasn't been able to do a tree since their Jenny...tell them that Jenny I'm sure would love them to have a tree again.
    Your friend's ornaments are very feminine and romantic too.
    You Deenz, you are breaking a heart that I was sure was too hard to break ever again.
    God bless you always.

  22. I am really excited ... I already started buying for a pink project!!

    Have a Blessed Day!!

  23. What a great idea! Hmmmmm....homemade? Problem....I'm not crafty. Let me think about this.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  24. Sounds like fun,I have been wanting to get a pink tree for Christmas to put in my bedroom.So count me in.

  25. Dear Miss Deena,

    I really would like to be able to spend so much more time to research your history on your blog. I really would like to know more about your precious story. I started to do a blog on Xanga to journal my journey through my breast cancer. I didn't do very well.

    I was given a journal book as well by a family friend who thought I might like to write my feelings and thoughts with what I was going through. I suppose for most people, it probably works. But it just wasn't for me. I would much rather write about it now, but I couldn't handle it back then.

    I believe you sent me an email on yahoo to add me to your "list of friends". I'm not sure if I responded. I'll have to check.

    You are a true inspiration... you keep putting one foot in front of the other... you have the victory through Jesus every day.

    I'll check my yahoo email.

    Penny Sue

  26. would I have to MAKE an ornament-- I am craftily challenged, you know.

  27. Looking forward to the Pink Swap!!!

  28. Deena,

    Count me in, my friend. I already have the perfect thing for the swap.

    I'm not sure if you are interested, but I'm having a Christmas Book Swap. If so, just let me know. Details on my blog.


  29. HI Deena. Just checking to see when we are to display our pink trees. Are we doing them all the same day on our blogs or just on the yahoo group? Hope you're having a beautiful evening. Blessings... Polly


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