Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday October 24 & Tis Flea Market Friday

My new friend from the UK, she & her son battle canser. Her son's battle started in 1977, her sharing of experience and advice from someone who's been there has been a blessing for me. What she shared with me yesterday was HOPE

She had these earrings on in a picture she sent..I had to have them..she sent me the link & Rich helped me order 3 pair (my girls have to wait till Christmas) teehee

My Pink Friend, Michelle asked for opinions on what to do with her hair now that it has begun to wave goodbye. Here is my response for anyone who faces this decision.

Michelle ..both times I lost my hair..I didn't do it until I could not stand hair on my pillowcase all the time, washing my hair and the falling out just wouldn't stop last b& but not least ..this last time I lost my hair, I was at my grandson's football game with a cap on..the bit of hair at my neck was just blowing out in the breeze. ENOUGH I'll know when it's right for you!!! You must do as you are, let your body tell YOU what to do( her daughter had a concert she WANTED to attend ( chemo, not just feeling ill, it's poison and docs hope it kills the canser before it kills us)

Visit my NATURE BLOG to see my God Visit yesterday

Today WE have an appt with my Phsyciatrist , Rich agreed to talk with her also. He is so anxious it is NOT healthy. Hope she can help him with meds. Out to dinner with friends and a little cap of softs made just for under wigs. Saturday my Oncology Massage Therapist is coming at 9AM. I can't wait to meet her. Football games on Saturday and Sunday too. I need to take a break. Small chores are too taxing. I can barely punch numbers on the phone correctly. Yesterday I tried to call Rich from the TV remote & I realized it when the TV turned stations. My whole day is like that!!!!! much love

Keep praying for all who need it, pray for Dee today , her first chemo was yesterday.

The simplest chores are really hard for me, so I'll be taking a break..but my friend can post updates for me so don't worry if I'm on not posting..I will READ the comments and answer emails


I'm working on getting my photos online now . Click the FMF banner on my sidebar to see ALL the selllers. My friend Mollye has a new bloggy, stop by today, tell her "deena sent me" teehee

Curious Goodes


  1. Hey beautiful.... Hope you are doing well... I just wanted to catch up with you since its been so long that I have visited...

    You make me smile each and every day .... I think of you always even if I dont come visit your blog..



  2. You are so funny to share your "oopsies" with us. I do those things normally! Your busy weekend? You better get some good power naps in between all that activity. But, you just keep on going! I don't want you to miss anything you feel like doing. Love to you!

  3. I love that you still have your humour and that you are still sharing positive attitude with others. I think Rich seeing the psychiatrist with you is excellent...talking about things, knowing ways to cope...all to the good.

    Sending you love!

  4. Hi Deena,
    I just love visiting you.
    I'm sending you my happy, healthy thoughts and just want you to know...

  5. Deena, I love your picture guest book. What fun to see all your friends on it!!
    Take it easy from the everyday chores and do the fun things - rest and bask in the love of family and friends! I bet you'll love the Massage therapist - that's always so relaxing and healing.
    Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs. Ruthie

  6. Dear Deena, You just take care of yourself and feel good. Don't worry about goofy things (like trying to dial the remote)just be good to yourself. We'll be here and be praying for you. God bless, Diane

  7. I'm sorry you're stuggling right now but turn your face up. Christ is still (and always) right there. ((hugs, hugs)) Blessings.. Polly

  8. Oh, Sweet Deena... It does break my heart to hear of all you are going through with this dreadful disease. Though I must admit that I too have "answered" the TV remote and have no good reason why... ;)

    I never dreamed it would be possible to grow to love folks so much whom I've never met.

    God is Good...

    Hugs... *Linda*

  9. You're wonderful, Deena - an inspiration to all!

  10. Your birdie on your nature blog is beautiful.

    I hope your massage went well today and made you feel pampered.

    Thinking of you each day. When do the doctors think you will begin feeling better? I am sure it is so frustrating to feel foggy and tired so much. xoxo

    p.s. i just looked and the word verification below is dinalin. so funny that it is so close to your name:)


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