Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Family, Team Deena

Rich & his sister Rhonda . Rich is the babe of the family

My way sweet son Steve, oldest

My baby girl, Mercedes

Youngest grandson, Steven my daughter in law Andrea my oldest daughter, Nicole

All my grandbabes
The two oldest are Zach on the right & Jon on the left
holding the two youngest..Joe & Cole are best friends. Joe is 8 & Cole is 7
Dear hubby Rich~ daughter Nicole~ me ~ my bff Marcia

Our sweet Smooth Collie (short hair) Hannah

Hubby Rich & the oldest sibling Gary

The youngest four grands~Joe , Caleb , Steven & Cole (clockwise) they saw me get the camera & ran to pose without me saying a thing..LOL
Our FAT cat, Mya

Just sharing pictures of my family today, they are my JOYS everyday

Please share your joys with me &pleas

Autumn Open House Journal winner is Diane of Pinecones & Roses, thanks EVERYONE for sharing your homes!!


  1. What a lovely family you have! I can see the joy and the love in all their faces.

    You are blessed. :o)

  2. Sharing joys...

    Knowing that God does all things well...whether it seems like it to us always or not...

    My Family...both at home and from church...

    Falling, crunchy, aromatic leaves...

    The opportunity to meet really awesome people through blogging...

    My dear, sweet husband...

    Blessings, Deena!

    Enjoy that lovely family of yours.

    Becky K.

  3. oh sweet sweet pictures, deena...thanks for inviting us to share.....and will keep jill in thoughts and prayers also.
    hugs and love,

  4. Hi Deena, I was THRILLED to know you had visited my blog! Truly, it just made my day. Your family is beautiful, and aren't we blessed to have such special people in our lives? LOVE YOU!

  5. Wow, what a handsome family you have. :) Your Grandsons are adorable. Need to push those kids into giving you a "Pink" one, hee hee !! :) You are very Blessed my friend. Gosh, I missed the open house, I thought it was for the whole month and I could post whenever. :( That's what I get for being a Big Goof !! lol !!

  6. I love seeing the pictures of all your family! I had seen your precious grandsons before. What a handsome crowd. Your life is filled with blessings for sure. Now, get well. That's an order!

    My joys are:
    *watching you get well
    *my family too!
    *sitting with my parents at church
    *fall weather
    *blogger friends
    *knowing God is in control
    and the election is almost over ( I am sick of politics!)

  7. Deena,

    A wonderful family and what handsome grandsons you have. I'm so glad you shared with us. The one of Rich, you, Nicole and BFF is beautiful.

    My joys for today:

    The sunshine on the autumn leave.

    Taking the grandsons for lunch and then back to school.

    Meeko and his antics. He's always frisky when the weather cools.

    The sights, sounds and fragrances of autumn.

    You, my dear friend and hearing from you in email.

    Love and blessings. Prayers continue.


  8. love your cs!! what a beautiful family!!! And I love your dog!! looks so big!! and funny cat!!!
    I think of you every day too!!! Have a beautiful every day!!!

  9. supposed to be pics!! not cs!! Iam such a good typer!!

  10. Dear Deena's friends...all of you...Deena is very aware of the lapses in her memory and also she knows that she may make spelling errors or sentence errors. Deena has chosen to not rely on computer/people support to "correct" anything...she is being truly Deena and as we asked, being her total true self. All of us who have known/gotten to know Deena, know what a perfectionist she has been in all things creative, visually...in every manner of her life. This has been not only extremely difficult for her to "let go and let God" but to trust that each of us will honor her courage and the beauty she is still creating with her "Story". So...thank you for loving her and thank you Deena for trusting all of us with your true authentic unrevised self. You're pure magic..still and always.

  11. What a beautiful family. I think you need a grand daughter!

  12. Morning Deena, me again. Here are my joys for today: Women who share their hearts through blogging, weather that's finally cool enough to cook gumbo, no need to mow the lawn this week, the beautiful colors of fall, and my faith that lets me know all this beauty is only the beginning!

  13. Oh Deena, Your family is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures with us :)

    Happy Thursday to you!


  14. Thank you Deena for sharing your family pictures with us. You have a lovely family and your grandkids are sweet. Blessings!

  15. What a beautiful family and support system you have including your beautiful dog and kitty. Thanks for sharing.
    You, Jill, and all the other women who are dealing with this are in my prayers always.
    Last but not least-the Autumn Journal. I'm so honored that I was chosen to receive it. I'm just sorry we couldn't all win. Have a beautiful day. God bless

  16. Such a beautiful and loving family you have Deena. I can only imagine the wonderful support you must have. One thing I have found is that children accept us for who we are...even when they see us bald, lol. You are truly blessed.
    Off for my chemo today....
    Jill. :)

  17. what a sweet family you have Deena...will keep Jill in my prayers

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us ~ it's easy to see that you are surrounded by love with your family around you.

    Thinking of you often,

    Angie in OH

  19. Thanks for sharing your family with us in blogland. How wonderful to have all those grandsons.

    Your hollyhock seeds arrived in the mail today. I am thrilled and can't wait to plant them in the spring. Thanks so much!!!!

  20. I know how you feel...they are our hearts walking outside our bodies!

    The ladies are beautiful, the guys so goodlooking and those grandbabies are way above adverage!!

    Prayers for Jill....


  21. That is the best JOY of all...
    A wonderful family!!!!!!!

    Love your new banner….


  22. Love, love, love your new heading. Your children and grandchildren are beautiful, as are you.

  23. Oh, Deena, what a beautiful family you have. Indeed, I can see why they are your HEART....
    and, gosh dang, that Rich is a looker! wooo hooo
    love, bj

  24. Deena, Your family is lovely. I think your son Steve looks like you. Love your animals also.
    My Joys
    chunky chocolate chip ice cream
    chai tea
    oakmoss Root candles
    two granddaughters.
    Children who serve the Lord.
    Mammograms I am being recalled on mine.

  25. Oh Katie PLEASE
    let me know about your follow up
    I pray for everyone everywhere everyday!!
    God answers soooooo many prayers


  26. Thanks for sharing pics of your family!! Such a good looking family:o)!
    Sending lots of cyber hugs and prayers to you!!

  27. What a beautiful family...but you know that. I love the pic of the four boys. Oh so sweet. Keep getting all those good hugs from your family and give those grands an extra squeeze!

  28. Hi Deena, you have a beautiful family. Your grandsons are all so handsome. Bless you dear...

  29. Oh Deena your family is beautiful!
    Such sweet angels!

    You my dear look wonderful... I mean absolutely wonderful!

    Come and read my blog.... I posted about my mum today!
    Thank you for your prayers Deena...
    *God is an awesome God!

    Hugz, Dolly

    P.S. the seeds arrived today..
    Thank you sooooo much!
    I can't wait to see them growing!!

    Some of my Joys..
    * God hearing our prayers
    * Mum being home from the hospital
    * My Family
    * The laughter of children
    * Shareing my life with my soulmate
    * Candles, soft music, purring kittens.

  30. Hi Deena, you are so blessed to have such a beautiful family. God, you and your husband made a lovely one at that.

  31. Hi Sweet Deena! What a terrific & good-looking family you have!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I see you have lots of great looking young grandsons ~ I'm finally going to get one in January!!

    Hope your week is going well. You are always in my prayers!

    Big TX Hugs & Love,
    Angelic Accents

  32. This was so nice being able to see the people behind team Deena! Your family is beautiful!!
    My joys: hearing a full belly laugh from my kids, music, beautiful photos and paintings, blogs :-)

    Have a great weekend,

  33. Hi Deena
    You have a lovely family. I am having a giveaway. Just wanted to let you know. Still praying for you every day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  34. Deena, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family.
    My joys today
    God in my life
    My family
    My friends
    cool breeze of fall

    Thoughts and prayers, Love and Hugs, Pat

  35. I'm here from Kimberly's blog (Nonnie.) Your family pictures are so awesome. I wish you well, I really do. God Bless.


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