Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello From the Cancer Center of Illinois

Even though my white count is 
still high**we are doing chemo**
I'm hooked up (**first stick**)
with my pre meds. Steroids & antinausea drugs.
Rich & I have settled into our chairs and I'm quite HAPPY!

Going to get Herceptin, Taxotere & Carboplatin.
Praise God!! Pray that the infection stays in check, the nurse isgoing
to give me Neulasta, to keep that count up, to help fight that infection, before
I leave today.
Next Thursday , Friday & Saturday will probably be my
worst days, no strength , low blood counts & no immunities.
I asked Dr. Prager about my prognosis***
can I cure you..NO, can I get you in remission.. YES
I have a few years I hope, I will embrace EACH day & love
my loved ones, bring joy to others & garden as much as I can.
Can't wait for Spring and breezy days on the deck.
I'll post as I can.


  1. Praise God. Nothing more to be said. Love you, Mollye

  2. YEAH for chemo. I am so glad to see you sitting so "pretty in blue" and waiting for the cancer cells to come marching out where they belong. In the deep dark depths of "somewhere" besides your body. I am praying for remission, for many years, for spring breezes, and lots of answered prayers.

  3. You are so brave and strong. Thank God you are fine and I'll pray for the strength for the bed days.


  4. I popped in to support you and send love, positive thoughts and prayers your way!

    Love M x

  5. Praise God you get to start today. Oh, I pray that you will have a mild reaction to it, I hope you don't get too sick and too tired. Bless you my friend. Lets pray for total remission!

    Hugs, Sharon

  6. thank God for this day.....will be with you, deena....all the way...
    love, hugs and prayers,

  7. Deena, I am so happy for you, to be able to start your chemo today! I am saying a little prayer for you now, and I wish you peace and comfort (and comfort food, mine during chemo was my dad's famous scrambled eggs).... You will find things to help with the rough days. Naps and crossword puzzles, hot tea and phone calls from friends, all these things helped me through chemo. I know you will find "your things" to get you through too. Take care, Katie

  8. Me too....Praise God! Keep up the great attitude and know that healings are happening all over the world including you! :o)

  9. Gene Kelly himself is dancing round you! "Grey skies are going to clear put on a happy face!" And you did! At 4:30am I was reading some gardening books, thinking bout you. Look out Easter! Here she comes! Hey Mammy! Can I wear Miz Deena's partee dress while she be gone to spittle?
    Noz honey lamb, that be juz fer herz cause shez soz special. Now leave me be whilz I picks up round here for shes be home.

  10. "For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Praying for you, Deena - let us know how you are doing!

  11. Deena, well happy to see that smiling face filled with God's love and strength. Will keep you in my prayers and hopefully you won't be too sick afterwards. Happy thoughts coming your way. Love and Hugs, Pat

  12. Deena, I just found out you are having your chemo.. Yipee! So I had to come on over and see for myself. Look at that precious smile, you are just so beautiful! Hang in there sweetie we are ALL praying for you! God bless you...
    Hugs & love ~Mary~

  13. Oh first tears of the day..Praise God ! What a beautiful picture you are!
    Love to you

  14. Oh Deena, when I clicked onto this post I was soo happy to see your beautiful face! Praise God you are starting chemo!!! That is truly the best news I've heard in a long time. Spring is just around the corner and you will able to enjoy those gentle breezes against your face soon. Much love, Susan P.

  15. Oh Sweetie...
    You look just ~Beautiful~ as you always have...

  16. Sending love, lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way!!

  17. Deena dear, I was so happy to read your latest news. Praying for you every single day....


  18. I am so glad to hear you got to have your cemo today.I will pray for many years of remission.
    Love You

  19. Deena how wonderful that today is the 1st chemo day.
    My thoughts are with you.

  20. My friend aimed me at your site. Yes dear girl... You are lovely in pink. See... I'm a "teal" person myself... Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer back in January of 2006... Doctor said something about six months....... I've been 'cancer free' since May of 2006. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!

    As I see you already know who has the power... He will hold you tightly thoughout the chemo.. the "Neulasta" (they were a bit painful in my bones) shots etc. but... nothing we as women can't deal with.

    Try checking out Paula Young Wigs at They have better quality, cheaper, really cool wigs, I like them better than TLC. though I have a couple of them too... (When bald buy a wig) is my mantra....

    I write poetry... here is one I wrote the morning I met with the surgeon for the first time.

    I know!!
    ©2006 by Carol Notermann

    I know that I’m not in control… But Thank God that He is!
    I know that I’ve no need to plan, for the best plan is His.

    I know that I am not alone. Friends walk the path with me.
    I know that yes, I must be strong, find out what waits for me.

    I know that as in "Footprints" there's only one set in the sand.
    and I know that I am clinging, very tightly to His hand.

    Today, I'll see what surgeons -- can do to help me stay
    here with all my loved ones, cherishing each day.

    Just keep your hand in His.... He won't let go.

  21. Decided I'm callin your chemo, "Mickey!". As in someone "slippin you a mickey" (can't help myself, it's the new yorker in me) every chemo day all us girlz out here are gonna sing..."Hey Mickey! Oh Mickey, your so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey! Your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey!" Hear the clapping?! Yeah you do! It's all for you and Mickey too! (Toni Basil..."Hey Mickey" google it girl while they slip it to you.)

  22. Deena, when you have the strength and the time, I've written a chapter with you in mind. In my thoughts and prayers. Take care of you. My yorkies may be needing a lap, so prepare yourself. :-D

  23. I just said a big "HOOOOORaHHHH" when I saw that picture as I knew even before I read your post that you were IN! YES!!!! I know the weeks ahead will be hard ones. They were for my sister. Ups and downs with emotions, etc. But Deena, she came through out of Stage 4 cancer, is doing just fine after 2 years, and no sign of return! Your doc is right! And we have a God who is way more powerful than Dr's, drugs, and chemo!!!!! I'm praying for you, hun! Cora

  24. WOO HOO! SO SO happy to hear it! You are so beautiful Deena!!
    The love and peace only God can give is very evident on your face!

    Praying for remission and little side effects to the chemo.

    Much Love

  25. You are truly an amazing woman and such an inspiration! One can really see Jesus through your eyes when looking at you. I am so glad that I am getting to know you and look forward to our friendship. I was born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois. Where abouts in Illinois are you?


  26. Thanks so much for taking the time to update us. I check your site everyday. You have so many cheerleaders................

  27. Perserverance...bravery...hope...
    all these things wrapped up in one little angel's hug to lead you to remission. Be strong Deena, be that beautiful warrior who embraces each moment with passion.
    Many, many prayers going out for you~

    In His love,

  28. Good Afternoon Deena,
    "PRAISE GOD" you are finally able to start the chemo today. Praying all will go well and you won't be too sick next week. GOD will see you thru this and HE is watching over you. I haven't been posting because my DH is at home this week. I want to be with him as much as possible because when he is out on the road, I sure do miss him terribly. I have been on his nightly schedule this week. Hopefully I will get back to my regular posting next week. Take care my friend and have a great day/weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  29. Deena,

    You're having chemo. Praise God. Our prayers were answered. Now for the rest of your journey and yes, you can beat it. All things are possible with God.

    Take care and be sure to get lots of rest. I will be in touch.


  30. I agree with Mollye,Praise Our God...He is in charge!!! Blessings to you...Mary

  31. PS Just wanted to let you know you look beautiful in blue as well as pink. ;-)

  32. you are a brave example for all of us!!!
    you will make it through this and be in your garden just in time for spring!
    my thoughts and prayers are with you!
    heres to hoping that you dont have a huge reaction next week! just take it day by day!
    we are all thinking about you, and praying for you!!!
    chin up!

  33. are such a LOVELY lady. And, I stand in awe of your courage and attitude.
    hugs, bj

  34. Deena,
    I have been praying for you today!!! I am so glad that you were finally well enough to start chemo!!!
    GOD IS GOOD!!!
    Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  35. Was thinking about you today and thought I would stop by. Glad to hear they started the chemo. Sending you positive vibes and happy thoughts!!! Keep the faith!

    Leigh Ann

  36. I think my Bob is 'in love' with you Deena - he just said how beautiful you are in blue!! Thanks be to God that you have started on the road to remission. May your fight be eased with your loved ones around you and we, your blog friends, from near and far, praying hard and diligently to return you to better health so you can enjoy many Springtimes to come.

    Our love as always.

  37. As I left my driveway this morning at 8:38 I was hoping you were getting Chemo. I am so glad to see this. Sending much love. And you are beyond beautiful.

  38. So glad you could start your chemotherapy today. Positive thoughts, best wishes sent to you all the time.

  39. Deena, so glad things went well today. I know that you will be able to get through the rough days with the Lord's help. I KNOW HE helped me. Just I had to...this too shall pass. I am continuing to pray for you and your husband.

  40. Deena, to see you smiling, to know that you started treatment today, to read your post, you have touched many more hearts than mine today I am sure with your words and image.

  41. Praise God that you were able to start the chemo today... you looked so at peace in the bed as they were beginning your round of treatments today...Each day will be more blessed that the last..and God will be with you til the end!!!
    I am so happy for you that it has started at last
    we will be right there with you in spirit as you walk each step of the way...

  42. You are so inspiring- so happy you were able to start your chemo. I will be thinking about you!

  43. So happy you were able to start your chemo!You look so good in that little blue number!
    Glad you liked the video clip,please feel free to pass it on to anyone who needs a blessing!
    Love from Kathyann and the girls

  44. So happy you were able to start your chemo!You look so good in that little blue number!
    Glad you liked the video clip,please feel free to pass it on to anyone who needs a blessing!
    Love from Kathyann and the girls

  45. Hello Deena,
    Just to let your know I am thinking of you, Rest take care Pinkie Denise

  46. Deena, You have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. God bless and keep you.

    You are beautiful inside and out my dear blogging buddy. I know you can do this in His strength.

  47. Rest... take it easy as much as you can.. you will be tired on Chemo... I know my chemo was delayed due to infection (from hospital).... I was all but dancing too, when I started.

  48. Thanks to the Gods and Goddesses! This is fabulous news.

  49. Deena - I would never guess you were in the middle of this, every picture I see of you shows a calm and confidence that can only come from GOD.
    You have many prayers being laid before our Father, including more than a few right here in Kansas City!
    I'm sure you felt them too.
    Your attitude is a true blessing.
    Rock on Sister!


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