Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acorns & Autumn Open House

Please add the banner & tell your friends!!!

I saw these on someone's blog..from Gardner's Supply & showed them to Hubby Rich yesterday, WELL he ordered them .. WooHoo.. Peanut feeders for my ~~Woodpeckers~~

I love acorns..teehee

************************ I found THESE.( I didn't order..but I want them) Acorns AND Mercury Glass..two of my FAVE things.


Oh and THESE...birds and Mercury Glass..so awesome, they'd look GREAT on our mantle


early morning Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte'

Nicole is vacuuming

my BFF Marcia coming today for a visit

radiation treatment #7 is done

About me

my eyesight is a bit better I think

seems my hair is thinning

my headaches are mild

I am gaining a bit of weight again because of the steriods

I miss my walks..but bad eyesight, hearing and winding wooded roads do not mix


do not take Hormone replacements.. I think ( positive) they started my cancer

eat healthy ..organic if possible

drink lots of water

make sure those you love KNOW it!!

Trust in God

carpe' diem

when God calls you to help others,do it if you can



  1. Beautiful acorns and birds Deena...a pumpkin spice latte is the best way to start a day!!

    I'm glad the rads are working to help you with the headaches and the eye sight...

    I love reading all your joys and blessings...and your reminders to keep good health ♥

    I say it all the time - you are an amazing woman and a wonderful inspiration.

  2. I have very much enjoyed reading your blog postings. You are quite an inspiration to women everywhere.

    Love those acorn bird feeders.

    Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is my very favorite drink this time of the year.

    Enjoy your visit today.

  3. Those accorn feeders are great. I think I might need to get some for our woodpeckers. Glad to hear your sight is getting better. Keep up your good work on getting better. You are 1 in a million. Traci

  4. Joys. All the time. Morning coffee (and I'm not supposed to). Simply, another morning. Drawing and coffee in bed. Sewing later. Quiet. Writing. Taking photographs to say what words cannot. Ironing, I do love ironing. Working from home and being able to be a homemaker. All my young life till now, I have always wanted to be a homemaker. A friend who has an eye for beauty in all she does. Her laughter over things that would make some cry. My heart's beat...her's too. saints and haints/church/nancy

  5. The acorn feeders are beautiful, aren't they. Always love to start the day reading your joys and blessings. They make me want to pop up off of my chair and start singing. Thanks for the tip about the hormones. I've been trying to get off for a long time. Have an absolutely beautiful day-I know you will.

  6. my day isn't complete until I have dropped by Deena's to see how she is doing and what she is up to today...
    you inspire me to be the best that I can be...and a reminder to take care of myself..
    thanks for being you...

  7. ohhh, I love those feeders... Rich did well ordering them for you...I too love acorns and I must say this years crop is bigger than any other year I remember...we have 1000's of acorns...its like walking on spilled marbles everywhere in the yard....and they are so big too...

    I wanted to say good morning sweet Deena....I thought about you a lot last night as I couldn't sleep...I do hope you rested well....

    Gentle hugs,

  8. Thinking of you very often, treasuring our friendship bond across the ways and praying for you all the time.

  9. Everything Sherry said. Every single word of it.

    Happy Autumn!

  10. Deena, you brighten my day with your joyful spirit. Love the acorns and birs. Glad your eyesight is better. You are so amazing and give more than you will ever know.
    I took hormones for 4 weeks and quit---I have hormonal breasts, so I avoid anything with Soy in it. My favorite food now is oatmeal and cherrios---go figure. Love Ya, Pat

  11. I've been hooked on Starbucks skinny vanilla latte lately, will try the pumpkin soon!

    We lived on a farm once heavily planted with pin oaks...lots and lots and lots of acorns. You have helped me see them in a different light!

    Thanks for your words of wisdom...each one of them!

    I'm praying for you Deena and asking God to supply your every need.


  12. Deena...I love those acorns and birds...I want them too!

    Yesterday I treated myself to starbucks...it was wonderful! I have not tried the pumpkin spice yet...I will have to!

    I will take your advice...thanks for giving it!

    Glad your feeling a bit better :)

  13. I do love those acorn bird-feeders!

    Just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing today.

    Thinking of you often.


  14. Deena, wonderful feeders...My hubby does that every once in a while :) Isn't it nice to be spoiled? Love your thoughts too.... especially trust God. Have a wonderful afternoon!


  15. Hi Deena
    You are amazing. In the midst of what you are going through you are encouraging us! I'm glad your eyesight is a little better. Still praying

  16. lovely photos and wonderful wonderful thoughts today, dear deena.....thank you for sharing and uplifting! happy 1st day of beautiful october dear friend.....continued thoughts, love and prayers your way.

  17. Deena,

    One of my favorite fall things are acorns and the bird feeders are delightful. I really should get some for the cardinals and the bluejays. They love peanuts and they would come to the yard all winter.

    I`m glad that your headaches are better and I enjoyed your joys for the day.

    Continuing to pray for you, my friend. I will be posting an update on Aunt May tomorrow.


  18. My dearest Deena,
    My day has been filled with joy since our chat this morning.
    I love you!
    You are the sunshine on a cloudy day!

  19. Pumpkin Spice Latte sounds great! :)

    Thinking of you, as always!

    My joys...Madeline is getting such a cute sense of humor and says thank you when you do things like wipe her nose or put shampoo in her hair.

    Started a Daisies troop for Lillian...looking forward to spending more time with her!


  20. I am so happy your headaches are better. I just love reading your joys....and your music on your blog is so soothing also. You are such a wonderful soul.

  21. oh wow, I love all those things too! I may have to get an acorn woodpecker feeder as well! So neat!!!
    I had a Dunkin Donut PUMPKIN MUFFIN today!!! You have to try one!! So yummy...would go great with your latte.:) Hugs..

  22. Love, love ya.
    Those acorns are spectacular-I have always loved them too. We used to collect them just to look at them in the house-with rocks and leaves. Mosses too.
    Sleep tight.
    Love, Debra

  23. I love your acorn feeders, Deena. Like you, I love acorns, too.
    How so very sweet of your loving husband to buy them for you!

    Love your list of thankfuls. Nothing beats a Pumpkin Spice latte!!!

    Hope you are feeling better, sweet, sweet Deena. Duhgall sends his love your way.

    Becky and Mr. D.

  24. The acorn feeders are so nice. Somehow you always seem to lift my spirits when I read your blog. There is so much positive energy that radiates from you.
    Starbucks Pumpkin spice lattes...sure sign of Autumn.
    Jill. :)

  25. That is one of my favorite sayings, Carpe Diem !! :) I saw in Romantic Homes, or Romantic Country, cant remember which, the prettiest acorns with rhinestones on them. :) Hope you had a Lovely day !! :)

  26. Hi Deena...I love acorns too..I bought a sweet lil felted one from Etsy. I even have acorn earrings my Sis gave me years ago.

    I am catching up on your posts....you have touched me through your blog and your friendship...very much. I pray so hard for you and I know God will bring you through this..I asked him to.I may not make it over here every day but not a day goes by that you aren't in my thoughts.

  27. Love the acorn bird feeders and the mercury acorns and birds are gorgeous! So glad your vision and headaches are a little better now. You are an inspiration!

  28. Blessings on you dear Deena!
    I am praying that these treatments will fly by and in no time at all your eyes will be better, hair long and curly and you will be joyful with PERFECT NEWS!

    Donna Lynn

  29. I love those acorn bird feeders! They are so cute! I really have a thing for acorns, fall leaves and squirrels during Autumn.

    Bless you and take care of yourself, Sweetie!

  30. Saw these in Romantic Homes Mag/Oct 2008.
    www.bridesagainstcancer.org and
    My husband and I were talking about my dance in the past with C.
    I remember a particularly hard day in the hospital and my husband brought me the new yoga mag. Even though I was in no shape to do yoga anymore, I read it. In it was an Obit section. So I read about this famous man who had just died at 32.
    He was organic since a child, dedicated his life to yoga and to become a monk in the highest of levels one can reach within that community. He had studied and devoted his entire life to meditation. He died of Cancer at
    32 yrs old. I thought I'd fall out of the bed laughing! I had been beating myself up for not having taken better care of my health. Who had money for organic when as a single mom I had been lucky just to keep any food on the table. Having lived too many years in smog and pollution of NY etc etc. Here's this guy, whole life, clean inside and out, poof! Whatcha gonna do. When I began to cry once more tonight about fearing what my weeks may be like if there weren't you here...my husband gently said "You know, we know this dance. We know that no one can know the plan for her. It is a private journey between her and God, just as it was between you and God. Learning to let go of all things may be just the balance needed, then again, maybe holding on tightly to all life is...maybe that is what she's learning. One thing is for sure, because of what happened for us, there are miracles. And because of what we've seen happen in others, while there is still breath in her body, there is still hope." Deenz, you may go right up to the edge of the abyss of bliss, peak over and say, ok, let's do it! Just to find out, it is not your day or even year to go. No one knows. But what is a sure thing is that no one is getting out of this alive. No one knows when it's going to be their time. What puzzles me is why we all, all of society, don't act like it could be our last day, and be the best, do the best with all we've been given?
    We do know we're finite..so why the illusions otherwise?
    Carpe' Bein Baby!
    Love you.

  31. I adore those acorn bird feeders. Too Cute! :-)

  32. The pretties you found are so beautiful and perfect for the fall we are heading into.

    I'm so glad that I was introduced to your blog by my aunt. Your thoughts and praises in the midst of your struggles are an inspiration to me. You really are touching lives!

    Angie in OH

  33. Love the acorns, Deena. I'm glad the headaches are getting better & your sight is returning. Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers~~Jackie

  34. I finally got you linked correctly!!
    I think acorns are sweet...Autumn~Now I want a pumpkin spice latte. My favorite is the peppermint Mocha at Christmas:)

    I have just started decorating for Fall~ I am going to participate in your Autumn Open House too.

    Now that I finally have you....I can visit more often. Sending Prayers and hugs your way~Sheri

    The primitive Kitty made me chuckle.....

  35. I'm so glad your headaches and eyesight are a little better. Soon you'll be taking your walks again.

    I was just reading through the comments and I love what Church said about why we don't act like it could be our last day...be our best and do the best with all we've been given and just be happy. I love all your joys and we should be thankful for each and everyday. Your teaching us all something here. Thanks! Enjoy your day....Jenn xoxo

    p.s. I love the acorn feeders also :)

  36. LOve all the acorns..
    really love the acorn bird-feeders...

    I am going to have to try a Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte this weekend...

    Happy to hear that you are feeling a little better..


  37. I love the acorns, and am so happy to hear your eye sight is better.

    After reading your comment about Hormone replacements I want to talk to my daughters Doctor. She had a total Hysterectomy three weeks ago, they gave her her first shot of Hormones then and talk like she will need to stay on them. She is only 35. At the least I want to understand more about it.

    Take care, and God bless you.

  38. Deena, I love all of your acorns. They are so uniqe.

    I am sorry about your eye-sight. I will keep my prayers for you going.

    You have a wonderful attitude. Hugs, Kathi

  39. What a lovely post Deena. That's interesting that you think the HRT caused your cancer. I have heard that before and now that I am entering menopause, I have actually considered going on them because of my whacked out moods. Thanks for the advice. I love the acorns, they are amazing!

    xox Sharon

  40. I have been keeping you in my prayers!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~