Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God's Blessings

Watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" with hunny hunk hubby. Trying to upload my video..A God visit & didn't want to scare others ..tteeehhheee with ugh self on it. You at least know I'm bald.

Today was a visit too Dr Diane Prager, blood work all good, except my white blood count is below 8,000 never been that low , at it's hightest it was28,oo0, they moved my MRI by my request to tommorow @ 7AM, Rich will be there. I will let you all know when we know. I was told to TAKE my Darvocet..teehee...every 4 hrs. Not as needed.

The girls( the nurse med student & nurse practitioner) cried ..cuz I cry all the time. Be not sad for me!! Nicole cried when they asked me if I was ready for this and I said IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. Much love & keep on keeping on to coin a pink friends bog. The www, this STUPID WINDOWS & all electronics hate me now. Had to have Amy @ S'more Couiterre dial my cell phone before it would work Even Sally couldn't get it right. Dr said my symptons are normal for having the radiation & permanent. Miracles do happen. At the Cancer Center today as I was leaving. I feel like taking my blog to invite only, but if I am sharing I am sharing openly and it will help others and hurt some. My goal genetic testing for Her2NEU@ 20 & sonograms on the breast of girls when the first get PaP smears!!!! 210,000 will be diagnosed with BC the year! Enough we need more womens health & as women enter this area we will GET more..




  1. Blessings to you Deena, I too believe in miracles. I will have you in my prayers, as always. You are the first I pray for every morning, and the last every night. I feel as if I have grown to know you, and look forward to your posts. Keep your head up! God is looking over you!

  2. Oh Deena, honey... ((hugs))

    I don't know what such a low white blood cell count means, and if the doctor is saying that is normal for what you have gone through, I so hope she is right and it isn't as scary as it sounds.

    I know you are ready, I know all is well with your soul, I know you have done so much angel work here on this earth and on this blog that it is amazing, and still, I am crying with you...

    Love to you Deena, infinite LOVE.

    Thinking of you and Rich and your family... I am glad he will be there with you in the morning. Yes, take your Darvocet every 4 hours...

    Your cyber friend,
    Loving Annie

  3. Yes - I believe in miracles.
    So Keep looking up!
    Love to you.

  4. Hi Deena Pink Princess Warrior,
    Now that I have had a good cry I want to say I am so glad to have been so inspired by you this past year following along on your journey. I am so sad to read what happened when you were so young & how you have had to deal with so much. I have had too much sadness in my family too & it can hurt for so many years. I have decided not to let it hurt me any longer but I have to admit it still does sometimes.
    Deena thank you for being the caring & honest person that you are as it has meant so much to so many of us. We love you so much & it is our wish & our prayers that God will heal you & let you have peace & joy & good health. You have come so far in this journey & God's love has shown through you & blessed so many of us.
    It is such an honor to get to know someone so special as you sweet Deena. Much love & prayers for you!

  5. Dearest Pink Warrior, you do all of us women so proud!!! Without a doubt you are the perfect example of what is means to "keep on keeping on." I have been with you throughout most of the past year and I just want you to know how much I respect, admire, and love you, dear friend. Praying for you always.

  6. My heart goes out to you Deena. My daughter said it doesn't matter if you don't have any hair right now..and that she thinks you're beautiful no matter what! You have been through so much! You are a a true warrior! Much love & blessings to YOU and your family.


  7. Blessings to you Deena. Keep beliving, MIRACLES do happen.
    God Bless, Virginia

  8. Hi Deena, You are so beautiful. Love you.. Deb

  9. I believe that you are a miracle...God speaks through you and you are filled with his blessing...otherwise no bird would land in your hands and let you touch it. Sending you warm loving thoughts.

  10. Woo hoo, Darvocet!!! That's what I had after having both of my children. It sure makes life seem much easier to handle with pain!!

    I'm really not surprised at my mom's inability to use your cell phone. She has difficulty with microwaves and digital ovens, much less cells and my car's cd player! :) hehehe (sorry, Mom, but it's true, you know it) :)

    I'm praying for your MRI!!

  11. Hi Deena, please know that when you are having your MRI all of our prayers and thoughts will be in there with you! (If it feels kinda crowded maybe that's why) What an amazing video! Thanks for sharing, will check in on you tomorrow, sweet friend!

  12. you are already a miracle and god and all of us love you, and what the doctor says about the radation thing is so true, my dad went through radation, chemo. I cry when I read your post cause you are so lovely, and you dont deserve to go through this, but in the long run..its all going to be so worth it and that makes me happy to know that the out come will be WONDERFUL! I love you sweet sweet pink warrior and I will never stop praying for you or your family. God is good.


  13. Deena-

    I pray for your children and your husband. You, I pray for first.

    God doesn't make mistakes. We just need to learn what He wants us to know.

    You have blessed all of us that have followed your story on this blog.

    I wish you peace and God's blessings.

  14. I will indeed be waiting to hear the all clear!

    You are such a dear one, an encouragement and example to so many of us. Much love, Tiffany

  15. Dear Sweet Warrior, you look beautiful in your short video. There is not a moment that goes by without thinking of you or praying for a speedy recovery. As for you white count, that IS something I can tell you about. A good white cell count is somewhere between 8,000 and 10,000. When it's high, it means there is an infection somewhere, so yours is good sign. Mine has been up to 30,000 at times, with the lowest being around 15,000. Guess you could call me a Red Warrior as I would love to have more red cells. As my doctors told me, it's okay to cry, because it helps to relieve some of the stress. Going to hunt for a pretty hankie for you. Blessings and hugs, Pat

  16. Deena, forgot to tell you, as you know, but hope others believe also---I am a miracle, but as I told you, I will be making a new blog so that others believe in miracles and yours is coming soon. Big hugs, Pat

  17. will keep you in prayers. how nice for you to get to hold the bird in your video.
    love and hugs,
    p.s. a little something for you on my blog.

  18. believing in miracles.......we enjoy them every day.....and you are in my heart and prayers, dear deena....will be checking on you tomorrow...

  19. Praying for you, Deena. Again - you are an inspiration!

  20. Could you be any more precious? Honestly. That is the cutest video and you just make me smile. I wish I could just reach in and give you a big hug. Prayers still storming Heaven's gates for you, Rich, the kids and grandsons. Miracles happen every second. LOVE!

  21. Just finished watching your video - you are truly a treasure Deena. You will be in my prayers tonight and in my thoughts tomorrow.

  22. You are truly an amazing woman and such an inspiration to others.


  23. Hi Deena , got my seed today . Thank you so much sweet one. I will be praying for you tomorrow.

    The video is awesome !!!!!

  24. Deena you are so beautiful inside and out! The birds just come and land in your hands...they know who they can trust! Prayers for you and may you be well soon!

  25. Hi Deena, and I too believe in miracles from God. He has done so many.... I loved the videos, you bring us all so much joy.
    Hugs and prayers going your way,

  26. Deena,

    I loved that wonderful video. The bird flies off and is free and you dance for joy.

    It's a wonderful picture of how Jesus sees you. You are free as so many cares have been lifted and God is dancing for joy as He watches you fly.

    Sending love and hugs your way.

  27. Enjoy your day, be kind to yourself.


  28. Those videos with you and the bird are way cool! I love the look on your face as you raise your arms...
    Love ya....

    I am also glad you are finally getting answers....hopefuly they lead to peace.

    My thoughts and prayers are with You, Rich and the whole family as you walk through this valley. Always remember that God is the Lifter of Your Head. He loves YOU!

    Becky K.

  29. Deena, your blog is the first thing I check as soon as my computer fires up each morning (and if it makes you feel any better I can't dial my cell phone or text very well, either). :) Praying for you each morning. Don't have any words of wisdom, just try to remember Who loves you and holds you. - Nancy

  30. Hi Deena,

    I appologize for not being over here for awhile. It is just that I was so busy with my son getting married. I'm sorry to hear all your pain about your father, mother and step mother, but it sounds like you are finding out the truth and having some closure. My goodness, what an emotional story. To me it sounds like your precious Daddy is the hero of the story for sure. He suffered a lot because he loved you so.

    I love the videos of you and the sweet bird.

    I continue to pray for you.

    Love, Sharon

  31. I think the little bird was sent to your hand so he could feel the energy from your body and perhaps give you some of his even. What a joy. It felt like you and the bird were one somehow. Peace to you and Rick today. Love you, Mollye

  32. Such a sweet video of you Deena.You look so beautiful and happy.
    YOU are my inspiration.
    Have a wonderful peaceful day. :)

  33. awwww Deena, the birdie loves you as do so many others....what a wonderful video ....loved your expression when the little bird took flight....just precious...

    Keep on keeping on....

    much love,

  34. Deena, you are AMAZING! A true angel on earth who I believe was sent to all of us so we could learn and be inspired by you. Only an angel could have a wild bird land her hand! You are a gift to all of us! Your blog is the first one I read in the morning and the last one I read at night. Although I don't have cancer, I have other troubling issues in my life. Your words give me strength to go on every day and to be thankful for all I have. I really think that you were meant to teach us all. I know you've thought about this blog going private, and obviously that is a very personal choice of yours that is respected. Just know that you reach and touch thousands of people's lives every day through this blog and we would all miss you so! Love and prays to you!

  35. Dear Deena, Your sweet gift of seeds came yesterday. My mailbox smelled like heaven. Thank you so much for sharing with me. After the first bloom at our house, I will also, "pay them forward". You are in my prayers. Deborah

  36. Hi Deena...just checking in to say hi! What a precious blessing that the bird sat in your hand!
    I always pray that the Lord will make himself known to you each day in a very special way.

  37. Yes!!! We are looking and believing in a miracle for you. My seeds came yesterday. Thank you. Every time I look at them I will think of you.

  38. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that God gives us miracles...all the time, Deena.
    I am hugging you this morning with my heart...let that adorable man that loves you dearly give you a big ole bear hug this morning!
    prayers and love, bj

  39. Each day brings NEW joys Deena and am so happy for you~ to find out truth, good or bad, is VERY satisfying~ no more time spent wondering~ you know? As for your video~ I LOVE it! My aunty was a bit 'scattered' after her brain radiation, but it gets BETTER~ no worries! Am thinking of you every day~ put on another video!!!
    xoxoxo Rachael


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