Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God visits

He visits each of us daily , today as I was walking past the front door, I saw a little buck right in FRONT of the door. Oh so sweetly he tiptoed past. I knew he was going to eat crabapples, I grabbed the phone & called honey hunk hubby. Then I opened the door & went out..saw no deer. I walked closer & Mr. Deer lifted his head. I waved, (Waves at Wildlife, remember my hubby nicknamed me that ..along with W B, water bag, cause I cry so easily) . Wish it had been more than daybreak ..pictures don't take well then. God send him for me to enjoy & I did. ...I have not seen a deer near here since July or so.


Breast Canser has been the biggest blessing with God

I brought my Rad Mask home yesterday, it'll be my Halloween mask now. Teehee. I watched "Living Proof" again. You MUST see it. Yesterday was bad and OH so good.

thank you MARY for my new banner


  1. Ordinary every day miracles. God brings them, we only need to listen and look -- and you did ♥

  2. Lovely Post Sweet. :) I think he brings little Miracles so that He can bask in YOUR presence. :) Hugs :)

  3. God visits me when I read your blog because I'm ALWAYS blessed by your words.

  4. Deena,
    I LOVE YOUR MASK!!!! And THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERY DAY ...good, bad, and otherwise.
    The deer, geese and turkeys are ever so present here. I love to hear the geese early in the morning and in the early evening when they fly to eat.
    The sun is SHINNING today, windy and cold,this is what a call a PERFECT FALL DAY!!!
    Love to you my friend,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  5. Love you, Deena! You just make my day with those sweet little blessings!

  6. Open our eyes and see a miracle every day....
    I taped the movie Living Proof and we will watch it tonight...
    You bless me with your blog every day...

  7. How blessed you are, my dear SweetAnnee, that you are able to see GOD in all things. HE comes to us in many forms and you are blessed to see HIM.
    I love you, Deena.....
    love, bj

  8. Yes, your deer visit was surely a gift. I watched Living Proof last night too and it was SO SO good. I thought of you!

  9. Deena, I love that God sent you a special sign, He loves you so much! I am so happy to hear your treatments are done :)


  10. I love your deer too, and thought how lovely of our God to do that JUST for you.
    (Let us know if the wild life start to wave back at you!)
    Love, Debra

  11. Isn't it wonderful when those silent, little miracles are sent directly to our doorstep, not meant to be shared with anyone, but YOU and God! It is these that we bury as the most precious of treasures deep with our hearts because we just know. . . . somehow, these are our angels unaware! And we go on through the day, and whatever else seems so bad, suddenly becomes worth it because we caught a glimpse of HIM!


  12. I am so glad that your radiation treatments are done. I think God gives each one of us special gifts every day. Thank you for being so understanding about the visit.

  13. What a sweet story, and so happy that you got a peek at your visitor. You've taught me to look for the unexpected beauty in every day. Thanks Deena.

  14. Thank you Deena for sharing your journey. I've been a lurker! Seeing your mask today prompted me to write.

    I have lymphoma/leukemia. Have had it for many years and many treatments. Today I was fitted for a mask that looks just like that. I was thinking of you the whole time. I will only have one or two treatments to my neck, not as rough as your series.

    My radiation will be next Thurs. just in time for Halloween!
    Maybe I'll get to take my mask home too.

    Thank you for your daily reminders of blessings all around.

    Kathy b

  15. Hi Sweet Deena! Thank you for the thank you. The little bird tag warmed my heart.


  16. Deena,

    God blesses us with the beauty of His creatures. I'm so glad you saw the deer.

    Love your new banner. Mary does such a wonderful job, doesn't she.

    Loved the emails we sent back and forth today. I am praying for you continually, my friend.

    May you be abundantly blessed with God's creatures in your woods and the beauty of the season.

    Love and hugs,

  17. Sweet Deena, I too see God in everything. I have pictures of 4 deer on my Vintage Art blog..I just put the pictures on it last night. I have been checking in on you and praying for you! I just visited Cora's Blog and so thankful you are so uplifting to her. You are very sweet and wonderful to help others..That is why you are so bless by God!
    Love you and be safe in Jesus!
    PS: your new banner is as lovely as you are...

  18. Girl...... I got my packet of seed yesterday...... what a sweet thing you have done......... you are a blessing to many.............. I will plant them and I will thank the Father God for you each time I see them.......

    Love ya

  19. What a lovely post! If you get a chance later, I have an award for you at my blog! Hugs to you and God Bless!!

    Erin ♥

  20. Yesterday was the last treatment right? I think using your mask for Halloween is a wonderful idea. It's like saying "Back at YOU Satan!". Heehee. I am so glad that is past you now. xoxo T~

  21. Actually...that mask does scare me.
    The geese have been flying over these past few days. It's the first Fall I am not able to call Mom and tell her. She used to say that I was born to fly with them. Seemed I always left NY for the South around when they would leave. No more...older, wiser, slower...now I just stay put. But something in me still stirs. So cause I can't tell Mom and I didn't want to cry again...I was walking into our small town grocery store and just as I did there's a whole V of geese going over, with wild abandon I yell out in the store "THE GEESE ARE FLYING OVER!!!" Thinking that people would ignore me or think me crazy, they didn't! One of the crankiest cashiers even ran out to look. Turned out we all had a common love of nature. I've always loved that you share yours. Thank you.

  22. What a nice story about that deer...it truly was a gift!

    Happy Wednesday to you, Deena!


    P.S. My chemo is @ 8:30 this morning

  23. So glad your treatments are finished.

    I saw a couple deer on our block over the weekend. There's a creek a few blocks over that attracks wildlife but it's still a little odd to see deer standing at a stop sign on a suburban street. Wish I'd had my camera with me!

    I hope you keep feeling better and better!

  24. Little miracles are all around us...sometimes we need to be reminded by a friend to look. I enjoyed your story so much, thank you. I'm glad your radiation treatments are done. Hugs and blessings ~ Jenn

  25. What a joy you are Deena!!

    You have been a true blessing in my life and I thank God for you.

    Love the banner!

    Prayers and blessings sweety!

  26. Deena,
    (I'm Sally's daughter)...
    God gives animals to me to tell me He's here too. Before I had Hannah I worked as a WASTEwater lab tech. I had to go to different plants and one plant consisted of 2 lagoons. It was horribly nasty and I HATED doing it. So God sent animals. I've always loved animals and He knows that. He sent me ducks on the lagoons, which I loved, but then...they had babies. They were so cute swimming along with their mom. God knew what I needed and I felt so blessed and loved. I'm so glad to be able to share that joy with you.

  27. I love your new banner ~ it is so pretty!

    And I'm so glad that the deer stopped by for a short visit with you. It's amazing how little things like that can really lift our spirits.

    Thinking of you!

    Angie in OH

  28. So pleased that your Radiation treatment has finished.How lovely that the Deer decided to visit you. Nature is such a blessing. Much love to you Deena, Suzanne:)

  29. Thinking of you every day, sweet Deena! ~Jann

  30. Hi Deena. Been checking with Kathy to see how you have been doing. I am back at her home for a week. I have felt pretty good and am having a wonderful time. I saw soooo many deer up north, turkeys, eagles. What a delight to be in "God's country"!

  31. I hope that it is a wheelbarrow full of good wishes!

  32. I love your new heading too!! and I just love watching deer!! no deer hunter here!!

  33. Deena, I taped Living Proof and Harry Connick Jr. is my fav.

    You are always bringing me cheer with your positive attitude. The mask will surely scare the goblings away. Love ya,Pat


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