Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday October 10th

Mary Theresa Rose tag at the collar..I know my colors don't match!!! LOL

My dear husband, honey hunk Rich

Me today, showing my hair. It just falls out, lays on my shoulders..UGH

but don't despair if this is you too, it will grow back..and hats are CUTE!!

These pictures don't show the bald patches I have . I tried to get them up close. My head itches, but when I scratch it bleeds, and hair comes out. It is funny laying my head on the pillow because it is ??a bit tender, a lil hurt??

Today was 14 of 20 treatments..70% done.. Praise God for that!!


I had a great day yesterday, cooked supper, baked cookies, did laundry, planted a porcelain vine, did dishes, put my new acorn feeders out with peanuts, watched a flock of Bluebirds in the early AM visit the back yard and the deck..too shy for pictures though. I spoke with a local Oncology Massage Therapist, I'm excited about meeting with her (she'll come here) and I'll let you know how it goes. You may find someone near you also!!

I tried to print off 3 shipping labels from USPS..but the page won't load all the way

so I'll try again today. Works fine on Rich's to print!! GOT THEM PRINTED...

I did put some Hollyhock seeds in the mail today, I'll be working on getting them all mailed in the next few days. Thank you kindly for your patience..I did not forget you!!!

Enjoy the day the Lord Hath made..I'm smiling big here in my sunny office

thank you for the cards, the emails, the gifties and the prayers & love


Please sign up

Dr Mammolito says I GOT IT ALL, LOL, that's me, way competitive, always want to be done with my tests first, get the best scores~~


get your pictures ready..for 10/15 posting

I love Autumn..I think we as a Nation treasure it.

Thanksgiving stays a celebration feast..not commercialized

I'm praying for all of you to be blessed as I am & more


  1. I love the frock! And my Land! You look fabulous! You look so beautiful Deena!
    Your list of Joys gets longer and longer. You'll have many years of them.
    Your hubby looks like a doll.
    You ARE blessed. And so am I-by you!
    Love, Debra

  2. Hi Deena, Funny looks like all the Debra's are thinking about you today.
    The little dress is darling, you look so cute.
    You are blessed, as are all the people that visit your blog. Big hugs to you today.. Deb

    those are gonna be hip!! :)
    with or without the hair, you are still you and oh so beautiful!! if i could give you some of my curly red hair i would. do you think it would match your peachy complexion?
    we love ya deena!!!

  4. You look GREAT Deena!!! Love your positive energy and your smile. The frock is so cute too. Your hubby is a hunk! :) He looks a little like mine...hee hee.
    Not too long to go for you...keep the faith

  5. You got her huh?! Well good! Not bad for not having measurements if I do say so myself! :-) Now, here's some ways to wear her...put her on and wear a short cropped rib length white, blue or rose sweater over her, then layer her over some comfy baggie jeans and boots. OR! She'll look great layered on top of a long denim skirt or flounced petticoats. For outdoors just throw her on and add your denim jacket, jeans and pretty sneaks will do! To dress her up, make your sweater a crochet and your skirt a delicate petticoat, with some strappy high heeled sandles to match! To dress her down, a soft pastel hoodie and some yoga pants and Crocks will look really fine. She washes in lukewarm water, gentle dryer (all my fabrics are pre shrunk before I sew). You can hang dry too..all textiles wear longer without dryers. Light iron and she's ready!
    All my girls are made to last. They are each one of a kind (called "one off's" in the biz) and originals. They become part of you, mold to your form over time. My clients are wearing their's years later and SO WILL YOU! "God willin and the creek don't rise!"
    I started "Theresa Mary Rose" after my surgery when I became allergic to clay and paints. That's far behind me now but these girls are still sold at fine boutiques across the country.
    I couldn't be more pleased that you're pleased. Now go change your shirt and colors!!! Have some respect for fine design will ya?!!
    Nancy Theresa Mary Rose Gilmore
    aka/Church/Saints and Haints/The Museum and Arts
    Life's an adventure! Get Dressed!

  6. Debra is so right... We ARE blessed by you! You are going make us all want a look so cute in it.

    Great to see all the smiles and joys!

    Blessings and prayers!

  7. I love you Deena! BIG HUG!!!!!
    Church is super fantastic isn't she:)
    I miss her:(

  8. As always so beautiful in your gorgeous frock and your smiling face!! Spirit lives in you!

  9. Hi Darlin...I love your new frock and you are beautiful!

  10. Hi Deena,

    I love the frock and you are so beautiful in it!!

    Also, to answer your question, please feel free to grab the Optimist Creed for your blog! I was so happy to find it because the words are so wise and I think that the more people read it, the better! So, yes, definitely grab it and it's yours! Have a blessed day and I am thinking of and praying for you today and everyday!

    Big Giant Hugs!!

  11. You are a treasure to the blog world and a woman that is strong in her faith and so resilient...... I look at your pictures and read your words and I am always moved by your smile.... I pray that God will continue to strengthen your spirit while HE brings healing to your body... You are on my heart always and I will continue to life your name to the Father.... I hope one day to see you face to face and hug your neck!

  12. Hair or no hair, you still have a million dollar smile and it's wonderful. Cute little frock looks very comfortable. I will enjoy my blessings and one of them is you and your blog.

  13. That anonymous comment is from me, Diane at Pinecones and Roses.

  14. Hi Deena,
    I love autumn too. In fact, I just painted our bedroom a color called "autumnal". It looks like a spicy pumpkin. I also painted our living room/dining room a color called whole wheat. I finally realize that I am a warm color person, not cool. I am loving my house FINALLY!!

    I hope your weekend is wonderful and that you and Rick get to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather.


  15. Deena,

    The frock is beautiful as you are. My hair looks much like yours but mine will never grow back. I'm glad yours will.

    What beautiful joys you have. I always enjoy reading them. You inspire me.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of our mini vacation and the blaze of color. Fairy Lake was breathtaking. I hope you will share your color with us when it reaches its peak.

    Praying for you and your family daily.


  16. Your looking pretty fine my's always fun receiving a gift that someone made....and it looks good on you too......Bless You! judy

  17. you sound positive good to hear the smile in your words...
    continuing to pray for you...a dear one in our family has had a recurrance of cancer...and I get so much inspiration from your post...which I try to pass on to him..
    {{Love and Hugs}}
    Thank you for being you (in spite of it all)

  18. Deena, you cutie, love the frock. And you planted a porcelain vine--I love them with the great fall color and those tiny blue and turquoise berries.

  19. The frock looks lovely, and you look lovely, too, with your great smile. I'm always blessed by your list of things that bring you joy. Thank you. Keeping you in my prayers.


  20. Hey Deena,
    I don't care how many times they ZAP! you,you still come out looking pretty,i only prayed once last night for you to be a hottie and teerr derrr it worked.
    Keep smiling love and gentle hugs Kristina XxX

  21. Your frock is lovely, and what a nice gift! But, Sweetie, your face is the most beautiful of all! You have the glow of love! No wonder so many people love you so.

  22. Your hair is looking great Deena, it is sad that you are losing it again, but as you say, it will grow back. What a cute house frock Church made you! Sweet!

    Huggies, Sharon


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