Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deena the BEAUTIFUL Pink Princess Warrior

You Make My Day 

Thank you Dale!!

Rich LOVES my head!!
He says he likes BALD women bestest.
After this  

& this
& changing sheets every day

I LIKE this!!!

Every Princess Warrior has to have her armor~~
I have the armor of God!!
& to keep me warm & not so PUNK!!
I have

My walking in the Singing Woods hat, so soft

My wig, looks so much like my hair DID!!

Sweet & blue with brown! from Lallee's Cottage

My fancy chenille hat, I liked the pink

I have a blue sleep hat that my friend Sally made pretty for me.
Hope to get a pic of it on in a bit, crazy camera!!

So, today is the day I stop feeling sorry for my family thinking
they'll be without me, and start KICKING CANCER ASS!!

not that I won't ever be hurting, scared or sad, but
I know God is with me & HE can heal me.

Rich knows I have a new short hair do
but he has not seen it yet.
I put on makeup
Hope he likes it!!

Friday  Feb. 29th is my next chemo,
Tomorrow is steroids & water day!!


 my 2 daughters & my son & my great daughter in law
 SIX grandsons
shaving my head
pink hats
friend who a  make blue & brown hat
friend who make blue slippers
friends who send blue & brown slippers
cards in the mail
a husband who loves a bald wife
jazz music
chemo on 2/29
warmer weather coming
seeing a little red fox 

love to all of you,

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  1. Bald really is beautiful, you look amazing. Praying, praying, praying for you Deena. LOL

    LeAnn :)

  2. You are beautiful, both inside and outside. And God can kick that cancer out!! Oh yes.

    My dearest friend has cancer, she was given a few months to live a couple of years ago. Our Pastor said "no, God says 'all will be well'". And she is still with us, is working fulltime, and her diabetes (which came on because of all the treatments she'd had) has gone! The doctors can't believe she is still walking around. To God be the glory!

    Many blessings and love, you are in my prayers.

    Sarah x

  3. WOW - You look amazing. I know your hubby will be stunned speechless. Thank you for being so open with your journey - as an 11 year survivor - I remember all these emotions as if they were yesterday.

    All of us are cheering you on beautiful one.

  4. you are ONE amazing beautiful woman, deena......and so courageous to boot.....and that courage, along with having God on your side, your sweet friends, dear family and an unstoppable quest for life.....will be your strength through this journey.....i so admire you!
    love and prayers and thankfulness for YOU!

  5. You are beautiful -- see, I told you so!! :)

    And you are bald, bold and beautiful!!

    You have so many wonderful hats and your wig -- you will find so many styles that take you through this journey.

    Remember - your beauty comes from your soul and that my friend is something cancer can never destroy.

  6. go girl and show cancer that you are tough and can do this and look beautiful inside and friend. hugs and prayers. Sharon K

  7. Deena, that has to be your daughter in the picture with you as she looks just like you, spitting image!!

    That is a beautiful wig. Yes, it does look like your own hair style, color and all.

    I love the way your manage to stay so positive. I don't know if I would be that brave or now even though I, too, have a lot of faith in God.

  8. Hi Denna, I have been keeping up with you, but my computer has not been letting post..I am not sure why? Anyhow, we know when the hair is coming out the chemo is working and the cancer cells are dying...
    I have been praying for you and believing for your healing, in Jesus name!
    I have a niece that is in her late 40's. She is a 2 time breast cancer survivor. The first time she was expecting her 2nd child. She did chemo and still carried the baby to full term. She had no hair when he was born. The baby was born with a full head of hair..He is a healthy child. God is good! The second time she dicovered it fast. She did not have to have any treatments. She has had both breasts removed. She is doing well it has been 11 years since the first and about 3 years ago on the second time ...God is good!
    Hugs from the Heart of Texas!
    Be safe in Jesus!

  9. I pray for you each and every day, Deena, and you are a strong soldier in this battle and I see your Armour of God in each of your posts. You have been a blessing to me and I know to so many others!! Your positive attitude is fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us what you are going through and I pray that the Lord will heal you. He is using you in a mighty way!!!

  10. Deena "The BEAUTIFUL Pink Princess Warrior"...... sweetie you are beautiful with or with out hair!
    Hugs {{{{{Deena}}}}
    I love you! ~Mary~

  11. You have such Grace flowing through you in this midst..your beauty is so enduring. God has healed you! Remember it is written "by His stripes you are healed!"(note the past is a done deal sista! You are my new hero! Love the punk do by the way and the hats are very charming....
    with much heartfelt regards..

  12. look even more beautiful than ever........
    you know I love you

  13. Hello sweet Deena
    You and your daughter are beautiful and you are really alike!!.
    Wonderful hats!
    Don't worry Deena... Your hair will be stronger..That's for sure...
    Kisses my dear and fight!!!!!

  14. You look lovely Deena, positively radiant, no wonder your husband loves his bald wife.

    God bless you for having the strength to post your pictures, i am not a picture taker but could never post pics of me...thank you so much...i just cannot express what it means to me...i cried seeing you, i see bald men and women every day when i'm at the made me cry, in a wonderful way, thank you, thank you.

    Fight on pink warrior...i am proof that you must never give up, God helps us to heal and we have the power within us to help to heal ourselves, with his grace.

  15. Deena ,I love your new look!You have such a cheeky grin on your face,its one of those ha haaaa you didn't think I would do it type of grins!Well you have done it and you really do look like you are ready to kick ass! You Go Girl!
    Love from Kathyann and the girls

  16. and now the mystery is solved... and you know that you are just as beautiful bald as you were with hair...
    Hugs and many many prayers...
    drink lots and lots of water tomorrow...

  17. Well beautiful pink ass kicking princess look wonderful! And it looks like you're armed and ready to fight. I can tell because I can see the "let's kick cancer's ass" look in your eyes, your husband and family is right by your side, your friends are there too, your supplies (wigs and hats and chemo) are ready and most importantly - God is by your side. Charge ahead sweet friend! We've got your back.

    (ps...Today is the 2 year anniversry of the day I learned I had breast cancer. Stop by my blog when you get a chance and read a poem I've posted.)

  18. You GO sweet Deena!!!!!! You look gorgeous and ready for battle....remember David and Goliath!! I can't get over your wig! It really does remind me of your hair... and your hats are beautiful! We're all cheering and praying for you...xxoo, Dawn

  19. Deena,
    I always look forward to coming here in the evening to see what you are up to. Beautiful Princess Deena is ready for battle with God by your side how you could not kick cancer to the curb. Shine on Deena Princess Warrior & we in blogland shall be there all the way cheering you on in battle. You look beautiful just like Demi Moore in GI Jane. Love & hugs.

  20. Jamie from Grace, too sent me - What beautiful eyes you have, Deena - they sparkle and show how happy you are!

  21. Hi again Deena,
    I posted about you on my blog because I want my friends to meet you so I hope you don't mind I borrowed your picture.
    Love & hugs

  22. You brave lady!
    Love the new hair "don't" ... get it? Hair-do? Hair don't? Hope you think that's okay to say.
    Love the hats and the wig is lovely, like you. And, even though I don't know you, I love you too! As sisters in Christ, that's what we're supposed to do ... love one another.
    I'm so thankful we've 'met' thru our blogs.
    Blessings to you dear heart.

  23. You are one gutsy lady and you look great!!!!!!!!! and yes time for the warfare........... Get that sword in your hand and give that devil cancer fits..... showing the enemy who has the last laugh............ fight him with every bit of strength that the Father God will give you and we will be right there right behind you praying.......... You go girl !!!!!!!! The battle is raging..........

  24. The kids are fighting....And it's so not that big of a deal as I sit and Look at your smileing face. You look beautiful!!! And I love your hats. Yes Kick Ass!!!
    The song thats playing..that must be why Iam tearing up...huh?

  25. Deena, your hair was beautiful, but it doesn't hold a candle to YOU! The hats are great, and obviously you have some wonderful friends. Keep thinking about kicking the cancer's ass!! You are amazing and I'm putting my money on you, girl!!

  26. You are just one female fighting machine !! You go and kick some cancer butt !!!!
    Your wig is absolutely beautiful.... But you my dear , your soul is the most beautiful of all !!! and that shines , shines , shines !!!

  27. Hi , I hope you don't mind me stopping in. I popped over from Jamie's blog to say hi. You are an inspiration. I will pray for your continued strength.

  28. You Go Girl! Stopping by to check on you...praying, thinking and are truly beautiful today.

  29. God bless your pretty little head.

  30. I have to tell you. I don't think a lot of people have beautiful heads. But you certainly do. It's perfect! Like the classic beauties of old. A perfect oval face and head. You are my hero!

  31. In my best Billy Crystal voice, "You look MAHVELOUS, darling, simpy MAHVELOUS!"

  32. We are so proud of you Deena. Thank you for sharing your journey with us...helping us to educate ourselves and to see past the outside to the strength that we have within ourselves!! Love ya! Angie

  33. You are such an incedibly lovely woman, Deena. You have the "glow" of Christ in you:o)

  34. sweet.sweet rest dear deena.....

    holding you close in my heart and prayers,

  35. Deena, I couldn't sleep, so decided to do some blog surfing, and happened upon you. You have a beautiful spirit, and I will be praying for you.


  36. Deena,

    You look beautiful! Yes, you have your armour on and you will do an amazing battle with God at your side.

    My joys today:

    Seeing the grandsons, Michelle, Melissa and cutie Griffyn.

    Having you as my friend. That makes my heart sing.

    Love you. Prayers and blessings coming your way.


  37. Deena, you are powerful with a great kick cancer attitude. You are strong with a beautful spirit, I see it in your smile and hear it in your words. Your are in my prayers...hugs Linda

  38. I thought about you tonight at a business dinner, Deena. The place was painted robin's egg blue and mossy brown. I thought, "those are Deena's colors," and they made me happy.

    I love seeing the bald, smiley you. You look beautiful.



  39. I think you'll need a big floppy hat with a feather in it!

  40. You are looking good, Deena. That's a lovely hat too.

  41. You are looking good, Deena. That's a lovely hat too.

  42. Good Morning Deena,
    You look so beautiful Deena inside and out. You are one brave and courageous WOMAN. YOU do have the Armor of GOD on your side and you CAN and WILL WIN the Battle with GOD on your side. I love your wig and it looks so much like your hair. The hats are beautiful as well. You will be one stunning Woman with them on. "CONGRATULATION'S" on a very well deserved Award. You do make my day. My joys are seeing you fighting this cancer and you being the Strongest Woman I know. When you have time and feel like it, drop by. I have some things for you from my Wednesday's post. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Continue to Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  43. You look fab, Deena, and just shaving it all off is sooo liberating and empowering.

    Lots of love and strength to you

    Kim x

  44. Good for you taking control of when you'd be bald! The hats are so charming & the wig amazingly like your own hair. The best was the smile in your eyes. Yep, keep that going.

  45. Me again Deena...I've left something for you at Esprit today (28th). xo

  46. You are still a very beautiful woman. I have a friend that I go to church with and she is going through the same things you are. She is on her way to recovery. You can beat this! God can strengthen you and you will make it. I hope you have a good day! Bless you.

  47. You look really great bald! I think it was a great idea shaving your head. Lovely hats and wig. All the best in your fight.

  48. Deena,
    Your doing great.....loved the HATS. Women should wear hats more don't you agree. Got your note...thanks! Just remember to keep smiling and "chin up!" How you battle is soooo much about "how" you approach the fight and your is so attitude and life outlook are both so good.....that's most of the battle right there.
    Hang in there.....

  49. Hi Deena! You look as beautiful as ever! I believe you've got the strength to kick that cancer right out of your life for good. As always, you inspire me, and I've given you an award on my blog, as you enrich me with your creativity and your amazing energy! x

  50. Hats, scarves, wigs.....whatever it takes to get kicking, screaming and it all Deena, and know we are right behind you every single day!

    We had a head shaving party for Bob - along with wine and cheese - in our neighbors' potting shed 5 years ago, it was fun and we always think about it when we look into their garden!!

    You look strong and fabulous....may tomorrow go well for you as you get your second chemo. Tell Rich to stay strong and hold you close - we know how it is for him too.
    We'll be sending prayers your way.
    Hugs Mary & Bob.

  51. You look beautiful with or without hair. Fight HARD my friend! Love your wig and hats. You are a courageous and strong woman. May God send you His blessings today.

  52. You rock with no hair. I love the phrase "KICK CANCERS ASS".

  53. You go girl! I am so proud of you! You look great with a shaved head. I love all your cute hats and your wig does look so much like your real hair...oh my goodness it really does! Oh Deena, praying, praying, praying that God heals you and you have 100% remission. You have the right attitude!

    Love you, Sharon

  54. Deena, you never cease to amaze me! I come here daily to check on you and try to encourage you. You are the one going through this battle and yet I go away from this blog each day feeling uplifted and encouraged by YOU and I thank God for you.

    You are even more beautiful with your new, no-hair do because I can see Jesus' love shining through! I know that because you are sharing your journey so openly and honestly and especially sharing your joys, you have and will continue to touch so many people.

    I love the new wig and all of your hats! Can't wait to see them all on our pretty model!

    Love and Hugs,

  55. Oh, I forgot to tell you, come on over to my blog, I have an award for you.

    God bless....

  56. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I have the feeling that if ANYONE can kick CANCER ass, YOU CAN! We, everyone, are behind you, backing you up with EXTRA strong prayers so YOU HAVE A STRONG AND MIGHTY CHANCE.
    All of your hats are so precious and the wig is to die for.
    hugs, bj

  57. You look GREAT! Boy your daughter has your exact same face :) You amaze me!

  58. You are so STRONG Deena~ thankyou for sharing & being an inspiration!
    Your hair will come back, and in the means, think of all you will save on shampoo & conditioner! Good luck tomorrow Dear~ ill be thinking of you~

  59. Just came by from another blog. All the best as you battle. Though I am sure you must be scared as hell, you are very brave.

  60. Hi Deena,
    The hats are each darling but you're beautiful with or without them.
    Keep smiling.
    Love and prayers..

  61. Hello. i hope today you are relaxing and smiling. i made something come over and pick it up it's todays post. with you on my mind!!

  62. On your JOYS TODAY LIST you left off....


    LOVE TO YOU....Lynn

  63. Just wanted to tell you that you are one more beautiful lady!

    May you have joy today and wonderful warm sunshine on your shoulders.

    Phyllis in Georgia

  64. "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."
    Matthew 21:22

    Bald IS are stunning!

    Olde Lavender Prims

  65. I love that you are so brave and beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes to see you loose your hair. My kids had a hard time understanding "why doesn't Grandma have hair anymore" I think it really helped them process it all when my mother-in-law would let them see her without any hats or wigs even though that was so hard on us grown ups. I love how you are handling all of this just like I loved how my dear m-i-l handled it. With God all things are possible.
    I don't really know you but I love you, dear sister in Christ.

  66. Bless your heart, Deena, this post made me want to hug you tight for being so beautiful in every way.

  67. Dearest Deena,
    you beautiful angel you!
    oh my gosh you have such courage!
    I am so inspired by you!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    Hugz and prayers,

  68. Dear Deena,
    You are an inspiration and I will be thinking positive thoughts for you tomorrow and always..


  69. I love your battle cry "KICK CANCER'S ASS!" Go get um Deena! We are behind you all the way! Jennifer

  70. Well Pink Princess Warrior I like your attitude. That wig is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. That and the armor of God is going to make you one very 'fashionable' warrior.


  71. Oh Deena, I am sitting here crying! Your post has really touched me today for so many different reasons. For one, you just continue to amaze me with the strength that you have, the love for God and the amazing beauty that exudes through your words and your smile. I don't know the pain you are going through, however I thought of you as I had a follow up mamo and sono yesterday. I think I am ok, I pray. You know, you have been on my mind each day and not a day goes by that I don't think of you several times. You are an angel! I love your hats and wigs and know that you will be adorable, as always, wearing them! Hey, I never could wear hats cause I have a huge melon and very thick hair - must be the Cherokee Indian in me. ha.

    You have a super day my sweet friend!

    -clean linens
    -snuggles with my family
    -having my son come home on leave time
    -a nice glass of red wine
    -walks on the beach
    -Doogs and Socks on my lap
    -lovely scented candles
    -waking up each morning

    Love ya!

  72. Deena, bald is beautiful. You look fabulous! My youngest, who was 5 mos old when I started chemo in Sept 2006, loved to play the drums on Mommy's bald head. He'd pull off my hat and bango on the bongo! What fun!

    I think you look spectacular. Enjoy your many new looks with all those great hats and wigs!
    Take care, Katie

  73. You are beautiful. That is you. Beautiful.



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