Saturday, January 12, 2008

Counting down to chemo, and wig hunting soon

Possible wigs!! what do you think??

Yesterday's visit with Dr. Diane Prager was
good.  I like her, she explained alot.

Here's the schedule .

This Tuesday I'll get an Echo Cardiogram as
the drug Herceptin can affect your heart. (4%)
So they'll be watching it each visit. 

On Friday next, I get a Pet/CT scan
to look for "hot spots" in my body.
Searching for more cancer..PLEASE pray there is none.

That following Friday, the 25th, I'll go in for blood tests, then
on to see Dr. Prager, then my first chemo treatment. It 
will be an all day adventure.
They will give me the chemo in IV's

I will go once every three weeks for six treatments
of the two chemo drugs TAXOTERE,  CARBOPLATIN ..and the Herceptin.
Taking about 5.5 hours each time.

The Herceptin will be continued for a year..even after chemo
is done, I'll continue to go once every three weeks for the
1.5 hours of Herceptin.

Doc says my hair will go at about 3 weeks.
She says on day 6 after treatment , the blood
count goes about nil, and you bottom out
on day 7 and 8. No energy, immune system
is LOW and care must be taken to
keep me well.

But by day 9 , I'll be feeling better again.
About 4 weeks after chemo..just chemo, not done
radiation will start.
 That is five days a week for 28 treatments
on my breast..and shoulder area.

So, I'm thinking in the next two weeks, I'll need to get a 
wig..can't see me going out with no hair. (what would
Dr Jones think??) Laugh out Loud!!
I'm going to try to make my "chemo days" ME time, 
we'll see how it goes. 

 The Center I go to
is about 20 minutes from home , newly built and
everyone is so caring!!

Rich will go with me for my first treatment...but beyond
that ..I'm thinking I should be "on my own"
He does need to work!

I'm not fearing this and six treatments!! woo hoo, I can do this.

thanks to each and every one of you my friends!!
you lift me up..with your caring and prayers!
fondly, Deena


  1. love love love the first hair do.. looks just like you..... thanks for praying for Mom and yes you are welcome to send a card.. I will send email with her address... I read your schedule and I am praying... and will continue to pray... I think God looks down on our frail bodies in times like yours and He cries with you...........

  2. Hey Deena...I love the first wig, I think it looks more "you" with how you are looking now. I was advised to not go too far from my natural look because it's strange enough to see yourself without hair and then to look different in a wig that isn't you can be disheartening and depressing...and the guy was right...I'm glad I chose something like "me".

    Don't forget to buy bandanas, there are some that are pre-tied for you and I lived in those. I used the wig to go out specific places but many times just jumped in the car in the felt so wonderful. They are also better for sleeping than going commando..sometimes your bald head can hurt on the pillows (from the chemo effects), but I went commando most of the time and on the cold nights the bandana kept me warm! :)

    Having the wig ahead of time will make you feel empowered...14 days is the standard hair loss time and it comes slowly, not all at once...I shaved mine and that's something I know you and Nicole could do..first sign of it going, I wanted it done at once, not dribs and drabs.

    Herceptin is the easiest part of the whole side effects to speak of, and while a year seems a long time, it passed very quickly for me.

    Regular heart checks will be done with chemo and herceptin...some of the chemo drugs are just as hard on the heart (I see you aren't having AC...that is THE hardest of the chemos)...and 2D echos are easy-peasy. They may do muga scans as you progress on herceptin...a "movie" of your heart. We'll only think positive thoughts that you will be coasting along fine with chemo and rads!!

    As for the PET/CT scans, you know we are all praying that there is no cancer, no hot spots and that you nipped this before it went on it's travels.

    Sending you hugs and feels so much better to have a plan of action and know you are ready to embark on it, doesn't it?

  3. On more thing...I'm sure your doctor mentioned this will be followed after chemo and herceptin to keep check of the heart, because even though you may have no issues during treatment, they really don't know about long term. I'm telling you this to put your mind at ease on the heart part...focus only on the cancer at the moment. Each in it's time and you may never have issues with the heart. I'm having a 2D echo this month..regular check and I stopped herceptin in May 2007. So far, so good!! :)

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first one too! The color and style are gorgeous! And this style seems to fit you.

    A week of prayers for you this coming week

  5. Hi Deena,
    I like the first wig. I'm puttiing you on my prayer list. Praying that God will give you peace, rest, comfort and strength as you go through your treatments. Praying that God surrounds you with people who love above all else as we are called to do in I Peter. That you will be cared for, supported, and listened to! Blessings...

  6. Sweet Deena...
    I'm sure you will look beautiful no matter which wig you choose!
    You are in my prayers and I'm sending you a gigantic hug right now!

  7. I like them both... the first one is more like your present hair ... but if you want a change up... you can try using them both...
    I printed off your treatment schedule so I will remember which drug you are taking on which day...
    I will be praying on Friday that they find "NO HOT SPOTS" in your body..
    Friday the 24th will be a big day so I am glad that Rich is going with you!
    But remember even after Rich is working and you drive yourself... you will not be going along!
    God is holding your right hand!!!
    Love and {{Hugs}}

  8. Deena,

    I think the first hairdo is the one for you. It is very similar to yours and I think it would suit you. I'm glad you are buying the wig ahead of time. According to my neighbor, who shaved her head before chemo, she was glad she had the wig ahead of time. She says it gave her the feeling of having control of her situation.

    There isn't anything wrong with bald or with using the bandanas that are made for just this purpose.

    Take care my friend. I'm glad I dropped over to read your update. Now I know your schedule and can pray. I will also get all of the prayer warriors I know to pray for you.

    Love and blessings,

  9. I agree that the first "do" looks like your present "do." However, you'd look just as beautiful without hair. I'm glad things went well with the docs. I'm still praying.

  10. You're going to do so great! Now this may sound a bit odd - it does to my own ears - but I actually enjoyed my chemo days. Not the actual chemo, but the day. I always stopped for a favorite coffee drink - hot when it was cold, cold when it was hot - and everyone in the chemo room is always so very nice. Patients and staff alike. I always felt fine afterwards and enjoyed reading or doing whatever I wanted to do for me. Then again, my six months of chemo was always about me. :O)

    You'll be in my prayers!

  11. Hi Deena, I just have to tell you that your attitude just sings! You will do wonderfully through every bit of this because of your positive attitude. I'm so glad that they tell you what to expect when. Knowledge is power, you know? I love the first wig best, it reminds me of you! Raquel Welch has amazing wigs too! Highlighted and everything, can you believe that? Heck buy two if you want to....cut and paste this into your browser to take a look (the store next to The Plum Tree sells wigs and breast prostethetics so I've tried on a few Raquel wigs!):

    love you bunches!!! xxoo, Dawn

  12. Hi Deena, Everything I'm reading sounds positive and "do-able". Like the other girls said I think just knowing the facts will empower you to feel more in control and not be blindsided so. I too favor the first wig for you but the other is cute and perky, so may give you an additional boost just having a differnet perky little doo. I happen to love the flower paint job JoAnna had and can imagine all sorts of quirky fun in creating your own masterpiece, maybe in fun at home. Some of the little "tennis" type caps have a built-in pony tail for a cute effect to just pop on too. Daily and continuous prayers from my family to you and to your family. A cross to bear but not alone. Love you my sweet hero, Mollye

  13. Deena...glad to hear your appt. went well! I am so glad to see you are positive and ready to move are such an inspiration! I too favor wig 1...looks most like your current haircut. Will be praying for your upcoming tests!


  14. You know, I think you should make the most of this time and do something you probably wouldn't do about a Cher wig? Tina Turner is also another thought...LOL..perhaps something really glamorous so while you may be resting you'll still look like a million $$ !!

  15. Good Evening Deena,
    I really love the first wig. It looks to be you. I will continue to pray for you as you start all of your treatments. GOD will see you thru all of this. I do hope you have a good weekend. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  16. Oh Sherry's great to get this show on the road
    the sooner we start, the sooner it's over!!
    I'll just be bossing Rich around in the garden
    this summer
    when I'm feeling too icky to do it all.
    but I know that the gardening ..will help
    me's my therapy.

    Thanks for all the ideas, tips and encouragement.

  17. It's been so wonderful to share in your journey, Deena! My sister walked this road just two years ago. The hardest part was the fear. Not the chemo or the radiation, etc. It was not knowing about her future. but you know what? She now admits that that was all wasted energy, wasted time that could have been fun, wonderful, times. There will be times that are hard, emotions will jump around like crazy, but it will all pass. This is just a chapter in the book of life, and you will come out stronger, more beautiful, wiser, more compassionate, and shine like the stars in Heaven. I'll be praying for you as you continue your journey. . . . and I like the first wig the best! Cora

  18. Hi Deena, I love the first wig! Second one is cute but I think No. 1 is more you. Bandanas are such a quick and easy alternative on those days when you need to just get up and go. I think I had them in just about every color! The next few weeks are the beginning of your journey back to a healthy life. My heart breaks reading all the upcoming procedures that are planned for you. You are not alone, my prayers are always with you, Love and hugs, Suzanne.

  19. Hi Deena,
    Love that first wig. Praying for you.

  20. Hi Deena, Like most everyone else I like the first wig.
    My thoughts will be with you every step of the way. You are such a strong lady.

  21. Hey Deena,

    You're so striking, you're going to look fabulous without hair. You can see me bald in my very first post :) I loved it. It was incredibly freeing to not have to mess with my hair in the a.m.

    And guess what? I've decided to go with the fro. I tried not doing anything to my hair today, and I actually like it :)

    With all that free time, I'll be saying extra prayers for you, Deena. And I love the first 'do lots.



  22. Good morning Deena!

    Oh my goodness, you have a long road ahead, but wow, it sounds all planned out so nice. Thank the Lord that these people know what they are doing! I am so glad they will be checking your heart. I really pray that they will not see any "hot spots" on the PET scan.

    As far as the wigs go, I like the first one better, the second one seems a little too poofy and doesn't look like you to me. It actually might be kind of fun to shop for a wig, I only wish it was for a different reason, but it haven't you always been curious what you might look like with long blond hair or spiked red hair????

    I will continue to pray for you my friend.

    Love Sharon

  23. Oh my dear Deena this sure brings back flashbacks. I shaved my head first too. The bandanas were great for around the house. I love both your wigs. Your a strong person just like I was. I was so glad to have that Chemo to get rid of all that horrible cancer. I know you will do good....the Lord will be with you all the way. And you have so many people praying for you. I'm sure praying for you everyday. Please dont be afraid...I know its hard but you know you have to go thru this. I love you my friend

  24. Deena,
    I hope the PET scan is totally clear. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

    I liked the wig at the top the best, but I'm cranky enough to enjoy going 'bald' and pretend it's a fashion statement. I did it once when I was in my mid/late 30's, wore pretty earrings, and felt quite Sinead O'Conner trendy for maybe 6 months.(I always swore I'd do it again when I turned 60 :)

    You are brave to go through everything you wrote down, and I'm glad that Rich is going with you for the first of the 6 treatments. It is good that the newly built center is so close to your home, and that the people there are so caring.


  25. Please be sure to take things easy and rest as much as you can...I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers, as always:o).
    ps..I like the first wig, and also a funky scarf would be cool to try...treat yourself to a Hermes scarf!
    hugs to ya!!

  26. Hi Deena,

    I'm loving that first wig and I think the color is beautiful. I've got to say this because it's something that my momma said to me in hard times and I've kept it for always - sharing it through life as needed. "Head down and swim." Don't think about how far to go, how you will manage..., just focus on the task and you'll be to the other side before you know it.

    My prayers are with you.

    Huge hugs,

  27. Hi Deena, both wigs are really nice. The first one looks more like you, in the pictures you've posted.

    Here's another fun option for a spare wig: My favorite wig was actually a ponytail (real hair) that fit under a baseball cap. They also make them to fit under regular hats, so you have wisps of real hair peeking out. Very cute and hip. The company is called Hip Hats With Hair and here's their website:
    Click on Products and then on each wig picture to see what they look like on real people. The website does not do their products justice. I wore my ponytail all the time and would run into people who hadn't heard I had cancer. They never knew it wasn't my own hair!

    And no, this was not a paid endorsement! ;-) I just loved my ponytail wig.

    They also make them to fit under scarves and bathing caps.

    I'm glad that you have a treatment plan and can move on. For me, that was the worst part, the waiting for the plan! Once I knew what I had to do to beat cancer, I felt so much better and ready to go!

    You are right, that you can do this. You are already finding ways to get through it all. Take care, Katie

  28. Great wig but why not do something wild and go long and blonde or something. LOL. But that's just me.

    I think they recommended mom shave her head the first week after treatment. It's just too sad otherwise. I cried when I shaved mom's hair.

    I also think you should have someone with you as you will not feel like driving and the chemo time is boring. Wish I could take you and tell you jokes. :)

  29. Deena~~I agree with the first wig~~I think you would look great in it. I am continuing to pray for you. You are such a strong woman and I am blessed to call you my friend.


  30. I love the wig. It looks like you. It sounds like you are energized with having a plan. I'm glad you like your doctor. I'll keep you in my thoughts as you wait for the scan results.

  31. Dear dear Deena ... I am thinking of you so much today. I do love the photo of the wig you posted. It is very becoming and I think you would make a gorgeous red head. ;) Try to think of the fun you will have playing with new styles ... it's something we all wish we could do and never dare to, right?

    Blessings to you ... you are in my thoughts and constant prayers.

    With love,

  32. Deena, I wanted to post some wishes for your treatments to go quickly. I hope you are one of the lucky ones to tolerate it well. I think the wig you posted looks very natural and has a little spunky attitude to it. You're sure to feel good in it :~) Prayers for no hot spots!

  33. I love the wig and it will be perfect for you. Just hearing about all of the meds makes me feel sad. Knowing that you will be going through this makes me wish I lived closer by to help out. Your family is awesome and so supportive. Just rest and take care of YOU!

    keep us posted, ok?



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