Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Bunny(s) Loves Me

Can you believe it..?? the highlight of the day is mail
and I hardly EVER get to the mail box..Now 
hubby brings it in..
Monday brought squeals of delight from ME!!

This is from my friend Dana of 
all pink and girly.. PINK hot cocoa..2 packs.
A hand made pink candle (Vanilla Lace)
Handmade pink card & what a sweet lil box.
I was so surprised.!!

And look what my dear sweet wonderful loving best friend husband
brought me home ...He is the love of my life..and I thank GOD that 
I am his wife.

OH..look what Jan of  Bold & Free sent..
She shared her hanky treasures with me..
I just love them ALL..and I sure want to make 
something girly with them..Perhaps I'd best
get that almost blank canvas out again today
& see what God puts in my head.

and last but not least (BY FAR)
my dear blog friends are praying..writing..emailing..calling..
asking for a wider circle of prayer ..I wish you all
could know how much it helps..It makes my day, my week, go
so much sweeter.. It's definitely a blessing.

Saturday I was so tired..I was in bed most the day and night.
Sunday..I ate, rested..then Rich and I went for a nice walk
here in the Singing Woods..snow on the ground
but it was warm.  Hannah  dog went with us too..
She peed about 12 times..LOL..and mostly where we 
could see deer track.

Thanks for caring.
Gotta go ..my friend Sally is here
making salmon salad & she baked bread.

I'm off to see my psychiatrist
  later  today too. Rich is going
to drive me..everyone needs a little help now & then.

love ya  all..Deena


  1. Here for the morning shift. So nice to see so much love. You are blessed my friend. :-)

  2. wonderful friends deena. what love you must feel.....and that is so healing.....you are in my thoughts so much of the day.
    love and hugs,

  3. Hello Deena, thanks for visiting me :) What lovely gifts you've received. I look forward to seeing what you'll make with those pretty little hankies.

    lots of love

    Kim x

  4. My friend Amy at Four Sisters sent me over here. Bless you Deena as you fight this battle. We're all pulling for you. Go and kick that cancer to the curb!!

  5. Those are lovely gifts Deena. I'm sure they made you smile and brightened your day.
    Still praying for you..

  6. Good Afternoon Deena,
    Oh what some beautiful gifts you received in the mail. You are so loved my friend. All I ever get in the mail is bills. LOL. And the flowers your dear Rich brought you are just stunning. They are absolutely beautiful. Those hankies would make something nice on that blank canvas. God will show you what to make. "THANK YOU" for sharing with us your beautiful gifts and flowers. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs, and Lots of Prayers
    Karen H.

  7. Deena, you have so much courage that you truly remind me of Amy(foursisters). Keep that loving spirit you have and all will be good. Although, I have never had cancer, I have been through many surgeries and on life support and believe me, prayers are the greatest gifts, besides the lovely things you have recieved. Big Hugs and prayers, Pat

  8. Oh Deena,
    MAIL was my HI-LIGHT TOO!!! I really got to know my mail lady as she knew I had cancer and would bring up the mail everyday right to my door. (we are about a football field from the road and mailbox)
    So happy you are going to see someone this afternoon. EVERYONE needs alittle help now and then. Including ME!!!
    Tell Rich I am JEALOUS of your flowers....I might have to come over and grab them while you are out today....LOL
    Love you bunches, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters, and your Baptist raised Sister in Christ...giggle,giggle)

  9. Dear Deena,Is there somewhere in the world you would like to visit but you've never been to? I know it seems a silly question but, one to think about.
    xo Susan

  10. Couldn't get to sleep last night so I finally gave in and decided to stay up and pray for you. Don't worry, I wasn't up all night. Just long enough for the privlege of interceding with Jesus. =) Hope your Tuesday is sweet. Blessings... Polly

  11. Deena.it is so nice to see that your spirits are lifted! What a wonderful group of friends you have !!!

  12. My fellow Iowan, Amy, sent me an email telling me about you. You are truly blessed with all of the love from your family and us women in blog land. You will be in my prayers. Remember, there isn't a caner known to man, that someone hasn't survived it. You will be one of the lucky ones too.

  13. Lovely bits of sunshine to brighten your days!!!

  14. Ouuuu I love receiving little surprises in the mail!
    Its so fun, not knowing whats in the box!

    I am so glad you and Rich went for a walk....that always makes me feel better! You get out in the fresh air and witness gods creations!
    Realize how very blessed we are!

    Thinking of you today,
    sending warm hugz,

  15. Church...When we talked I forgot to say what came to mind yesterday. It was about the 3 men in the fire...and the conversion of the King who watched as they walked around in what was supposed to be the fire that destroyed them. Wasn't there another person also seen in there with them, a fourth person? (Daniel 3) Fire can be a symbol of a refining force. Fire burns away the dross. When the pain is keeping you from comfort and sleep, can it be the refining fire for your soul? Is the cancer that you share as your journey with all of us, can it be the fire that we who are watching you walk around in it, will give testimony to it's refining force for us? I know from having my own pain that was too much for me in the past...ramblings of the esoteric kind can just be too much! "Who cares! I am in pain here!" But still, in some way if what we are having to endure will do some others good, then it becomes easier to bear. I'll stand witness to your pain and with the Grace that you endure it. How you create in the midst of it...it has been a revelation to me. The beauty that you continue to see, that will forever be with me.

  16. HI Deena, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments about the little ones.
    Some beautiful gifts and love those flowers from Rich.
    Take care and thinking of you.

  17. Hope today finds the sun (son) shining right over you! I see all kinds of love and prayers being sent your way. Mine too!

  18. Deena,
    you will never know how many lives you are touching by letting us share in this journey with you...
    you deserve all the love and the gifts your friends are showering on you..
    Love and Hugs

  19. I'm here for the first time - I am sorry about your diagnosis, but happy that you have so many good friends - IRL and in blog world! What a blessing.

    I remember having "hankies" like that when I was young. I haven't seen any for a long time. I used to iron my mom's every week.

  20. I just found you through Loving Annie.
    I have seen examples in my own family and friends of amazing things happening when you have positive energies within and around you. I see and feel that energy within and around you!
    I will mention your name when I light my candles.
    sending you love & light,

  21. Hi Deena,
    I found you through Becky's blog.
    So sorry for what you are going through.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Your blog is really nice. You have amazing family and friends!!
    When you aren't too tired, come visit me sometime.

  22. Oh, what gorgeous flowers! You lucky girl, getting so many neat things in the mail! What good friends you have.

    Fondly, Sharon

    P.S. I mailed you a card a couple of weeks ago did you recieve it? Just worried I didn't get the address right.

  23. I just came over from Susie to wish you well and to tell you I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

    Ann (aka granny)
    Merced, CA

  24. Hello Deena, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    What a sweet hubby that Rich is to bring you your mail.
    What lovely goodies from such sweet Gals.
    Take care!
    Hugs & much love ~Mary~

  25. What lovely flowers from Rich, Deena!!! And so happy to send something small to cheer you and brighten your day. And I do love all those pretty hankies ... how very feminine! :)

    Sending you much love, many hugs and lots of prayers.


  26. Hello Deena
    I love all the beautiful gifts you received!!!
    Love the flowers too!!!!
    Kisses to you!!!

  27. Those flowers are beautiful...as are you!

  28. Deena...you have been constant in my thoughts and prayers.

    I am so glad you got those bundles of love in the mail!

  29. What wonderful, welcome surprises you received! Enjoy!

    Blessed Be.

  30. (((((Deena))))) to you. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for taking the time to visit me. ~ Lynn

  31. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful Lady. Thank you for sharing with us.

  32. Good Tuesday evening to you Deena !

    What lovely presents from Dana and Rich and Jan !!! That was so nice - YOU ARE CLEARLY MUCH LOVED, dear Deena !

    Glad you took it easy on Saturday and Sunday except for the walk with your honey man and Hannah the peeing wonderdog :) It must have been pretty to be in the woods with snow on the ground.

    Mhmmm, sounds like Sally is a good cook.

    Hope the Dr. is wise and kind and it was a good visit -- sometimes we all need them...

    *cyber hugs and thinking of you*

  33. Love and prayers are raining down on you, my beautiful friend. What lovely treasures you found in the mail and those flowers that Rich brought you are exquisite.

    Those hankies are lovely. I have a few that Grandma gave to me when I was a child and I treasure them. I can hardly wait to see what you create with them. You are so talented.

    Take care, my friend. I continue to pray for you and Rich.

    Love and blessings,

  34. I came across your blog tonight and am so inspired. I left with tears in my eyes and a full full heart! I know that God will bless you during this journey and promise to pray for you each day!


  35. I found your link through Susie. My mom had the type of cancer you suffer from. She was able to have a good quality life for several years after her initial diagnosis. I know you have a very difficult road down which to travel. I will add your name to my prayer list.

  36. Oh boy you are loved! I'm so glad you're getting spoiled.

    I was thinking of you today. Talked to God about you. You are getting prayer from this part of Texas, girl!

  37. Hello Deena, Hope you are resting after your yummy supper, and enjoying your beautiful flowers,(I love tulips) Rich did a great job picking them out:)You can put a little soft scent on your hankies and slip one in your coat pocket, peaking out for ever one to see:) Love your sweet dog and fluffy cat:) They are so comforting just being there. {{Soft Hugs}} and lots of Prayers. Mary

  38. What a wonderful treat from your DH - a little bit of spring time!

    How blessed you are!

  39. Hello Miss Deena- your photos of of your children and grands are wonderful. Sounds like you've had a tough few days. I'll be adding you to my blog roll so I remeber to visit. I need everything written down these days.
    Special healing thoughts to you...

  40. Beautiful beautiful!!! God is good--He shows His caring hands through touching you with friends!

  41. Dear Deena ~~ Just came over from Susie's blog to say how very sorry I was to hear of your diagnosis and to ell you that my thoughts and prayers are heading your way from Australia. Please don't bother to answer, as there is no need.
    I am so glad you have such a great loving husband by your side. And one who brings you lovely flowers. Take care and look after yourself my friend. Love, Merle.

  42. Hello Denna,
    I was at Susies' blog and saw your site. I wanted to pop in and say hello! and that Jesus has a message for YOU!

    He said," Tell her, Denna, I love you very much, and you are the apple of my eye!"and I will give you perfect peace !

    take care and I love your site, may I check back at a later date?

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