Monday, January 7, 2008

An Honor & Thanks

My sweet friend Denise..of Samaritan Woman bestowed this honor for me today,
for CoUrAgE

She's been such a dear sweet friend since we found each other.

You'll love her blog. She's beautiful inside & out!!
I 'd like to pass this honor to

Thank you Denise for your friendship
it's a gift from God.



  1. are so sweet..Thank you so much!! Kindred Spirit is an awesome way to refer to me...I am HONORED to be called such. ...brought tears to my eyes...REALLY. You made my did!

    Love and Hugs to YOU,
    (stay tuned)

  2. Thank you Deena so much! I feel so honored! I can't believe how generous you are and how you think of others during this hard time you are going through! You are so sweet! I just got home and work tomorrow, so I will try to add your banner on Wednesday! Again, thank you so much for the award!!!

    Hugs! Sharon

  3. YOU are so welcome...... I find that your friendship even if such a short time has brought such a flavor to my life....... I am STILL amazed that God answered my prayer many many months ago for a friend by sending me many by the way of a blog.......Is He just the most wonderful God.......... !!! I speak healing to your body soul and spirit this evening..........

  4. Deena, I am so blessed and honored that you would pass along this award to me. You are truly a generous soul to think of others during your time of greatnest need. I am so blessed ... and so glad to call you friend.

    With all my love & many hugs and tons of prayers for you, too!


  5. Deena,
    I thought that I would reply under this post because it was such an honor and I thank you much for the paper partridges. Thank you for making them and giving them to me. I want to tell you what I have decided to do with them. I know several women who are battling breast cancer at church and a few other places. I am going to tie a pink ribbon around each hanger and give each woman one of the partridges. I will be keeping one myself of course, in honor of all of you who are battling breast cancer. My prayers are with you.

  6. Hi Deena...popping in to see you and how are you feeling today?

  7. Wow Deena! Thanks so much. What amazing timing. You are so sweet!

    I just found out my BFF is moving out of state. I am devastated.

    Anyway, this really cheered me up.
    I am praying for you every day.


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