Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday & Pet/CT Scan

I've been wanting to create!! It's so therapeutic &  rewarding.
This is as far as I've gone & it's been sitting here for a 
couple of weeks.  I know I want to do birds, but alas, the
canvas is still blank other than my painting the background.
Right now..I know I am a canvas in the making, God is 
working wonders with me..and my faith deepens each
day!! Praise His Holy Name.

Today was my Pet/CT scan. I had a strict diet to stick to
from yesterday afternoon. Fasting today. 
It made me so tired not to eat, but I got
through it.

The results will be ready for us next Friday
when we visit the oncologist.  It was easy, the
only thing I cringed at was the IV for the RadioActive
sugar injection. ( I used the time in the "tank" to pray
and pray hard for all of us who need it) 

Rich went along, he's such a great hubby!!
Oh, thank you Jesus for sending him to me.
We went to Borders so I could pick up
I've been reading her blog, and some friends
of ours recently saw her documentary..
She's amazing.
Visit her blog HERE

I was soooooo hungry, I told Rich I had to eat as SOON
as we were done with the test.  So , we went out
and YUMMY..I even had Tiramisu for dessert.
Now we are home and both on our PC's but watching old movies
on TMC..right now.."The File on Thelma Jordan" is on.

Earlier today, I laid in bed and watched
oh was sweet..a story of coming of age
of kids..I love those.. (I want to read the book also)
 and yesterday
"Man in the Moon" was on..It is a tender story.

I wanted to share my gifts ..
a postcard from DisneyLand from
cards & a key chain from

 my sweet friend Sally brought over a loaf of bread and the lovely atlered art hanging, 

& a lovely Faith Hope and Love ..from my friend

I am feeling better, I know there is lots of healing that needs 
to finish. Some days, just the reality of cancer hits home.
Next week I am going for a wig fitting and my chemo
starts next Friday, IF I can get one last spot on my tummy to heal.
I'll be calling Dr. Jones Monday if it isn't better, it keeps coming back open.

Thank you Mary..and thank you ALL for reading, commenting, praying
and caring!!  It lifts my spirits each day, even when I am too tired to post ..
fondly, deena


  1. Deena,

    I love ALL of your gifts, but my favorite is the one with the birds. Like you, I love birds and it is awesome.

    You are most deserving of the award. You brighten my days and send many love vibs my way. You are a dear friend.

    I continue to pray for you and Rich. I'm so glad he took you out to eat and that you enjoyed it.

    Love and blessings,

  2. All you little gifts are wonderful and how they must lift your spirits... I am praying for a GOOD REPORT next Friday ,,,,,,,,,,

    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

    hugsx0x0x00x and do not leave that canvas blank!!!!

  3. Good Evening Deena,
    What some beautiful gifts you have received. I am glad you have them to look at to lift your spirits. "THANK YOU" for sharing them with us. That was so sweet of Mary to send you a postcard from Disneyworld. She is such a sweety. "CONGRATULATION'S" on the Award my friend. You are so deserving of it. You do have alot of love for your dear husband and as well for you blogging friends. I will continue to pray for you and Rich and for a good report next Friday. I am so glad that Rich took you out to eat after your PET/CT Scan. You surely deserved a good meal after all that stuff. On that blank Canvas, how about a beautiful Sun and a Rainbow? That's just a suggestion of mine. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  4. Deena,

    I think that a bird inspired piece would be perfect. Maybe a nest with eggs, symbolizing re-birth? Whatever you choose, think of this piece as the reflection of what you are coming through...Toodles..Angie

  5. Deena...I love your take it easy and go get some rest!

  6. Deena..that was me under Hubby's name...I am on his puter.....

  7. now would be a wonderful time for you to work on your would be a good diversion...
    your gifts are so very sweet
    I am praying for the people preparing the reports on your Pet/Cat scan that they will be thorough and will find anything that needs to be seen so the Treatments will be able to be directed to the right areas in order to heal you!!
    I'm glad you had a nice lunch out with Rich after it was all over!!

  8. The award is perfect for you because that's what you do. I'm glad you're feeling better. It must be hard waiting for the chemo to start. I hope your tummy heals so you can get it started, the sooner to get it behind you. Hugs Deena.

  9. Those are some nice friends you have there! Keep thinking positive and happy things and you will be surprised how much better things turn out. Plus there are SO many good "healing" verses. I read them myself as well! Hang in there....I'm thinking of you as are MANY people I can tell! :~)
    Be blessed,
    Joyce M.

  10. Dearest Deena:

    I have been following your story since before your surgery. I found you through Mimi, my dear friend and co-worker. She has spent the last 4 hours helping me to create my very own blog. Please come and visit me.
    You have been in my prayers all this time and want you to know that you have touched many lives.
    I will continue praying for your speedy recovery.
    In Him,
    Jim's Patty

  11. You know all I am able to say is how much I admire you... completely and totally admire you



  12. Church asks....hey! when they tell you what that little opening is that is late to heal...let me know! I have wondered for years why mine and some others I have met...we all had a little section on the incision across the lower ab area that would not close up. I just kept cleaning mine out with alcohol/peroxide etc as it was tiny, quarter of inch...but I was not having to go in for chemo etc. So, I would love to know why that happens to some of us. For years long after, at certain times for no reason that little section would act up and start inflaming and then it would close up again. My husband a former EMT and several retired nurse friends never could explain I am still interested and seeing that you have the best of doctors and place, I know they will let me know...till the work in progress, take care of your loving self!

  13. Hope that next Friday gives you an "all clear" Deena !

  14. Deena, thanks for stopping by my blog and know that you are always in my thoughts.
    Mmmm.... Yummy food for you after your test!!!

  15. Oh Deena, I can't wait to see what your painting will end up being! How true that we all are just a blank canvas for the Lord's hand to turn into a work of beautiful art!

    I am glad that you got through your Pet/CT scan and oh, how I pray that the results will be good.

    You are so blessed with such a wonderful hubby. He has been so great. It sounds so wonderful to both be sitting in the same room on your PCs and watching old movies! These are the moments of our lives! (I adore old movies! We will have to talk!!!!).

    I want to go check out Kris Carr's web site, it sounds really interesting!

    Have a relaxing Sunday!

    Love Sharon

  16. Hi Deena,
    Just stopping by for a quick hello and to let you know you're in my prayers. All your gifts must lift your spirits and make you feel so loved. You deserve it...

  17. Glad the cat scan went well. How brave you are! I'll keep praying for healing for you. :)

    What beautiful gifts. Love you!

  18. Sounds like Friday will be a very big day and I will keep you in mind and heart.
    I will leave you with what Dad would say when we would leave to go home from his house "Keep it in the road."
    This statement means lots of things so dear keep it in the road.


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