Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Run..don't walk!

on over to 
and check out how to be a Pink Artist!!
I'm in..


  1. Church says...I got up and thought I'd check in....what I want to know is what the bar is above your header graphic that seems to be from Blogger?! Has some total fool put you on an "objectionable content" list? I hit on it to see what the heck it was but I think just by hitting on it that gives it one more "whatever". If this is someone's sick way of harassing people who share from their hearts and making someone who is not feeling well feel worse...let me tell you that Blogger and whoever better get ready for a full blown "who do you think you are?!!" from me and many others!
    Hopefully by the morning the "objectionable content" bar if it is negative to Deena's site or her expression of creative thought and art AND SPIRITUALITY! It had better be gone. On the other hand if it was done by Deena then forget I said a word, and forgive me for not being techno savy.

  2. Hello Deena
    I am regular visitor at Becky's Sweet Cottage Dreams and thought I would come and say hello..
    I think you are one amazing woman.. reading your story..
    Brave bold and beautiful!


  3. Good Wednesday morning to you, Deena ! Will go check it out later today, Deena ! How are you feeling ? That might be a stupid question, but... just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Prayers sent every day --

  4. wonderful cause and such creativity......i would love to do my 2x2 part!
    thoughts and prayers for you this a.m.
    hugs, kimberly

  5. Deena, thank you for sharing this!
    I'm in, for sure.

    I hope today finds you hopeful.

    Blessed Be.

  6. It is going to be one beautiful doll isn't it Deena? I'm so pumped to be part of this!!! Even though I'm in Canada and Komen isn't part of my life here, I am strongly in favour of $$$ for research everywhere -- and for getting the world out. It's a must. I love the challenge of 2x2!!

  7. Church...Well that was weird! That Blog notice bar and the print are gone! I'm glad but what was that anywho?! Really, I really really saw it...!
    Good morning (again)and all is well.

  8. Hi, Just found your blog thru Swaddle cottage. Big warm Hugs are being sent your way. Special prayers to you. you are so brave. You are going to beat this. All my best to you. Janie

  9. So wonderful to meet you & to have you join in for such a great cause. I'm thrilled to work with you on this project and am looking forward to laying eyes on your square. Art on, Monica

    Thank you for going pink (your square can be any color you wish).

  10. Deena,

    I LOVE your new banner. It is beautiful.

    I'm glad you are taking part. Please be sure to take photos of your square to show us. I can't wait to see it. I know it will be gorgeous.

    I continue to pray for you and hope your day was a good one.

    Love and blessings,

  11. Deena,

    Wow. This looks like a cool project. Am I up to participating? Maybe!!


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