Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here's the skinny

Hubby & I went into the surgeon's at 3.30 for a 4 PM appt.
We left the surgeons at 7 Pm!!! Oh my ...

I have invasive lobular carcinoma, 
she won't know in what stage until after the surgery..which will be sometime after 
Thanksgiving..and before Christmas.  The surgery?? UGH..a mastectomy with
with lymph nodes to be tested at the time of surgery, possibly 
a radical mastectomy. 

Not what I'd hoped for, but we'll get through this ..I'll write more tomorrow
I am so tired. I'm going to bed now with my body pillow.  smiles to my friends


  1. Oh Deena, I am sorry that you have to have a mastectomy. I have no idea what you are going through now or what you will be going through, but I do know that you have a Father in Heaven who knows and He will be with you. I pray they can get it ALL. I have a neighbor lady friend who had a mastectomy a year ago and she is cancer free! Oh, I pray for this for you, I really do.

    Love Sharon P.S. Thank you for sending me your address, I will try to send a card this weekend. Blessings to you!

  2. oh Deena ... I know this was not what you were hoping for. I'm so sorry, sweetie. I wish I had better words to say to offer you comfort. Hold on to Faith and Hope ... we will shower you with Love and Prayers.

    God Bless,

  3. Oh, Deena, all we can do is pray. And the amazing thing is, that is also and truly the most powerful thing we can do. We treat prayer like a last resort, when it should be our first resort. I ache for you, but the ache is relieved in prayer. I have struggled with my prayer life for several years now, and have been unable to pray except in meaningless spurts, but now, now I am praying. Knowing you did that for me. When I read what you write, I feel it so intensely, so physically and now I can pray.
    Thank you! God WILL bless you through this.

  4. Deena, you will pull through this, you are a fighter. There are lots of friends praying for you, and love you. Prayer is so are in my thoughts and prayers always, your friend, Linda

  5. I can only imagine how hard it is to actually hear those words spoken that you didn't want to hear...but I also have to add, that you are truly beautiful on the inside...your light shines for us all to witness...
    gentle hugs and blessings,

  6. Ok, get the bow and arrows out.
    Your aim will now get more true than ever before.
    My mother who was a nurse until retirement had early radiation when she was late 20's and couldn't find a babysitter so she had to not go to her treatments anymore. She's 92 now. All her nurse friends, all retired in upstate NY, have had one or two breasts removed and they all are 60+ now, they had surgeries at early 50's. My cousin who let them both go, that was 6 years ago and she then bought a house and has two careers and is still free.
    And there was the day that 5 doctors entered the room and told my husband and myself that I had 3 months left and they had to wait one month just to do surgery. That was more than 12 years ago.
    God had a plan before you were formed in the you'll just get to read this chapter.
    Your walk, your path not only takes others with you in thought and feelings, but we all get to learn and grow from it. And hopefully we all recognize that we only have this one day and to make all we can of it...the whole of it...the sounds of it...the faces in it, the laughter and tears, the worry and the plans, the limbo, the wonder, the angst, the questions,the kindnesses we pass on, the patient words for someone else, and eventually...the utter surrender to only God's will and the Grace to carry that out.

  7. So, so sorry~
    But what a blessing to have such a supportive husband.
    Remember, hangeth thou in there! You have many wishing you well, and praying for you too.


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~