Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Thoughts

Diamond tiara
Ok, here's some things I've been thinking.

I am not looking forward to:

Getting surgery
Being ill
Losing my hair

I may lose weight
My hair might grow back curly
I might stay slim
I'll learn to live healthier
be closer to my family..

I must say my hubby is treating
me like a princess. I LOVE that..
I'd say queen, but I don't feel that
old and he doesn't make me feel
as stuffy and regal as a queen
Just sweet and bubbly like a princess

I'm lonely today, wish I had someone to chat with, 
just chat about stuff..
I think I'll go work on a new website that I'm
helping out with..not mine, not for me,
but it will rock..tis

The grandboys might come over tonight ..that'll keep
me busy & make me CRAZY, but I'll get lots 
of cuddling and I love you's ...tis GOOD


  1. Deena,

    You are so very pretty and talented and full of life. You will prevail in this cancer fight; I know. You are a survivor.

    If you have not already seen the film, The Secret, please do so. If you get something out of that; buy the book. It was meant for people fighting cancer and other unsavory conditions. Once again, this is only if you're not yet familiar with it.

  2. Yes~ B positive Deena! your hair WILL come back...dont worry about it. Knowing first hand from when my Aunti had her cancer treatments ~ radiation & chemo~ best to shave your hair OFF before it falls out~ cause all the nasty chemicals end up in you hair, and no matter HOW much you wash it~ it will STINK! Get you some warm fuzzy caps~ you will wear them more inside than out!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Your candor and honesty are wonderful. I hope other women read your entries and realize it's ok to feel this way when faced with breast cancer. Of course your scared, and you should be the main focus at your house. You'll be fighting for your life and you have so much to live for. Our husbands are funny creatures. They don't want us to be sick or weak although they always want to take care of us. He's scared, too, but he will be strong for you. Even if it takes a little time.

  4. Hello Deena
    How wonderful you are to visit my blog and leave such lovely comments, it gave me such a lift to read them. Now I visit you and find you are facing a battle. Reading your posts, shows me how fabulous you are, looking life full in the face and always finding the positive is incredible, and strong!...fight! don't let go of your dreams, they will stay with you. Make a special place in your mind, in your imagination, when you go there make it that you are well, and fit and see yourself well and healthy then fill it with all the things you love, people,and dreams, and go there when times get tough, or you are feeling lonley or down, make it your sanctuary,your safe place... start building it now!

    I buy Geranium and Rose Geranium oils from Ebay, they are very lifting and are good anti depressants.Drop them in the bath a few drops and inhale the fragrance you will be thrilled with the perfume I promise. If you are unable to buy them Let me know I can send you some of mine, it would be no trouble to do this just say... and they will be in the post. Please visit me again I loved your commentsxxxx
    Have a fab weekend
    Hugs Lynn

  5. Deena, you never know, my best friend got all ready, talked to the wig lady, was ready to go into action when the time came, but through all her chemo she lost very little hair!
    I coem and read your blog and I say a prayer for you every day Deena dear.


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~