Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Sweetest Words

On Friday evening when I was with my daughter's two boys
Cole who's 6 and Caleb who's 4, we were all snuggled
in beds , watching a movie.

Caleb said " I don't love you gramma"
Oh the hurt, a knife in my heart, but I know
kids say things they feel at the time, but really
don't mean.

Cole said "Caleb , why don't you love our gramma?"

Caleb " cuz when we're bad, she's mean"  

I laughed and told Cole at least he realizes it's only when
he's bad. 

Cole said to me
"Gramma I'll love you forever, even when I'm in Heaven"

My heart over flowing with love said, " Cole , remember this, Gramma
will love you forever too, even when I'm in Heaven"

Cole is such a kind , sweet, loving boy who will usually do whatever
you ask . Caleb is a sweet, mischevious boy, who rarely listens
and loves to bully and hurt his younger brother.  I love them both
so much, I could never have imagined loving so hard when I was younger.

Life has brought me such love & now I feel so blessed by God's gifts..More than 
I ever imagined I would have!!
OH, before I left the boys Friday night..Caleb said " I love Gramma"
Of course I knew that all along..  

I'm fighting this for MY FAMILY, my FRIENDS and for 
everyone to see through me our Lord and Saviour!!

I just want all of you who read this to know
how much each loved one is loved by me..
and how much each internet friend means to me.
Enjoy the Lord's day & celebrate the gift of life
fondly, Deena
(who's coming to terms with the PINK thing)


  1. I am so happy you have a sweet family close by to love you through this...
    and I hear you when you say you have come to terms with it...
    but when you have those down days... when you wonder again why has this happened to me...

    you post an extra S.O.S. for double prayer and we in blog land will double out efforts in your behalf...
    Be Encouraged.....

  2. I think of you often sweet Deena as you enter this battle and send a prayer up when you enter my mind. Your faith is going to sustain you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us....such a sweet soul to learn these lessons from, you are. I truly believe that attitude is SO much of it. Many, many hugs to you, xxoo, Dawn

  3. So glad you're able to spend time with your grandsons. They sound wonderful! Grammas are so special.


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