Friday, November 30, 2007

OH MY Goodnes!!

My grandsons, Cole , age 6 & Caleb, age 4 are here.

When they got here , Cole asked me to come upstairs

to my room with him. He said he had a present for

me and just wanted to be alone with

up the stairs we go. Cole puts his hand in his coat

pocket and pulls it out..... with a button, that you

can wear on your shirt or coat.

It said

"Cancer Sucks"

I looked into his sweet face and just started to cry..he said.."it

does suck gramma cuz it's in there eating away at your nutrition & your muscles."

What a sweet boy he is..his mom didn't even know he had it.

After dinner, the boys played doctor..and I heard them say.."no

I don't see any breast cancer"
OH I just funny. We havetalked openly with them & Cole is anxiously awaiting 12/12when "my gramma won't have cancer anymore"

My hearts swells with so much love



  1. I am so glad that the grandsons made you smile. I teared up when I read about Cole's present to his Grandma. He is correct Cancer does suck. They are two of the bright spots to focus upon.
    Peace be with you.

  2. Oh, Deena, what beautiful little boys. I love them. They are so precious.

    Kids comprehend more than we know and he is rooting for you all the way. You tell him to keep you in his prayers and ask Jesus to make you all better. Children's prayers are definitely heard.

    Even with my grandsons, they say such sweet things that it just makes you cry. And Cole is right, "Cancer Sucks."

    I'm so glad you've been open with them. That is for the best.

    I will continue to pray for you and keep you in my thoughts and close to my heart.

    Love you, my friend.

  3. How gorgeous are they, and healthy!!! It is such a treasure to be allowed to share your life. From the bedrooms to the bath and those boys in the bath...what a life God blessed you with and I can only imagine the work that has gone unmentioned and unseen that got your life the way it is tonight! All the events and struggles and growth and thought that make a family a family. Beyond measure the value that yours has. With your ability to word smith and your eye with a camera, you must know that you have given all your family members volume and depth to their everydayness. And that's not even getting into the dishes and cleaning and the teething and the schools and rides...well, we could be here hours. It's enough to say, what a great view you have with love and understanding. They must be apprehensive about what is happening to you, the hub of their family life. Out of the mouths of babes....."Cancer Sucks"....Amen!

  4. How precious. What a joy they must be to you!

  5. What beatiful little boys. Children are so precious and candid. Those two boys love you so much and you are so blessed to have them living so close.


  6. having not been long at this blogging stuff I have no idea how to send you the star... I am graphic artist and it is my own design... Do you want just the star or the entire design with the wise men? It is in a jpeg or gif format here in my pc........ so just let me know and I will send right out to you......

    Blessings to you this day and I pray that the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your heart and mind...

  7. Deena,

    What beautiful little grandsons you have! You are so blessed. The story you shared about Cole is just so, so precious. He loves his grammie so much, that is so sweet and so sad. I pray, pray, pray that you will be healed and be there for him until he is all grown up.

    You are an amazing woman. God is using you right now as you are sharing your journey. You are handling everything so beautifully and you are so strong. I think you show real strength by being so honest about the times you get down. You are human and we get scared, but praise God we have a maker who is stronger and we trust in Him that he does have a plan no matter what the outcome.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog.

    Love, Sharon

  8. "and a child shall lead them..."

  9. Deena,
    your journey as you travel down this road is a journey we are all taking with you... and you are the strong one.... I cry right along with you... and I rejoice with each up day that you have... and your precious little grandson.. knows that his Grammie is very sick and he is looking for you to be all better come 12/12...
    we all know that it will not happen that fast... but it will surely give you added strength.. knowing that you will fight hard once that cancer gets out of your body and you have to fight the cells that may be order to over come this....
    and with all the prayers going up... we all know that it is possible...
    I believe God is really using you through this to help many many people through your witness!!!
    Be Encouraged....
    Love and Hugs..

  10. How sweet! Thanks for sharing :).


  11. Hi Deena:
    Prayers are all around from us folks you do not even know : )
    Your Grandson was so cool giving you the button!!!
    Peace & Love for you


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