Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I, ME, DEENA, is having a give away..YIPPEE (new hairdo also)

I want to do some FUN things. SO,
I've decorated my Nature BLOG today,
I found out I  won some GREAT books from
I'll need some, a few
days in bed, and I love to READ.

and now  TA DA!!!!
I want to have 
a GIVE AWAY too.

On Saturday eve I'll post the winner of a set of
6 of these little reindeer ornaments. I WUV mine.

Here's my sweet white feather tree decorated with
only my lil deers..

Just comment on THIS post..and you will be stuffed in
Frosty's hat for the drawing. 
Tell your friends too!! 

Many Christmas smiles. Deena
PS ~~I slept so good last night!! I am rested & happy today.

My oldest daughter is going to Cosmetology School..she does the BEST cuts
on me..Here's todays !!! love it

Tried to show the sides..and my cute Power of Pink earrings..


  1. Dear Deena ~ A good night's rest is a wonderful gift! Seems as though you can handle the day so much better. I would love to be included in your give away! I think of you often...xxoo, Dawn

  2. Hi, Deena. Glad you're rested. It certainly makes a difference in attitude when we've had enough sleep. Count me in! Talk to you later. Sally

  3. That is such good news to hear that you slept good last night... I just pray that you have a few more good nights sleep before your surgery....
    throw my name in the hat... I would love to have a token from you... you are on my mind so much these days...

  4. OOh-! those deer are soooo cute! Count me in. I LOVE your haircut- my hair is driving me crazy right now. Maybe I'll print a photo of yours and take it to the stylist!

  5. Please know that I am reading your words and saying a prayer for you...You are not alone on your journey.
    Big hugs,
    Brenda Bliss

  6. deena, i've been 'lurking' and reading your wonderful blog for several days....now i must come out of hiding to enter your give-a-way! LOL
    i can't remember, but i may have posted a comment a few days ago but just in case i didn't, i want to tell you how much i have enjoyed living your strength.
    i feel honored to be able to go on this arduous journey with you and hope that my prayers, added to the others that i know are being prayed, help you find peace as you struggle through beating cancer.

    sincerely, jan thomason

  7. Deena I have been following your blog from far away and I am so pleased to hear you have successfully crossed this bridge on your journey.
    My thoughts are will be with you.
    Blessings to you and yours

    Kiwi Jan
    Jan Cotton
    New Zealand
    {please dont include me in your giveaway}

  8. Jan..I thank you for posting and praying..I know your story is similiar..I feel I have reached a hurdle and jump right over it..
    actually..God gave me wings to fly over it!!
    fondly, Deena

  9. Deena,
    Your haircut is adorable and your earrings stunning! You should be heading out for lunch since you are all "prettied up"!!
    Please enter me in your drawing!!!
    I love the little deers!!!
    Glad your sleep was sweet.....praying for many more restful nights!!

  10. Good Morning Deena,

    Great new haircut. I wish she lived out here. My hairstylist was tragically killed in motorcycle accident after my daughters wedding in June. It was terrible.

    B has not had her hair cut since. I've had three terrible cuts but looks like I found a good stylist last time.

    Aren't give-aways fun? Glad things are looking up for you. You look great.

    Praying for your miracle!

  11. Good Morning Deena,

    Great new haircut. I wish she lived out here. My hairstylist was tragically killed in motorcycle accident after my daughters wedding in June. It was terrible.

    B has not had her hair cut since. I've had three terrible cuts but looks like I found a good stylist last time.

    Aren't give-aways fun? Glad things are looking up for you. You look great.

    Praying for your miracle!

  12. I love the "new" you!! Your daugher has done an absolutely fabulous job!! You look years younger, you look fresh and vibrant. Post this picture on your fridge to remind you of how you look all the time. I'm not sure if you are having chemo, I don't think you are, I think you are just having rads, so you will not lose your hair. What a wonderful way to go into surgery and moving beyond (as we call it in the trenches!!)...you look "mahvelous"...

    I'm so pleased that you slept well. You take them where they come Deena and you just savour the ones you have. Are you keeping a gratitude journal? I started one from the day of my diagnosis and it truly helped me to keep life in perspective. As well as listing what I was grateful for each night, I listed my concerns and worries. I put them in the journal so that they weren't running helter skelter through my head which interfered with my sleep. If you haven't tried that I highly recommend it.

    Gosh you are beautiful!!

  13. Deena,

    I prayed last night that you would be enfolded in angel wings and get a peaceful night's rest. I will pray for that again tonight.

    Love that hairdo. You are so beautiful.

    Please include me in the giveaway draw.

    Love, hugs and abundant blessings.

  14. I am over here from Mary's blog and I will enter your lovely give away!!
    I am glad Mary prayed and you were able to sleep last night!! Your daughter did a really nice job on your hair!! You look great! Blessings,Grams

  15. Good Evening Deena,
    I am here by way of Mary of Mary's Writing Nook. I will start praying for you as well. I am glad you rested good last night. I pray that you will rest good tonight as well. I will say a little prayer for you right now if you don't mind: "OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, I COME TO YOU RIGHT NOW AND LIFT DEENA UP TO YOU. I PRAY FOR HEALING AND COMFORT FOR HER DEAR GOD. YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY GREAT PHYSICIAN AND WE KNOW YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF DEENA. JUST LET HER BE ABLE TO SLEEP GOOD AT NIGHT AND TAKE AWAY THE FEAR OF HER NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. JUST WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND HER AND LET HER FEEL YOUR PRESENCE DEAR GOD. ALL THESE THINGS WE ASK IN YOU HOLY NAME, AMEN". I hope this helps you Deena. I had an Aunt that had breast cancer back in 1979. They didn't have all the technology back then as they do now. She went to one doctor after she found a lump and he told her it wasn't nothing to worry about. It kept bothering her and she went to another doctor and that is when she found out she had breast cancer. By then, it was too far gone. I'm sorry to say that she didn't make it. I stayed all night with her some because her husband had a job working at night and didn't want to leave her alone. She fought a long hard journey and was strong. Just know that you have many friends out here in the blogworld that are praying for you and will keep praying for you. You take care my friend and I have enjoyed my visit. May you feel God's presence tonight when you go to sleep. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.
    P.S. I forgot about the Giveaway. LOL. If you don't mind, please put my name in the hat for those 6 little deer. They would look good on my tree. They are just adorable.

  16. Love the white reindeers...and the tree is awesome

    I think you are quite awesome also sharing your highs and lows on line.

    Prayers that the Lord heals you of your cancer..


  17. Restful sleep; what a wonderful treasure! I LOVE the haircut! Put my name in Frosty's Hat!

    Your strength and spirit inspire me. I will definitely become a regular!


  18. Your hair looks really cute. How neat that your daughter did it for you! I am really happy that you got some good rest. I can't believe you are being so generous and doing a give-away. The reindeer are so cute!

    Take care, Sharon

  19. Wow. A job well done by your daughter's talented hands. You look gorgeous. :)

    Mary sent me over here. I am going to add you in my prayers. You are never alone. God is always with you. The Footprints in the Sand always makes me feel like He's close by all the time.

    You can add me to your reindeer drawing. They look so cute.

    Take care. God bless.

  20. I just found your blog tonight and have started at the beginning. You write so from the heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  21. Found your blog by the way of Mary of her writting nook.
    I'll say a prayer for you and I'll announce your give away on my Friendly Friday post

  22. very cute cut Deena. I think I need my first hair cut but I'm so chicken. After chemo it just grows, no style. But being bald for so long I'm so afraid of those sizzors now...lol. The thought of cutting what I have (so little) saddens me but I know it would look better. I'm looking like a bush head :)

    and oh, put my name in your hat...these are adorable.


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