Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Praise God, MY BFF has NO cancer!!!

Oh I am so happy!! She's out and doing good..and no
cancer..so just the left side of her thyroid gland is gone.
She has to stay the night , then comes home tomorrow afternoon.
I am so happy!!! I knew it would be okay, I just KNEW it.
Her husband, son, brother, a cousin and I were all there.
I think she had TOO big of a peanut gallery.. I left early ...

my poor dear dog Hannah pushed out of the fence today, she was
gone for about 7 hours..someone further up Singing Woods, called ..left
a message..& I went to rescue her.  She was shaking , she was so scared..and 
can hardly walk, but she's home..I guess she'll be in to see the vet next.
What a draining day..The hospital is the one I'll have surgery in..and it
was SO busy..and UGH I'm not looking forward to it..
but..that's another day.. back to decorating a bit this evening.
thanks for all the prayers..
and thanks to Sally who hung a loaf of fresh baked bread
on the front door..how sweet!!
I got a surprise in the mail, pictures tomorrow..


  1. Dearest Deena,

    I'm SO happy your BFF does NOT have cancer!!! What a praise & a blessing!

    I'm so sorry about Hannah, oh my goodness what a scare for both of you! I'd be so panic-stricken if one of my doggies got out and ran astray. :(

    I'm sorry also that you've had a bit of a rough patch the last few days emotionally. Honey, it's bound to happen this way. But, as much as you can ... lean not on your own strength, but lean on Him and on the ones who are here loving you to give you the strength you need.

    You are Dear and Loved!!!


  2. What a wonderful blessing for your BFF! How happy you are for her and her family. Many thoughts. Many prayers.

  3. Rejoicing with you!

    Please stop by my blog and see my gandpets.

    Also, enter my contest.

  4. I'm so thrilled for your friend..that is wonderful news. I'm sorry the dog ran off for so long..you had one VERY emotionally draining day.

    NOW...it's time to think on yourself and pamper yourself over the next little while.

    And have yourself a very Happy Thanksgiving with many blessings to you.

  5. I'm so happy your friend does not have cancer. Praise the Lord. From Kathi

  6. Deena,

    Praise God! This is a real blessing. I am so glad that she is cancer-free.

    I know that things have been hard for you lately. I've had my turn at truding through a dark valley. Remember to keep the faith and your eyes heavenward.

    I'm glad that you were able to rescue your dog. They do have a habit of getting out at the most inconvenient times.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  7. I am so happy abuot your friend! Praise the Lord! This will truly be a Thanksgiving day! Now we need to get you all taken care of and healthy!

    Blessings! Sharon


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