Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yesterday was GOOD

My BFF (best friend forever) ..teehee, Marcia came to visit
AFTER her pre testing for surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
She has possible Thyroid cancer & they will do one  of the
gland (tis like a butterfly) and test ..then decide if the rest has
to be remove.   Tis a scarey time for both of us.
She brought me a MAGNIFICENT treasure
which I will share on my Nature Blog on
Friday's "Show & Tell"   Oh it's just divine!!
We had lunch, talked & just enjoyed our friendship!! I am 
so blessed to have a friend like her. She's been my BFF for 22 years!!
Tis a lifetime. A TRUE friend is a friend through life, the ups & downs, the 
disagreements..even the hurts. They are a friend in DEED not just WORDS. 
They love you unconditionally !! God has blessed me with a handful of those
friends. Thank you JESUS!!!

I  talked to Joanne, a BLOG friend , Moss Hill Studio,  on the phone. She was so sweet to
email me & call. It was wonderful to talk to someone who is freshly through
this journey . She's still in the process of healing too. Today is one year
since she was diagnosed. 
Of course yesterday brought a case of nerves and hubby
asked me to take a Tylenol PM so I could sleep. I did
and slept QUITE well.  His alarm woke me up
&  I rose early, but at least the sun was up first.

Hubby will be home early from work & we'll be on the road before 3.30
..Of course I will post the news later today..
Thank you all for your visits, comments, emails, phone calls, and LOVE!!
fondly, Deena


  1. I feel so sorry for you... you are in my prayers!

  2. Dear anonymous.. PLEASE don't feel sorry for me..I'll be fine with God's help. I just know the journey will be hard, but in the end..I will be
    better for the test. This life is just a pass through..I just hope I can remember that when
    I'm feeling ..??sad, lonely, pain, and stress??

    thanks for caring..

    who wants to HELP and share with all

  3. Deena,
    I know JoAnnA Pierotti and have followed her journey through her blog...I am so glad that you were able to talk with her personally...
    Blessings and prayers dear friend for health and healing!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~