Saturday, November 3, 2007

LOOK what the PRINCESS got!!

Diamond tiara

I had a GOD moment today...tis NOT all about ME
Cancer hits millions of women & men.
I know I'll be fine, no matter what the end of this journey.
God is with me in all ways, including my internet 
friends..and BLOG visitors..thank you for taking the time
to comment and/or email me.'s me ..Hubby came home yesterday with a present
and it was this GREAT body pillow..I slept so good last night..
now hubby is afraid he's been replaced..LOL , no way!!!! He's
much better to cuddle with.  No night fears last night which was
The grandsons were here last night 
and I thought they were going to take my pillow HOME!!

Today we went to lunch, ran errands, and enjoyed each other.
We talked , but just about how ..if I lose my hair..he'll shave his
AND mine!!
My daily routine is ...LOL routine still.  Not much has changed there
except I am trying to be good to myself ..and to take time to enjoy
God's gift of nature more..(that's easy ..I live in such a wonderful place
of nature)
I still LOVE my hair. (which my daughter recently.cut, colored and highlighted) but the picture above..isn't a good pic of me..considering
my grandson Caleb who is 4 years old took the pic..he did good!!


  1. FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real
    Just maybe the hair will stay.
    Just maybe you will plant again.
    And you can have permission from us all to be the one and only one having Cancer today, tomarrow and can be all about you...for crying out loud!!
    Cancer is a body scream saying
    "HEY, I'm Here and I NEED ATTENTION!!" Bernie Seigal MD Cancer Specialist,says the research says those who get angry and fight and make demands are the ones who make it.
    Be a tough patient!! Get mad!
    Go ahead, go fight this and get your immune system riled up so that it gets going and swallows this sh-t up! If you are too tired to fight...then send St. Michael in full armor, send him slashing with his sword and let him do war against it.
    Claim the healing power of God, the Infinite Healer of all.
    Go get it girl....lots of energy behind you and under you!
    Get er done, as they say around these parts...get er done!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Saturday was a good day for you! I can't even begin to understand the complex array of emotions that you are going through but I know God can sustain you. As for your hair... cancer is in such the front of all our minds these days that being a bald woman is not a shock to the public anymore. I know this doesn't help your personally but at least you don't have to worry about being thought of badly. Think of it as a badge of courage. I know that my comments can't even begin to help but know that I will remember you in my prayers.

  3. Oh Deena,

    I haven't checked your blog in a couple of weeks and was so shocked and saddened to hear your news. How brave of you to journal along in your blog about your journey with cancer. You are a strong woman and I am sure an encouragement and inspiration to others. If you do not know Jan Parrish from Bold & Free, please go to her website. She is a Breast Cancer advocate and is a wonderful lady. I will write her and tell her your story too.

    My prayers are with you and your family. May God heal you and give you health, strength and peace.

    In Him ~ Sharon

    P.S. Her blog address is

  4. I LOVE body pillows! How sweet of your hubby! Your grandsons are too cute!


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