Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spring Vignettes

Some of my fave make dos above
the one far left is by Humble Crow 

Two of my grandsons as babes

The Princess's bathroom wall

The mantle

Sweet Valentine hanging on the mirror

A table in the bedroom of the 
Prince & Princess

My newest addition to my
old baby shoe collection
*a gift*
The banner for
Vintage Valentine Swap 
from my partner Dolly of

Hand dids~ bunny
 & Thistlebroom Primitives basket with 
all hand did eggs 

Hand did wax eggs & 

Sweet egg babes by Cheryl of Small Stories

Wool eggs made by Marilyn of Thistlebroom's Primitive

A doll made years ago by Cheryl of Small Stories

Love pillows hand stitched by Stacy Nash
in a dough trencher on the hearth

Here's what it looks outside today. Hand did by our Lord, another FRESH snow


  1. Oh Deena what gorgeous Vignettes. Pretty hearts & Spring is just around the corner for you.

  2. Miz Deena, yall come on in here now, git that partee dress off...playin all day in that frilly froth! Yer gonna git it so worn out I'dz have ta patch it and then ya gonna look like poor little Church here. Church! You take that cow pie offin yer head rit now! I knoz I told Miz Deena she alwaz haz a crown on! Make you no never mind or I'dz crown you good! Take that cow pie offen your head and git it outta my clean pantry. Git yerselves washed up and git to bendin your kneez before the Lawd, then git inter bed! Mercy! It'll be mornin soon nuff and that fine boy with them buckets that he been haulin, he'll be round. Hush yerselves now.

  3. The picture of your grandsons is too precious..all the other pictures are lovely too with so many pretty things to admire. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pictures Deena! I especially like the one of your grandsons and the way you've done your fireplace mantel. All so very pretty and an extension of who you are.

  5. beautiful, love love the pictures of your grandchildren! i'd love to come visit, have a cuppa....and see it all in person!
    loving thoughts and prayers,

  6. Your house is divine! I love everything! I am crazy about all your primitive handmade treasures! You display them all so well. You are truly blessed to have such a gorgeous castle! My favorite goodie is the cute Mr. Bunny man, he is so FINE!

    Affectionately, Sharon

  7. These are all very beautiful and the last is awesome. I love your house and yard.

    Love and blessings,

  8. Oh Deena, you have such PRETTY things ! Thank you for sharing those great pictures - and even the snow looks lovely !!! Your fireplace mantel, the pictures of the boys... I bet your home is a wonderful place to be if that is just a glimpse of it --

  9. Your home looks so full of love and happiness. It makes me want to come over for a cup of coffee! We must plan spring tours of our homes! Wouldn't that be fun?

  10. I love all your pretty lil displays...such lovely things you have!

    How are you doing? I am visiting quite late's been a zoo around here...LOL

  11. What beautiful grand babies! I love the color on the wall behind your mantle, similar to the color of my family room wall.

  12. What beautiful grand babies! I love the color on the wall behind your mantle, similar to the color of my family room wall.

  13. your feminine ways....LOL house is gorgeous and now I have to be jealous! Drat! I see you have some of Cheryl's things too. I have many but I've lost track of her. Do you have a link where she can be found? Loveeeee her stuff!! Thanks so much...hope you are feeling well today. Blessings-Erika

  14. You home looks so homely, so many pretty knick-knacks handmade and so wonderfully unique because of it. I imagine you have guests that never want to go home. :-)

  15. just love all your little pretties and the way you have them displayed... the picture of your grandsons is so very sweet...
    and the picture the Lord made is wonderful, peaceful, and pure...

  16. It may be cold and snowy outside but there is a lot of warmth in your home.
    I love Cheryl's work too.You and I could never go shopping together we'd be rushing for the same thing.
    Just a pop by to let you know I'm thinking of you.
    XO Susan

  17. Yes, our Lord has been doing a lot of "hand did" with the snow -- we've been dumped on quite a bit this week -- good for the arm muscles all that shovelling!

    Love all your pretties -- this is extremely important - that you continue to find joy and beauty in all that surrounds you -- surround yourself with what and who you love!

  18. Beautiful vignettes, Deena! I, too, have a thing for baby shoes. I have my daughter's & granddaughter's displayed & will snap some pics for you as soon as I get back home. I'm with my mother who is sick with pneumonia right now. Have been with her for 10 days & she is finally feeling better. God is good!

    Big hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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