Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hair Yesterday & Gone Today

The BOYS ( Rich & Gary (his brother) are making jokes)
& I'm laughing so hard with them.
Hubby Rich on left, his OLDER brother Gary on right.

This was the sink yesterday after I carefully combed my hair.
I thought this was ALOT. 

Well, the joke is on me.
Here's the sink today, well yesterday was MILD.

 my JOYS today
hubby Rich  made coffee & served me in bed
hubby Rich  did the dishes & made breakfast for all us
it's warm out today, high to be 41 degrees
Nicole & Cole & Caleb are coming over
my infection is better on my tummy (aka faux belly button)
a new candle (Bath & Body Works) lilac blossom scented
PLEASE  share some of your JOYS
with us

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  1. good morning, will be beautiful with or without hair!
    sounds like the start of a wonderful day!

    my joys:

    have 2 of my grandbabies for two days
    overcast today
    finished my pink artist square
    renewed hopes

    continue having a wonderful day with your sweet family!
    hugs and prayers,

  2. First I must say I love the new look! That blue color is one of my favorites.
    I hope the weather is improving there, to help lift the spirits.You will look fine Deena without hair because your beauty lies within. And I have no doubt that you are beautiful!!
    xo Susan

  3. My husband (who is bald) said that God made two kinds of heads... and the ugly ones he covered with hair...
    so I guess your's is becoming one of the "pretty" ones!!
    He also says "Bald is Beautiful"!
    If loosing your hair will make you well... then say good by to the hair...
    I am so glad your belly button is getting better...
    Love and Hugs,

  4. Deena, I LOVE the new look of your blog! Reminds me of Robins. . . .which I just posted about in MY blog!

    I laughed a little at the site of your sink. As others have said, you will be beautiful with or without the hair. You are beautiful inside and a few hairs won't ever change that either way!

    I think of you often, pray for you, and know that God is walking with you, changing you into His likeness, and we all are being changed, too, as we walk with you. Isn't it great? Somehow I feel we all have our arms around you, lifting you up, and in so doing we are all being lifted, too!

    Thanks again for sharing your journey. Not many do. YOu are a one of a kind, special treasure to me!


  5. Bald IS beautiful! Just be sure you have some soft knit caps to keep your head warm. I was surprised at how cold I got with no hair. LOL

    One of my many joys of today was attending an awesome worship service!

  6. Dearest Deena,
    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always.

    From the day I first came to your blog and read your story about your breast cancer, I was amazed at your courage and the strength I felt through your words. When I looked at your picture, your smile touched my heart and the twinkle in your eyes showed me that you are a woman who will not give up until you have beat this disease. You are a very beautiful woman, with a very loving heart. Don't you fret over losing your hair. Its only hair...and it WILL grow back. If losing it is an experience you must endure to come full circle to "complete wellness" and be "cancer free", then it will all be worth it. Know that you are cared about by so many and may God hold you up and hold you close.

    Olde Lavender Prims (Blog)

  7. HI Deena, Just think of all the time you will save by not having to do your hair.
    You are an amazingly strong woman.
    Thinking of you.

  8. It's your beautiful, your loving and brave heart that lights your eyes and widens your smile in those pictures that we see of you. Deena, you couldn't be anything but beautiful.

    Must say too, the guys aren't half bad either. ;-)

  9. I loved the picture you took of the two brothers! Two good looking men! Your husband is such a wonderful encourager with a loving heart. You are truly blessed!

    Our pastor announced from the pulpit this morning that his wife had surgery last Monday. On Valentine's eve, they found a tumor in her stomach area the size of a baseball.
    They also found cancer. He said that he asked his wife what she thought. She said, "I am not surprised." When he got home from the hospital and later in the evening, he called her and asked again, "What do you think or how do you feel?" She said, "Well, it is the funniest thing, but I have such peace!"

    I thought of you and the courage that you show. It is certainly God given.

    Praise be to our Father in Heaven!

  10. Deena,

    You are beautiful with or without your hair. Just think how lovely it will be when it all comes back.

    The guys are both quite handsome. How lucky you are to have your BIL's company.

    You have every reason to be joyful. Glad that Rich is pampering you.

    My joys today:
    Seeing Mom for a few minutes.

    Visiting the boys and Michelle for a while.

    Playing with Meeko and enjoying a walk with him.

    The beautiful sun that is shining down on our still snowy world. It feels like spring today, but more cold and snow coming so am just enjoying this for now.

    Being a child of God and having him as my savior.

    Love you.

  11. I'm sorry you started losing your hair, but you just have to remember that this is just a side effect to all the chemo killing off the bad cells. I am so thankful that you have such great support around you! Breakfast in bed is wonderful! You lucky girl!

    I'm glad that the infection is better too.

    Hugs, Sharon

  12. As cute as you are, Deena, no hair is soooo minor (especially when they have these FABULOUS wigs!) Just go ahead and get one and have it on hand and you'll be "ready to go" at the drop of a hat.
    MY JOYS:
    *Sunny and 77 degrees here in West Texas today
    * I am sleepy after my day trip, it's 4:38 in the afternoon and I can take a nap if I want to!! (Perks of retirement :)
    * hubby is popping popcorn......
    hugs, bj

  13. Hair products are SO SO expensive. Now, you can spend that money on fun things. Crafty things like you like. You don't need hair to be YOU. THANK GOODNESS.

  14. SO glad to hear the tummy is better. Your hubby is a doll. I’m happy to hear he’s treating you like a princess.

    Happy Sunday!

  15. Thinking about you today.....we are daughters of the King with or without hair.

    LeAnn :)

  16. Hi Deena,
    Thank You for coming to my new blog. I loved your "My Joys" idea and decided what a lovely way to share positive energies and lovely experiences with others. Hope you don't mind me doing it also in my blog. Now that I am back blogging I hope to keep up with your progress and experiences on a more daily basis. Love To You!
    Olde Lavender Prims

  17. Sorry Sweetie...forgot to put some of my Joys in my previous post!

    My Joys For Today:

    The Sun Came Out Today and I Saw The Most Beautiful Blue Sky In A Very Long Time.

    Kitty Kisses From My "Boo".

    Visiting With My Dear Friend Deena After An Absense From My Own Illness.

    Working On My New Blog.

    Finding A New Author To Read.

    My Friends And Family Who Are Always Taking Such Good Care Of Me.

    My Personal Relationship With Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Olde Lavender Prims

  18. Hi, Sweetie. Glad your BIL visited. Must have been fun for the boys. I'm so glad your grandchildren are close. It's easy for me to say, "So what" about the hair. I'm sure it's unsettling to see it go even though it's expected. Glad you have a cute wig in the wings.
    --My pastor preached from the pulpit the last two Sundays--first time in 9 months...Miracles do happen!
    --A beautiful mild day today. I feel Spring
    --Leftovers from the youth meeting so I didn't have to cook tonight
    --Drank coffee and tea out of my two new mugs I made. Yippee.

  19. Deena, sounds like you had a good day today. I like your positive attitude.

  20. Keep your chin up! I bet with that smile and your attitude you will look saucy - like Demi Moore in GI Jane! Jen

  21. Hi Deena, just checking in on you. Don't fret over the hair, it's superficial. What's most important is inner beauty, which you certainly have! Have a blessed day.

  22. Hi's 2:40 am and I had to stop by..I have missed some of your posts...I am so thinking of are you? You are losing some hair...thats how much I find on my bathroom floor each DAY...LOL. Don't worry about it Deena...I am going to bed now..very late..I will pray so very earnestly for you.

  23. My what good looking men you have in your life!
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family!
    It is a shock when you start to lose your hair even though you knew it might happen,but hey it really doesn't matter,if the hair is going then so is the cancer ,the treatment is starting to work!
    Deena you are beautiful with or without hair!i am writing this and I can see Amy's smiling face with a bald head,now she is an inspiration and she is now on the other side of it,you can do it too!!!!!
    As always we keep you in our prayers.Love from Kathyann and the girls

  24. I had to laugh at how you managed to sneak in the fact that it was your husbands OLDER brother....LOL I think of you often, you are a special lady....I know I don't know you personally, but you speak through the heart, with love..... And I can feel your strengh... God Bless.....judy

  25. I'm very glad to hear the infection is getting better.

    Lilacs are so springlike. Enjoy that wonderful scent and have a beautiful day.

  26. Good Morning Deena,

    You are radiant and God is going to give you back twice as much hair, all thick and beautiful :) My joys are just getting started because I haven't been up very long. So far, the coffee is good and hubby is driving our youngest to school so I have extra time to linger with my friends here. That is a good start of the day :)


  27. Deena~ Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. I have enjoyed reading your joys and want to express my admiration for your appreciation of the good things in your life. As you progress through your treatment your grateful heart will be a balm to your soul.
    I send you my best wishes and offer up humble prayers for you as your take this journey.
    take care~dale

  28. Dear Deena, I'm glad you infection is better. You have a sweet soul and will always be beautiful.
    Some of my joys:
    Each new day,family hugs and kisses, Lily my dog.
    Did you make the yo-yo table cover? I loved it and all your Easter pretties. Hugs, Linda

  29. Each piece of hair that you lose signifies one cancer cell that the chemo kills. Looks like you scored a victory !! Hang in there sweet lady !!! :)

  30. I'm glad you're fighting this battle and surrounded by so much love and positive energy. We'll be anxiously awaiting you unveiling fashionable hats & headcovers.

  31. My heart goes our to you dear, sweet Deena. On the bright side, think of all the time you'll save getting ready in the morning.:)

  32. Deena, you are beautiful and the joy and strength you bring to others is amazing. I will be thinking of you, because I am going to my dad's and there is no computer service there. Your beauty shines from within and outward, so the hair doesnt mean anything. Just remember how beautiful babies are without hair. Thoughts and prayers will be with you. See you soon. Love and Hugs, Pat

  33. Hi Deena,
    Those are two Handsome Guys!
    I know it will be upsetting for you losing your pretty hair and i am sending a big hug to glad to hear your infection is better and that hubby is looking after you,he's so special.
    Enjoy your joys today
    Love Kristina XxX

  34. Yesterday I typed a lengthy comment and then it disappeared and your post went blank!! I don't see the comment but just want you to know I was thinking of you Deena. Know this period is rather stressful, but remember it is just part of the journey to recovery. You will be beautiful in hats and scarves too!

    Hope your week will go well sweetie - you are in our thoughts constantly.

  35. Deena.....Love your blog....I love how you share your joys with this will probably make you laugh...When I had chemo I threw a hissy fit because I did not lose a single strand of hair!!!! I was so prepared for it too!!! I bought hats, fancy and plain...bandanas...and hair got dry and ugly, but did not lose a single strand to chemo!!! Oh how disappointed I was!!! Then I joined the hospital's cancer support group and had a blast seeing my pals wear my cute hats and wigs :-)
    My joy today: No ice today!!! Yipeee!!!!

  36. Not to make a comparison, not at all, ever...I just want to tell you that ever since I had all that surgery years ago and without any Chemo...every spring I start finding lots of hair in my tub after showers. At first I freaked cause I couldn't figure out why my hair was molting?! Who knew that menopause has lots of not so funny effects! These past 3 weeks the new dog that I've had since Sept, unwillingly had, as I am very allergic to dogs and dander and he is inside and shedding like it's snowing inside!
    Arrggghhhhh! It's in my mouth and on my clothes and I always hated that. My dogs who have passed, all were outside in the heated garage and so I didn't have all this.
    Pheewy! But gosh I love this dog. My husband has for the last ten years had a lot of sadness over loosing his hair. He gets #2 close to the head military cuts now and he always comes home sad but making jokes as if it doesn't matter. I miss his dark brown hair too. But I love how he has matured emotionally and spiritually over the years. His short gray hair suits this time of his life. I miss my natural blond hair too. I was thinking yesterday how they say "there's snow on the roof" about gray hair but I seem to be having a "whiteout". I have long gray hair mixed with a lot of other left over natural colors fading. I liked living in the Southwest best and also Oregon cause most of my age and "type" we all have long naturally gray hair and wear long skirts and cowboy boots, the "uniform" of my generation (and don't forget the wire rim glasses). I remember when my mom cut her hip length black hair and stopped wearing her apron. It really bothered me. A few years ago I asked her why she did that, cut it all off. She said with tears in her voice held back, "My mother had died, your father had left me and I had to go to college and I was the only one who was 50 and to be a nurse they told me my hair had to be above my collar." All those years and the pain of having to give up her hair never understood or spoken. When I worked corporate back in NY raising my son, as a woman you couldn't get promoted if you had long hair, so off mine went. Single parenting calls for sacrifice as you know. I had a short "Mia Farrow cut" but I left a secret long long tail that was hidden under my business suit. I think of the story I loved when I was little about the woman and man who were married and in love and so poor. The woman went and sold her hair to buy something for her husband's Christmas and the husband sold his watch to buy her a comb for her hair. What they gave eachother for that Christmas was the gift of surrendering a close and important thing for their love. Then there is the story about Samson and how you know who got him to cut his hair and so it is said to have stolen his power. I really don't know what all this hair importance is. I know it is not just ego. I know it is not always the judgment of others. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that when each of us hurt over loss we need to be heard and supported and loved just the way we are. We need to have others acknowledge what we used to be but also to help walk us into our futures of what we are becoming. I know a few women who have the genetics of balding and they are young. They tell me they are ackward and self-conscious about it daily. They are wonderful wonderful women. Hair matters to each of us. But what matters the most is that we all travel the loss of our physical selves from age or other life losses. But we are still us! And you my girl are still my girl! I hear you and bless you for your teasing and your good natured laughter at yourself and your life circumstances! That is what I love love love about you is how alive alive alive you are! Your spirit soars! You rock. c

  37. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.....Your a beautiful person with or without hair. When my Mom and my Aunt went through this they just said they didn't have to worry about bad hair days anymore and put on their hats.
    I love the new look of your blog...You've got so much talent.
    Love and God bless,

  38. Hi Deena

    It's easy to say "it's only hair", but it is YOUR hair, so I know it must be hard. I think it would be for me too. But, by losing it, you know the chemo is working and is "fighting the good fight". Spend some time each day visualizing the attack going on in your body and the cancer decreasing and disappearing. Be a cheerleader for the chemo! Stay strong. God is holding you in His rightous right hand.

    Hugs sweet friend!

    My joys today

    a gorgeous day to enjoy
    feeling the sun on my face
    a yummy lunch with my husband
    a visit from a friend
    sloppy wet kisses from our dog, Miss Daisy

  39. Deena
    You will be pretty with or without hair. May the Lord bless you today and always.
    lady di

  40. My first thought was ooh Dear.
    And than I thought to myself what would I feel/ Sad,scared,maybe it'll be oaky?
    I don't know. All I know is You are a brave soul.And God is watching over you!!

  41. Ishould be putting a smile on your face, yet you're the one who is putting one on mine. You're amazing, Deena.

  42. My thoughts and prayers are with you Deena.

    My joys...

    it is snowing
    i just spoke with Tim

  43. Handsome men in your life like this is gotta make a gal feel better! With love, Esther

  44. Hi Deena - I have some catching up here to do! Your hubby and his brother are handsome men and I see that they are wearing their socks on your white carpet! (LOL- I make people do that in my house and tell them to wear good socks when coming over. :) ))

    You have an amazing family and they just love you so much. The photos of your hair in the sink make me sad, but you know, it will come back again and will be stronger than before.



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