Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life on the Surgery Floor & Pathology Report

The day after surgery went pretty good, I did have one
time when my pain wasn't bearable..but it was 
taken care of pronto..
My "On Que" had stopped working
it's a small ball of meds, with a pump and nodes inserted
directly into my incision site..right where the stomach was
opened to get the tissue, blood vessels , and FAT ..(yes take it!!)
for my new breast.  

It worked great  

My blood pressure
took a large drop, my hemoglobin was WAY low and
they had to change my pain med it yourself pump from
morphine a new med thinking it would
morphine is known to lower blood pressure.

That day
I just layed there ..with drains, cathater, IVs , pain pump
in me and I felt so weak I was sure I would die..but I wasn't scared
even then.  Rich stayed the night again, despite the every two
hour interruption of  sleep for vital checks..and the blood  pressure
just kept going lower (transfusion had been mentioned MANY times)
of course ..I made it!!! YIPPEE..

TODAY.. we went to my breast cancer surgeon..Dr. Mammolito..and 
I was THRILLED when we she removed TWO of my THREE drains..woohoo
I've lost the black of the shoulder drain bulb holder..

Now I have one drain bulb in the inside pocket of my cami.. 

Of course we laughed..teehee..and I told her that before she came in to
see me and I was talking about my parents..and how I had always wanted a mother
and then how I bet my step and bio mom thought I was a disappointment..and Rich went

"OK, everybody just calm down" I said.."I'm the only one here" ..Rich says.
"I know I'm talking to all your personalities Sybil"
I was ROARING ...I bet everyone the office and waiting area heard me laughing.

 Now for the skinny on the Pathology Report

I am in Stage 3 C of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Dr Mammolito removed 39 lymphs..and 29 were cancer.
I have the size of my lump..but I will add that as I'm too tired
to get up, get it and get settled again..but I remember that the margins she removed
around the mass was clear!!! YIPPEE

I will be seeing a Oncologist
Dr. Diane  Prager, a Radiation Oncologist , (oh WHERE did I put that name??? teehee,)
 lots of testing on my body and blood, chemotherapy, then radiation, and taking a med for year
as my Hormone Receptor test results showed

no cancer in the progesteron ..weak for  cancer in the estrogen and 
tested as  3+for cancer.

This usually indicates that the cancer is agressive and treatment
needs to be started ASAP.
So I imagine by next week, I'll be taking the med Herceptin  and for one

Well..I'd say that is a bunch of new learning I have to do, that
even though my doctor was SO disappointed as she was hoping even
the Sentinal Node would be clear and 29 were cancercous..that my Her2Neu isn't what we
wanted either....again..Rich and I will follow this path of the journey.

His(Rich's)  words today after we left the doctor
"we're good"

and we are!! thank you God for your overwhelming blessings.

Today I got gifts again and my friend Sally, came over for a visit, 
brought Chicken & Rice, southern style green beans, rolls and four pieces
of cake (each piece a different cake) YUMMY and I'm gonna get plumper...

Last night was a good night of I haven't taken anything for 
pain in 12+ hours!! woohoo..

I thank you all, I hope I can help others the way you help me
and remember take care of YOU, get your mammo's and do your self exams



  1. OMGosh.....Now I think I can sleep well. I have goose bumps because I (not knowing a darn thing much about C termanology) feel this is good news. I will call you tomorrow before I go to work but wanted you to read a comment before you checked out for the nite. Love you, Mollye

  2. Thank you for all the informations...I am praying for you daily...and I know all will be well with you...Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!! Much love!!

  3. Hey there, you... I see you stopped by and admired my little pin keeper. I'm so glad to see your words and to catch up on your progress. I'm thrilled that you have fabulous open hearted folks around you (and I should say animals too because those friends hanging out in and near your chair seem to know just what you need).

    "we're good" is a real fine perspective and I'll have to borrow that from time to time. But even when this sentiment can't be found there's no doubt that so many friends "out here" have got your back.

    There's a saying I often use because sometimes it's all we can do... just "keep on keepin' on".

    peace to you and lot's of healing light your way.

  4. Reading about your treatment plan reminds me of my nephew's cancer treatment. I was so scared for him when I heard he would have chemo because I'd thought of it as a bad thing. But sitting by his bed after the nurse started it, I was watching the drip of the chemo and a feeling of peace came over me with the thought that healing was dripping into his body.

    You know how when you pray and feel a release of anxiety? That's how it felt only I wasn't praying. At least not with words. I mention this because chemo isn't often described in spiritual terms but I came to see it that way. I hope this thought helps as you look ahead.

    Best wishes for a loving and peaceful Christmas.

  5. Deena...I don't understand a lot of those terms but through you I will learn quite a bit in more ways than one...
    Get some rest....

  6. Deena..just came across your blog..don't ask me how because my menopausal brain can't remember!! LOL I have read all your posts and you have touched my heart. Know that I am praying for you even though I don't know you. I know you are a sister in Christ and that's good enough for me!! LOL Take care of yourself and know that God has you in the palm of his hand. None of this comes as a surprise to Him so rest and know that He has a plan. Blessings to you-Erika

  7. Deena,
    your attitude is so encouraging to so many people... and Rich's words "we're good" is a strong indication of the strength that you both have to fight this battle together.
    of course with God as your pilot you have to get to where he wants you to be.
    {{Hugs}} for both you and Rich...
    Tell Rich that I am praying for him as well as you, because I know that this is his cancer too!!!

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have a husband who can make you laugh? The clean edges around the lump is very good news. I know some of the other news is disappointing, but it sounds like you and Rich have the right attitude and that along with Faith and prayer will take you so far in this fight. Praying for your healing EVERY day!

  9. Deena...your husband Mike's words "were good" were just beautiful! He sounds like a very supportive and wonderful man. God Bless his heart. I am sure Our Lord is smiling down upon him. I also am trying to learn some of the terminology you have been using to understand this all more.

    Thank You So Much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind words. I am hugging you right now. :-)


  10. Deena, came upon your blog as I have "her2neu" in my google alerts and it brought your site to my e-mail address today. I hope that it will give you some comfort in knowing that I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor who was also Stage III and her2neu 3+. Went the usual round of chemo and radiation and then was blessed to get accepted to the Herceptin Trial - received a total of 52 treatments of Herceptin. It is a wonderful drug for our cancer type and positive news continues to be posted about its effectiveness. Happy Holidays to you and your family P.S. I started my first chemotherapy session on January 2nd 2002.

  11. Deena,

    Thank you for explaining everything so clearly. I loved hearing Rich's words, "we're good." What a wonderful husband. I know how hard it is on him worrying about you.

    As you know, I pray continually for your healing. Sometimes we have to walk a journey that we didn't expect. I've been down that road and know you CAN DO IT!!!

    Keep your eyes on God. He is with you.

    Love and hugs with lots of prayers and blessings coming your way.


  12. TERRY, I am so happy you wrote..!! and thanks for being part of the trial for Herceptin..I will be taking it soon..and for a year my doctor says.
    YOur testimony is VERY encouraging to Rich and I...
    "we're good"

    fondly, deena

  13. Dearest Deena,
    I pray for you daily. My sweet little five year old was playing with the bird ornaments on our tree today, I thought of you of course.
    Merry Christmas,

  14. Deena I haven't been by for a few days but have caught up with where you are...3 C is not a bad place to be..I'm sure they've told you that and the chemo and rads will be your best bet.

    You are like and her2+...the herceptin is probably the easiest part of all the treatments and the one year is not as "bad" as it sounds..there are no side effects with herceptin and for women such as us in the 25% of breast cancers that are her2+, Hercpetin is our saving grace...the wonder drug for our aggressive cancers.

    Please don't let the fact that it's an aggressive element scare you's just one more piece of the puzzle.

    Once you start chemo you will know you are really on the path of moving forward and beyond!!

    Wishing you a very blessed Christmas with those you love and only good things as the new year commences!!


  15. Deena, i think you're the bravest of all. I believe this is a test from God and you need to fight on. Remember God is always there for you and never stop praying.



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