Friday, December 7, 2007

Did I ever tell you???

What kind of cancer I have???
Here's an image  of TRAM flap surgery procedure
OK, hope that's not TMI
PLEASE do your self exams!!

lovingly, deena


  1. Dear Deena, it's so wonderful that Doctors can do this reconstruction now!! Thinking of you EVERY day....I wanted to tell you that the Pay It Forward thing was that I agreed on "The Inspired Room" blog to pay it forward with one handmade craft to the first three commenters on a post I did on my blog. Then in turn, these three did the same on their blogs and so on and so on. So it started a chain of crafting goodness! Neat, huh? much love to you...xxoo, Dawn

  2. Deena ... you're in my thoughts and prayers. I literally think of you (and subsequently offer even a small prayer) on a daily basis.

    I'm very happy Rich's Dad will be going to an apartment. YOU need that time, space and PEACE to heal ... both INSIDE and OUT.

    God bless you and be with you EACH and EVERY step of the way. You are STRONG and BRAVE ...



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