Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here's the Skinny

about my surgery & stuff

**First..Rich's dad is going to "Independence Village" on Saturday.
I know I am looking forward to it, his dad wants to go, and 
Rich is fretting about how he will manage..but I believe we
will all be better ..for now at least.  Did I tell you that
Rich's dad lost his left arm in a fall, in early 2005??
and he's unsteady on his feet.   He will get some
physical therapy to get walking better too.**

On Wednesday AM , at 6:40 ..we will arrive at 
Order of Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria, IL  for admission.
At about 7:40 AM I will be injected with radioactive dye?? so
my surgeon can see the cancer's path better...and about 2 hours
after that surgery will begin.  My breast oncology surgeon,
Denise Mammolito will begin the surgery ..a mastectomy with
lymph node(s) removal (each will be tested until clean ones are found)
..about 1.5 hours..then as she finishes the team of Dr. Glyn Jones (who is now in
Peoria , IL ) will begin my reconstruction.. a TRAM flap procedure
which was developed at Emory University where Dr. Jones instructed
other doctors!! That is about 3.5 hours. Rich will stay with me
that first (all) night in my room. 

I should be in the hospital for 3-5 days, but the insurance has only okay'd
2 days ..
Then home I come with lots of meds..drains..and a 24/7 pain med heal.
I have a follow up with my doctors on 12/20, and the results of all the tissue
tested and the stage of cancer will be discussed then..with a plan for the future.
We know I am in at least stage 2  now..but maybe further.
At this time, I'm thinking Rich can return to work after Christmas.
I will get to heal before any other treatments begin.

I'm TirinG out fast these days...It's been since Oct. 28th that this cancer
has been known we are READY to get it on out of here!!

I will have CHURCH, to update my BLOG in the comment section... ..she will post on  comments 12.12 after surgery..and 
any other times I am unable too and there is news..

I'll post the night of the 11th
and she will post updates in the comments!! Or add to my BLOG if
I can get her set up as an author....but check my BLOG for'll be there!!

I will give some folks my daughter's number to call for info too
If you'd like her number, please let me know..

Ok, I got "things" update later..and I received BOOKS from Jan's GiveAway yesterday too.  

I'll be posting more soon..fondly, deena


  1. Wow, I can't believe it all started on Oct. 28th. That's just awful that you can't stay in the hospital any longer - but I know it's just in and out these days. Prayers and prayer and prayers...

  2. Dear Deena,

    I happened upon your story when I was looking through your website in the new Create A Call site.

    I read your "Pink Blog". As tears streamed down my face, I realized I was reading the story of a very Courageous Woman. Deena, not only are you courageous, you are strong, sensitive, and a very loving mother, wife, and friend to so many people in your life. I could see it all so clearly throughout your posts.

    I would like you to know that I am lifting you up in prayer. I know that through all of this, Our Lord will be holding you close to his heart like a warm cozy quilt. He will rock you in his arms, before, during and after your surgery. You are his little lamb and we know that God takes care of his little sick lambs before all others. He will carry you through this until you have the strength to walk on your own. Keep your eyes on Our Lord Deena. And most of all...Remember, if He brings you to it...He will get you through it. It will be okay, I just know it!

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers daily, and I will be checking back often to see how you are doing.

    As far as your question...I am sure that You look just "Lovely in Pink"!

    Warm Hugs and Many Blessings,

    Glad Tidings Primitives and Folkart Group (GTPF)

  3. I'm praying for you HARD every night sweet Deena...I know you're ready to get this over and begin the healing process. Prayer is POWERFUL and you have an army sending prayers up for you! xxoo, Dawn

  4. You are always in my prayers..lots of prayers for you!!!

  5. Deena,

    I have followed you links and have great confidence in the hospital and your doctors. However, I will lift your doctors up in prayer and ask God to give them wisdom and superior knowledge during surgery.

    I pray for you several times a day, dear friend and am going to miss you dreadfully while you are off the computer. I will look forward to the updates from Church.

    Keep your eyes heavenward, my friend.


  6. Deena,

    You have such love in your life :) You also have amazing courage.

    I had your cancer and your surgery. I want you to know that you are going to feel wonderful again. You'll get through this. Stay strong and know that you're loved!


  7. Deena could you send me your snail mail address to:
    yesipray at gmail dot com

    I have been regularly reading and praying...and asked for prayer for you at my church recently.....
    God is able...your are are are HIS....

  8. I'll be praying. You know I will and all my other breast friends. ((h))

  9. Dear Dear Deena,
    as the days get closer I know you are becoming more frightened and nervous...but our God is right beside you, with his arm around you...
    We are all praying for you and for the doctors and nurses involved in your total care...
    We are also praying for Rich as he will be giving you the at home care when you return....
    say, if you haven't taught him to cook yet... you've only got 5 days to give him a crash course!! :0)
    I would like to thank Church for posting your progress for the rest of us while you are in the hospital!!
    Love and {{Hugs}}

  10. Oh Mimi..thank you so much
    and Rich can cook, QUITE well
    sooo tis good.

    He'll be a good caregiver
    and my oldest daughter FOR SURE
    wants a hand in the caregiving too!!

    Thank you all so much for caring
    and walking this path with me..
    fondly, Deena


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~