Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A VERY Merry Christmas, A Christmas Breakfast

Let's open some gifts.

Preparing breakfast, that HUGE man with a beard and tatts is 
my son.  He's so kind, funny and gentle, but he might
scare you if you didn't know him..I do NOT like that beard!!!

Much needed coats

Kitty got locked in the family room

The girls  & I start breakfast

The usual Wrestle Fest

I had to rest, I guess I'm NOT SuperWoman, LOL

The boys are patiently waiting for FOOD

Steven, my youngest grand, Andrea my wonderful DIL & Nicole

No one wants to look at the camera

Rich got the camera out, the boys POSED!! He didn't even ask

All my grandsons!!  I asked them to pose for me!!

It was a MERRY Christmas

fondly, Deena

Today we journey to the Radiation Oncologist


  1. Oh, Deena! What wonderful photos and such handsome grandsons - all six of them. They are darlings and I'm sure you are so proud of them all. I know they love you with all of their hearts. You have a beautiful family.

    Can you believe that I took my camera to my Michelle's when I went yesterday and didn't take on photo? I must have been feeling poorly. LOL I am a picture taking maniac at Christmas.

    I am praying about your trip to the Oncologist.

    Love and blessings,

  2. Good morning Deena! I was hoping to get home in time last night to post a Merry Christmas to you and my other friends, however we were having too much fun with our friends and their new 2 litters of Scotty pups!

    Your Christmas Day looks like so much fun and LOL about those darling grandsons of yours posing. You know, the old saying goes, "You cannot judge a book by its cover" and I laughed when you said your son would scare someone. We have a friend who looks like your son and he is a police officer and is the biggest teddy bear in the world.

    So glad to hear that you got some rest amidst the fun at your home.

    Stay positive and blessings to you and yours,


  3. Lovely family photos..and I do love to see that you were taking it easy and resting!!! I'm so glad that you all had a joyous Christmas...the smiles say it all!!!

  4. Deena...
    So Happy you were altogether for Christmas...Great pics Sweetie...Now Rest...
    Happiest **NEW** Year my Friend...

  5. Deena~ such a wonderful family tme and celebration~ Such a simple joy! You are always close in my thoughts~ I want to thank you for such a beautiful email that you sent~ the picture is so dear! Prayers your way!

    Love and Blessings to you!


  6. what a wonderful family... do you have all grand sons or do you have a grand daughter or two??
    they are really a good looking bunch!!
    and the girls helped out so much by fixing your meals...
    I can tell a wonderful day was had by all!!
    Blessings to your family as they walk this journey with you...

  7. Hi..not grand daughters ..just the six boys.
    My son has 4 and my oldest daughter has
    but I love them..they can come garden for gramma..

  8. Hi Deena,

    What a beautiful family you have! I had to giggle over that kitty picture, that was just adorable!


  9. Deena!!!

    What lovely photos from your family Christmas. :) Thank you so very much for sharing them with us ...

    It's good to see you up and about ... AND resting, too. You're a smart girl to recognize when you NEED your rest.

    I read ahead as well and it looks as though you've been showered with gifts ... all very lovely. :)

    Wishing you a fabulous day!


  10. What a wonderful bunch of grandsons you have!

    Maybe it's good that you don't have any granddaughters. Your son might scare away any potential suitors. :)

    Looks like great fun and a wonderful time.

    Ah, kitty is cute too!

  11. I love your photos Deena..what a beautiful family you have...all the men in your life! You look so good...your beautiful heart always shows through your smile. What I would give to give you a hug my friend. I wish you peace and all the love your heart can hold.
    Love you


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