Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday December 10th

Today & tomorrow..then surgery day.
are we anxious, YES!!
are we scared, NO!!

The surgery is NOT what scares me, tis the
next step I'm fearing, but I know
God will get me through it
"with a little (ALOT) help from my friends" of my pastors, Beth , is coming to visit and pray,
she's so awesome!! I love her ..and I see Jesus in her,
..she even said she would put ornaments on the 
tree for me, but it's all done!! woohoo

I have an appointment with a nutrionalist today
also, hope the ice storm holds out so I can
get there...It's a free service through
I will state again, I am fortunate to live HERE 
in Peoria, IL where the Susan Komen Foundation
began, I truly believe Peoria IL has focused on a cure for
many years.. We were the second place to hold 

More to come..gotta go get ready for my visits.

(the banner above is from my Nature Blog)
I made it myself!!
the lil geeky girl..deena


  1. I woke up praying for you today my friend.

  2. Deena,

    I can see where the surgery wouldn't be as frightening as what is to come afterwards. I will keep you constantly in my prayers, dear friend.

    I love the banner you made. You are a talented lady. I'm very honored to call you friend.


  3. Deena,
    I love your banner! you have a special gift for making pretty things...
    and for being a pretty lady (inside as well as outside)
    my mother always told me that "Pretty is as Pretty does"... and you are definitely one of the pretty and talented ones...

  4. Hi Deena,

    I happened to come across your blog on a link from another site and I'm also on your primitive gatherings email. Anyway, yesterday I noticed that you mentioned that you are having a mastectomy after being diagnosed with cancer on October 28. I too, was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma IN SITU. I had my left mastectomy last Tuesday (Dec 4) and came home on Thursday. I just wanted to encourage you with 2 verses from scripture that I held on to--Isaiah 41:13 and Isaiah 26:3and God saw me through it. He will see you through it as well. All he asks us to do is Trust. I will be praying for you.


  5. Church/Anonymous....Eegads...I will be sooooo glad when the "counter" isn't counting anymore. "I can see clearly now the rain is's gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day..." and if I got any of those words wrong, just be glad you didn't have to hear me singing them around the house!
    Testing, testing.....tap tap... thump thump...(like they do with microphones to make sure they are on before the event)!!
    I will be posting on Deena's blog in her comments the info that I am given by and for Deena after her surgery until she is blogging herself again.
    I am "Church" and if there are any other questions or needs that concern Deena and her story and you and if you need another place to email, use:
    I am honored and bewildered as to how I got to be the one to have the honor and I will do the best I can to do all Deena needs/wants for her blog while she is getting well.
    Of course I would not be surprised to find that Deena finds a way to blog while the IV is still attached. I just hope she doesn't convince the doctors to let her take part in her own surgery, I mean besides laying there unconscious floating in the hands of God.
    We all know, she has a far better design sense and creative ability than most doctors.
    That being said....we are all united in prayer and thankful that the outcome has and is already ordained by God alone.
    Tap tap...enough of that.

  6. !! I will pray ,, I will have my friends praying.........

    God's Gotcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am praying for you as well, sweetie....when you lay down on that hospital bed to be rolled into surgery ~ we will be lifting your name up in prayer and every day thereafter....swift healing and blessing to you, Deena....xxoo, Dawn

  8. The banner is beautiful.
    Peace and you will be okay. Just believe.

  9. I came here from Sherry's site. Saying a prayer for you for tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

  10. Deena, surgery is wonderful because it takes you one step closer to being cancer-free! Frightening, perhaps, but the doctors, nurses, and the anesthesiologists all know what they are doing. You will get through it!

    I will be praying for you today and on the 12th and afterwards as well. Best wishes to you from a fellow survivor, Katie
    P.S. Sherry sent me here and I'm so glad to have found your blog.

  11. Thinking of you and sending my prayers your way today, and every day. The road may be long, but you have so much love to help you along the way.


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~