Monday, December 31, 2007

and a Happy New Year

As the calendar turns another year..I want to reflect on 2007, 

Some highlights
  1. My new blog friends
  2. My dear gold friends
  3. My new friend Sally, right here in Peoria, who I met online!!
  4. My last daughter fled the nest
  5. My website ~The Primitive Gathering
  6. Helping with Creative Call Studios
  7. The wonderful friends of Art in the World , a Yahoo group
  8. The community on ZNE
  9. My new roses that bloomed in the garden
  10. Seeing my first Kingfisher
  11. Breast Cancer diagnosis on 10/28
  12. Mastectomy on 12/12 with reconstructive surgery
  13. Amazing doctors, Dr. Jones and Dr. Mammolito
  14. Lasik Eye Surgery in April
  15. New Breast Friends
  16. My son graduate from Motorcycle Mechanic School and is a certified Harley Davidson Mechanic
  17. 8 new holly bushes
  18. A crazy mole family in our backyard
  19. My 14th wedding anniversary in February
  20. My 52nd birthday in April
  21. My son turned 35
  22. My oldest daughter turned 25
  23. My youngest daughter turned 18
  24. My Pink Razor phone & Pink Bluetooth for my ear
  25. A New MacBook, NO viruses ALL year, not ONE!!
  26. Deeper Faith in God
  27. Closer relationships with all my loved ones
  28. A WAY cute Lauren Jean Jacket
  29. A trip to Phoenix  AZ for my son's graduation
  30. My BFF has a new grandson, Hunter
  31. Another Year of life in the Singing Woods
  32. Right before my diagnosis , an overwhelming sense of hopelessness *which went away immediately after the cancer news*
  33. In December,FINALLY,  just Rich and I in this big house
  34. Christmas Breakfast with my kids and grands
  35. Hubby gave me a necklace & earring, made of silver & pearls, made just for me
  36. Selling our old house after 2 years
  37. Wearing jeans again after surgery
  38. A new Brighton purse & pill box
  39. Gifts given with love from so many friends
  40. Finally being happy with who I am
  41. Ice and snow storms
  42. Seeing the space shuttle in the horizon
  43. Renewed Friendships
  44. Discovering "The Sopranos"
  45. Netflix
  46. Doing my first "show" at Cinammon Creek's in KY with dear friends..BJ & Sherry
  47. Seeing deer in the yard
  48. A little Red Fox visited our yard
  49. Hearing the Coyotes at night
  50. Seeing oh so many Eagles on the river
  51. Andre Bocelli
  52. My favorite book I read this year, The Tenth Circle
  53. My favorite movie this year, The Martian Child
There are lots more ..all blessings, but might be boring to you!!
May 2008 be a BLESSED year for each and every one of us.
I'm determined to fight the fight
I believe in tomorrow & I intend to be part of it



  1. God Bless you Dena!!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Wishing you the healthiest, happiest and most wonderful New Year ever, Deena!!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Happy New Year, Deena. May your 2008 be even better than 2007!

    I loved the Martian Child too. It was wonderful. My favorite movie of the year would be very hard to pick. August Rush was awesome too. So many good movies this year!

    I'm so blessed to have met you through blogging. (Isn't blogging awesome?)

  4. Deena, I wish you all the best in the world for the new year, you have made many new friends in 2007, and with your spirit you will make many more in 2008. Louise x

  5. I enjoyed browsing through the Creative Call Web site. Your Web design work is lovely.

    Love your new hair do, too. Happy new year!

  6. You had quite a year my friend.. Seems that with each year that passes we have more to be thankful for.... I used to think that 60 was so old and wondered what it would be like to be 60... Now I know and I am having such trouble keeping my 60 year old body up with my 40 year old mind... hahahah I so look forward to the new year with all it can offer... I pray that it bring you health and healing ... Mind, body and spirit.........


  7. I love your list Deena. You have had quite the year, both good things and not so good. I hope 2008 brings you many blessings.

    I love that you added your jean jacket as a highlight of your year! :0)

    Your friend, Sharon

  8. Happy New Year to You Deena!

    No matter what Life hands us...remember we are always "Rich In Love".



~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~