Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday of Surgery Stay & TODAY

Friday, day 3 of my hospital spa stay..LOL
Started out as a not so bad day..I had set up in bed
and got a "bath" and ate lunch, but come 11.30 ish
I got a horrid headache. I must admit it was worse
than any of the surgery pain.  The nurses and doctor
gave me a break , as I was SUPPOSE to
get up and walk, and have my catheter removed.
My friend Sheri came to visit and Rich went to
check on his dad.  Sheri set with me for about 5 hours
just trying to comfort me, let me sleep, her cool hands
on my neck and forehead.  She was a blessing.
About 5PM the migraine finally left and I was so glad to say farewell!! Do NOT come back.

My blood pressure and hemoglobin rose a bit. More good news, no transfusion yet.
Rich brought in a dozen pink roses and a poinsettia plant and 
my sister in law, Rhonda
sent a lovely bouquet of red and whites.
Marcia and Michele came up Thursday evening ..that was
a sweet visit ..two of my best friends . 
Rich went home Friday night, it was snowy so lovely..and he was LONELY 
at home, but I was glad I felt safe enough to let him leave.

We went to see Dr Jones at 8AM, got my last drain steritape changed on my tummy a little attention to my new breast and we go back on 12/31..Dr Jones is quite pleased
with my recovery and Rich told me that Dr. Jones knows I have a CRUSH on him.  He is so kind, caring and gentle ..and HANDSOME, well dressed and just love his accent.
The place where one drain was removed yesterday , continues to bleed a bit too much
but Dr. Jones showed Rich how to massage it and help it drain out a bit and then 
start to heal.
The staff at the office were so festive and SWEET and even Dr. Mammolito 
walked through and hugged me and told me .."now it's time for you to get WELL"
I love her too, we could be friends, she alot like me..OH MY I hope she doesn't 
read this..that statement my scare her!!!!!!!! ROFLOL
I have only taken 2 pain pills today.!! another goal
Nicole , my oldest daughter came today, with her youngest, Caleb..She cleaned the house
THANK GOODNESS and shaved my legs..WOOHOO..I'm a girl again.
Caleb was very gentle and leary of me..I showed him my surgery and he was
so glad the cancer is GONE!!  He's 4 but he has a lil understanding of
Gramma Deena being sick with Breast Cancer.. He's so cute, loving and sometimes
even a GOOD BOY.. He said he was a super duper good boy..teehee
We had PIZZA for supper, and some cake from Sally, YUMMY..a good day 
all in all..
my daughter.  Her car was impounded on Saturday eve  in the snow...after she'd left me at the hospital and 
she need funds to get it back..more than any of us have right now.
Please ask God for assistance in finding a she is
a single mom (soon to be divorced) of two young boys.
  She needs her car badly.
thank you in advance for lifting up her needs to our Lord.
fondly, deena


  1. I was 27 with two young boys... 3 and 7.. Husband gone... no car ,no proper schooling... so I pulled myself up by my boot strings and went to cosmetology school... got me a little house for me and my boys..... got me a car and I made it!!!!!!! I am now 60 and look back on those years.... God was always there even if I did not know it........ I will pray in earnest for that daughter.. I will pray for the finances.. and I will pray for her sense of purpose and pray that she never forget how very very much the Father God loves her..........

    Glad you are feeling better... it is always wonderful to read where you are up and about a bit more every day.......... I am putting something in the mail tomorrow or Monday for you... I am slow buy sure.......... Blessings to you my friend and healing is the gift I am praying for you this Christmas Season...........

  2. Church again. I did not know that the law could or would impound a car that is the only transportion for a mother to her job that supports her children. Knowing a lot about the YWCA and all it does, I would call there if I were her and find out if they know anywhere or way to help. After that I would call United Way and see what they are offering. Because all services are tight at Xmas then I would really suggest that she start calling churches and I would start with the one her parents go to? Lots of churches help single parents in need...but ya have to call and ask.
    I myself was single mother, no $ and no car etc etc...if it had not been for me praying as I lugged my son through snow 4-5 miles to home after daycare and work, I wouldn't be here. What does not kill us makes us stronger...and wiser and deeper. She is always surrounded by the Light and this is just another extreme attack on her faith and hope while she is down and afraid about her Mom and trying her best and all the rest. I'll pray.

  3. Deena,

    I love the way you explain everything in your posts. They are so encourgaing and your faith and calm is astounding. You are going to have a terrific testimony when this is all over.

    I'm glad that you were able to get your legs shaved and feel good about yourself.

    When I was 27, I was a single mother. I had only Michelle, but that was a hand ful in itself. Working (or going to school) and being a single mother is a very hard job. I will keep your Nichole in my prayers. She is a darling.

    You and Rich are also in my prayers. I'm glad you're feeling better and were able to cut down on the pain meds.

    Love you, my sweet friend.

  4. Oh Deena, I will pray for your sweet daughter to receive a wonderful financial blessing to help....thank you so much for being so honest with us and letting us know about your journey through this. I love the fact that you take the time to share it all with us. We do not know what the future holds and who knows, maybe I may cross this bridge one day, so I want you to know how much your experience means....thank you sweetie and I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful merry Christmas and a healing, blessed new year...xxoo, Dawn

  5. Deena,
    The Lord is there for Nicole just as He is there for you and Rich.....
    Her answer will probably come in a very unexpected way... but God is there for her and He will help her... IF she asks and waits for the answer..
    I am so happy that you are dealing with the pain so well... and as you continue to feel better...
    I pray for your entire family as you celebrate Christmas...
    I hope your Children and Grand Children will all be able to be with you at Christmas..
    {{Hugs}}} and much love,

  6. Deena, Goodwill is another resource. I saw an ad asking people to donate cars, boats, etc. It's hard to ask for help but when it comes to taking care of your children or not, you ask. I'm always praying for you and I'm adding Nichole as well. Love you you and yours

  7. You are so blessed to have so many loving people around you to support you. How wonderful that your doctor is pleased with your recovery, that means you are doing good! I am so sorry that they found cancer in so many of your nodes. I really pray that the chemo and radition will zap the rest!

    What an awful thing to happen to your daughter. I will pray for her. What a hassle, especially in her circumstance and right before Christmas. I pray for God's blessing to pour out on your entire family.

    Merry Christmas, Sharon

  8. Deena~ such a busy season and family time. In it all, you are kept close in my thoughts and prayers.. You show all of us strength in faith~ I want to be like you when I grow up~smiles. Prayers and candles your way.


  9. So happy to see you feeling some better. I pray that you feel better as each days comes and stronger too. I will send up a prayer for your daughter also. I guess I am woefully ignorant I didn't know the law could do that at all.

    Deena I wish for you and your famly a happy and peace filled Christmas and that the New Year brings joy and peace also.

  10. Dear Deena,
    You sound so good! I am very happy that your daughter shaved your legs for you. I am sure that perked you up. I bet feeling like a girl again was indeed priceless! What a sweetie she is for doing that for you. You my sweet friend are in my thoughts prayers on a continuous basis. I know that Our Lord is watching over you and will see you through the chemo and radiation part of your recovery. He keeps His promises.

    Prayers also for your daughter that she finds financial blessings to get her through this car situation. How awful for this to happen at this time.

    I want you to know it is my hope that you and your family have the most Blessed Christmas ever. You are loved by so many. Remember God Loves You Deena. May He heal you more and more every day. Big Warm Hugs.
    Much Love,


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