Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gifts from God, by way of Friends

I hope you can see these..The card on the left was "made with love by MARY"

The right one is from the church where my friend MOLLYE works & worships.

MOLLYE'S card is signed by the Reverend ..to tell me @ noon mass on Dec. 12th, I will be prayed for by all worshippers!! I could not talk when I showed this to my hubby & told him about it. I cried when I read it the first time also!!! I'm gonna be FINE!!!

Mary says ..Deena you are beautiful in pink.

(and I was only striving for pretty)

CHURCH, who posts on my BLOG, many of

you have commented on her posts..even my BFF Marcia

said ..Church ..she's awesome!!

Well, she sketched this great Crow guy above!!

AND painted this wonderful Great Horned Owl, below .

We even have one, we've heard him AND seen him in the Singing Woods, behind our house..

He's so awesome!!! and he's a pocket ..I can add twigs or SWEETANNIE!! woo hoo..

All of you are God's hands here on earth!!
Tomorrow..I'll give the info about my surgery..NO not the GORY details..
fondly, Deena


  1. I love the Crow guy. Very neat. I am so happy your friends cheered you up. It is wonderful to have friends. My life has become so much happier from the friends I have made through blogging. I wish you a good day tommorow. xoxo Nita

  2. Deena,

    Well, here I am with tears in my eyes because you are such a sweet friend. To have you post a photo of the card I made for you is just overwhelming. I love you so!

    All of the cards and gifts are beautiful. I thank all of your friends for sending you such beautiful gifts to life your spirit.

    Love and blessings. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. "Church" Here!
    I cannot figure out why I keep having to log on as "Anonymous" lately! But hey...that is so not important.
    I wanted to ask all others who would like to join in private prayer on 12/12/07, before, during and after Deena's surgery. In whatever way you choose, for any amount of time that you choose.....PRAYER.
    We'll all know we are connected, and we'll all know why.

  4. Church,

    I will be praying for Deena on 12/12/07 before, during and after Deena's surgery.


  5. these cards are so beautiful (yes even the one with the crow and the Owl) I know the cards will lifted your spirit.. and made you smile through the tears...
    thats what they did for me....
    we all love you and pray for you several times a day.....

  6. Church...
    I will be praying for Deena on 12/12/07 before during and after her surgery... we will be connected in prayer...
    thanks for the suggestion!!!

  7. Thank you ..all of you..My days are blessed with
    friends and ..

    YOUR kind remarks ARE my angel wings!!!

    humbly, Deena

  8. Deena, I found your blog through Jill of Reconstruct This. Your cards are beautiful. Aren't friends wonderful?

    I have not read your previous posts, so I don't know your whole story, but I will come back to them when I can (gotta get my preschooler moving along this morning)... But know as your December 12th surgery approaches, you have lots of people praying for you, even people like me who you don't know. I survived breast cancer twice and know very well the power of prayer, and of the love of family and friends. Take care, Katie

  9. Hi Deena!!!
    I did not know about this!!!!! Reading your post about your frustrations with hubby and all the rest...I can only imagine..I was in tears. I hope you both gain great peace through this! I am so glad I read your blog before your surgery so I can be praying for you!
    I am putting up a sticky on my monitor!!


  10. What a talented artist she is! I love your cards of encouragement, they are so pretty. I am so thankful that you have such great support! What a blessing that you have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ too! Could you even imagine going through this without Him? Oh how I pray the doctors will get every last little bit of it.

    Have a good day today Deena.

    Love Sharon

  11. It is wonderful to be loved and to be thought of so fondly...and it gives you comfort as you are awaiting the days. Your cards are beautiful! You are in my thoughts and my prayers each day.

  12. COUNT ME IN .......... I will pray on 12/12 First thing in the morning and then at lunch and the after supper.. then before bed.... I will pray and I will send her name through out prayer line at church and it reaches to people in Calif..... We will pray ..........


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~