Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Me and "the girls"

Hello to all my friends

I may not get to answer each of you
or post a comment back to each who visits
I read every comment..bask in the joy of it..visit
your blogs and pray for you all too.

I have to keep my typing to a minium
so just know I care and that each post  brightens my day
and fills me with God's love.

Here are my girls..Hannah my dog..Mya on my FAT cat
and me resting and cuddling.

Rich went downstairs to get some dog food and came
back up to click this picture of us.

My chair has a sheet on it..for comfort..and 
I have my "surgery uniform" on..a velcro'd cammy
and pj pants..My drain bulbs are in a little "purse" 
around my neck and over my shoulder..

My TED white socks, to protect against blood clots
and my HOT pink slippers from Linda.

I have gotten cards and presents, I'll try to post soon.

Last night, I fought a WAR with pain, nightmares, sweats, and no
position to feel comfort in, I WON!!! I woke this morning ..unable to
speak for about a minute & felt much better the rest of the day.

I'm going to try to cut down on pain meds at night to see if 
that helps with theses awful horrid dreams..and jerks of my body
with the feeling and fear of falling..

Tomorrow we visit Dr. Mammolito and we'll discuss the cancer and 
pathology reports more, get an appointment with my oncologist
and plan the next path of this pink journey.

Rich is so protective, caring, loving..and a GREAT cook.
yummy food daily for me
your friend , brimming with the love of God thru each of you.

My friend Mary sent this to me, but it only fit fully in my post,
not the side bar.. Isn't it lovely and SWEET!!!
Did you know..I'm SweetAnnee??

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Happy Birthday Dear Jesus


  1. Church! I was reply commenting on your "Church" statement while you were blogging todays update on you! I heard this song by John Maher (spelling?). The name is "Gravity"...I cannot tell you how I needed that song and the words when I turned the tv on just after they told me Mom had passed. Anyone out there, you too Deena Girl...."Gravity" listen to it.

  2. Dear Deena,
    Even the animals know you need a little extra love at this time...
    so they are right there with you while Rich has to go downstairs.. or somewhere else...
    They know when Mamma needs them to be by her side...
    Love the picture...

  3. Bless you dear one, you are very much in my prayers.

  4. Your pets obviously are very devoted.
    I love your beautiful cheery smile Deena. Don't worry about visiting. Just know you are being lifted up in prayer.

  5. You just lay there and rest and look pretty...... We will do the posting and the comments... Each day is a day that you grow stronger... I pray that the Lord sends you perfect sleep without too many pain meds........ I look forward to coming here each day just to peek in and see how you are doing..... I got the wonderful note pads and I just have them on my desk.. Not sure if I will ever use them...

    Peace to your spirit and healing to your body..........

    In Christ

  6. If you want to have a good laugh.. go to my blog and watch the video... It is such a hoot and it will warm your heart..... Laughter is good medicine.... i think the Father God even enjoyed this one............

  7. Glad to see you are moving about more. I found with my back surgery you have to take those pain meds much longer than you wish but I would rather be a little goofy than hurt. I would not rush off them to soon because your body will tell you when.
    With all the love and prayers coming along you will be fine dear one. Peace

  8. I can't believe how good you look. How nice that you have your loving pets right there with you. They probably sense that something is wrong. I pray you have a good appointment with your doctor tomorrow. I will keep you in my prayers Deena.

    Love Sharon

  9. Deena, you are looking really good (even though you don't feel wonderful).
    You and the girls look comfortable. I thought that was a dog on your lap. It is one fat cat and it obviously loves you and wants to snuggle up to you. What a wonderful husband Rich is - always there for you.
    Take care.

  10. Deena I have read all the posts on your progress and send positive loving thoughts to you and yours--
    The night sweats and dreams will pass.Dont put your body under more stress then needed the meds are there to help.
    What neat pets you have they do know when to sit and just be there for you.
    Gentle hugz Jan New Zealand

  11. Deena, I am praying for you. I know first hand the pain of after surgery nights. I'm praying for you now. (It's the middle of the night here.)

    I love your beautiful dog. I dreamed about a dog last night. I am going to see about getting allergy shots so I can have one.

  12. Deena,

    You look gorgeous. Love your stockings. Hubby had to wear those after his heart bypass.

    I also thought it was a dog on your lap. LOL That cat is BIG, dear friend. But your girls certainly know how to heap on the love. Research has proven that those who have pets heal much faster.

    Please tell Rich that I thank him for taking such good care of you. You are both in my prayers.

    Love and blessings,

  13. Awwww... a sweet picture and you look amazing!
    Sending more prayers your way..and hope it gets easier and you get stronger by the day :)

  14. Deena you look so lovely sitting there in that comfy chair with your kitty and your puppy beside you at your feet. :) Your pets even know that you need rest and comfort right now. :)

    Thank you for visiting ... for praying and being SWEET YOU. I was blessed that you could stop in ... but don't expect it. Just know I'm here for you.

    With hugs, prayers and love ...


  15. Isn't it amazing how animals can sense when we are sad, sick or a little blue. Glad to see your sitting up and smiling!
    Remember focus on the positive and do NOT dwell on the negative.
    xo Susan

  16. Dear are just so sweet...I will pray and pray for you.

  17. Dear are just so sweet...I will pray and pray for you.

  18. Hi Deena!
    Oh don't you look pretty! You have the lovliest smile. I thought that the first time I saw your picture. Now look, after all you have been through, it has not diminished one bit. Oh Happy Day!

    I also thought your kitty was a dog. tee hee hee! How cute and chubby she is! I have a one and a half year old Tortie named "Boo", but she only comes to "Kitty". She is a little petite thing but I have always wanted one of those fat type of cats also! I think they are called Ragdolls. She seems to sense when Mommy isn't feeling good and is always right there with me. She will give me lots of snuggles and kisses, and when I cry she makes these little funny vocal noises. I feel like she is saying "mommy don't cry". It is amazing what animals can sense. They are very comforting little angels. She even knows at 1:00pm we take our resting nap. She will come and get me if I am on the computer. She meows, takes a few steps as if to lead me to the bedroom, and then when I get up from where I am sitting, she will jump up on the bed. She will lay my side and go to sleep with me. It is very heartwarming. =^..^=

    Keep smiling looks so good on you! Hugs!


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