Friday, December 21, 2007

HELP about a novel

 Hi my friends,

she wrote, but with my brain all muddled from things
lately, I can't remember who asked her to send it to me???
Can you help??
** You can always
email me through my profile if you like,  too**
fondly, deena


  1. Deena,

    I raise my hand and plead guilty. LOL I asked Lori to do this just a day or two before you had your surgery. I'm glad you received it in time. Please do a little review of the story when you are finished if you are feeling up to it.

    Love you, my friend.

  2. Church checks in! Hey, what "Terry" had to say on Thurs in your comments!! I like that! I love hearing from those who have walked the walk so that those of us can learn to talk the talk. She has 5 yrs post in already! I also really like the spiritual reference used by the woman talking about the chemo drip as making her feel peaceful when she saw it. I think of all the hours and years and time and the degrees these people who do the research on this stuff go is no light weight deal. God is there in all of it...only God. All of us, we here blogging, scientists and doctors and nurses, med students, families that are solo while their loved ones do the work, and all those who have done the journey, here or crossed, we are all one in this. And you Lil Miss, Deena girlie girl....I'm here to tell ya that I see you have many mother's now and the love you needed is and always will be start claiming what is your due!
    God is still on the throne and the devil is a liar!

  3. Oh of all folks, WHY would I not know it was you my sweet Mary..???
    thank you..

    and Church..I hope Terry reads my comment..I read what she wrote to Rich and we are so encouraged to hear it!!
    I felt peaceful about the mastectomy, it was the beginning of being Cancer Free!!



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