Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Check out Whimsy Wednesday

Go check at all the lovelies over on my Tattered Whimsy BLoG
tis joyful,

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  1. That makes me want to get married again, Deena :) How are you? I just finished a big, hairy project at my new job. Speaking of hairy, how are you? That's a totally cute haircut you got there, baby!

    Talk to you soon. Late here...



  2. Good Morning Deena,
    Oh my, that is so beautiful. It brings up memories of our wedding. Even tho this was my second marriage, it was like a Fairy Tell Wedding to me. In my first marriage, I didn't have the White dress or anything fancy. When me and my now DH got married, since this was his first marriage, he wanted to go all out. He bought me my Wedding Dress, and he had a Tuxedo. We had a large Candelabra with candles and Unity Candle. I felt like a beautiful princess the night we got married and it was all because of him. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  3. Hello Deena
    I'm back!!!!
    How have you been?
    I've been thinking of you!!!
    Wow.. You look so beautiful in all the pictures..

  4. oohh those are darling, i just went and took a look. gorgeous!!!

  5. I checked out all the lovelies! They are amazing! I especially liked that wooden shoe. (or at least it looks wooden)

    Hope you are having good nights and days! Gentle hugs!

  6. I love the picture of the old shoe on Tattered Whimsies. I have a miniature shoe collection. The older the better...............

  7. Dear PINK WARRIOR...I hope your day is going well. I am on my way to ck your other blog....
    May I take your I AM A PINK WARRIOR ribbon over to my place and show it off?
    Happy heart...bj

  8. I find myself needing to know your JOY/JOYS of the day before my day starts off right.....
    hugs, bj


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