Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Please pray for Michelle Today & Sandra Tomorrow

Michelle's surgery went well, 
pray for a clean pathology report!!

her daughter Michelle 
is having surgery today.

Isn't she pretty & with her is Brandon,
her son a special young man.

Her surgery is early this AM, lift her up to
the Lord & pray for her surgical team.
God is good, all the time & all the time , God is Good

Tomorrow is Sandra's surgery,
remember her & her surgical team please.
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May Michelle & Sandra be wrapped in our Father's 

*this  art was made for me by my friend Sally, I think it's perfect for these ladies*

My joys today

A warm shower
pink pj's to wear 
the sun is shining
blog friends who pray
God hears your prayers
I'll be creating art today
Nicole is coming to cut my hair
I HAVE hair to cut
My friend, Rhea T

Please SHARE some of your joys with us!!!

thank you Sarah for this pretty



  1. Good Morning Deena,
    I left an award for you over at Hospitality Lane.
    Thanks for encouraging my Chelsea to post on her blog.
    She did and it looks great!
    I Hope you are feeling well this morning.
    You are amazing!!!!
    God is certainly giving you strength to care for others while you are fighting your own battle.
    Becky K.

  2. I love the award Becky..and Chelsea is so
    sweet..I love following her blog.

    I'm great today, sleeping well , BUT
    hubby says I have to have a LEISURE
    day today..

    Ok, I'll do it


  3. Hello Sunshine! You certainly are chipper this morning! I bet you feel very comfy in your pink pj's. Hope your haircut goes well. After my last haircut, I came home and said, "HARK! who is that in the mirror?" Oh my, my hairdresser gets carried away sometimes! Have a great day!

  4. Good Morning, Deena!

    Oh I'm so glad you have sun ... can you believe we have MORE snow? We have had over 100 inches of it already this winter which is 30 inches more than our average was supposed to be. *sigh* I'd like to move where it doesn't snow! LOL!

    I will keep your friends Michelle and Sandra in my thoughts!!!

    I do hope you enjoy your day of leisure. :)


  5. You are so amazing!
    I hope this day will be a good one for you. We do have a lot of prayers to send up for a lot of people.
    My joys today:
    * GOD....GOD listens....GOD answers.
    * I have friends coming for dinner tonight
    * All 10 grandchildren are well...at the same time!! :)
    * I have a new quilt for my guest bedroom.....
    hugs, bj

  6. Hi Deena,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to visit and for your prayers for Josie. She is coming home today..Praise God!

    When I came here to your blog I found that you have health problems of your own. I will be praying for you and I'll be back to visit again.


  7. I am praying for Michelle and Sandra..that their surgeries will go well...
    I am so glad that you are feeling well today...but I am also glad that Rich made you take a Leisure day today... you need to prepare your little body for the next round of Chemo...
    Love and Hugs..

  8. Sounds like your having a "Cozy" day. I hope everyone does well with their surgeries.....so many things happening with people all over the place. Good wishes and prayers to them all.
    My Pastor is having his surgery on Friday as well...
    I love that little "Deena" bird/icon...not sure what to call it. HA! It's SOOO cute.
    Stay well rested and FED.

  9. Wonderful to have hair to cut..i know that joy too..hooray!

    My joys...

    i am going to have a nap soon
    i had awesome news from my drs today
    my blog friends who pray for me

  10. Hi Deena,
    What lovely artwork by Sally.
    My thoughts will be with Michelle and Sandra today.
    Thinking of you.Make sure you have that Leisure Day.
    My joy today is babysitting 2 of my grandchildren and having them for a sleepover too.

  11. Hello Deena, I hope you had a lovely, restful day, and that your haircut went well :)

    My joys are:
    Seeing you look so well in your photos.
    My lovely, hectic family.
    Merlin has finally stopped biting me!
    Lovely friends :)

    Take care, my dear

    Lots of love
    Kim x

  12. Deena, I will keep Sandra and Michelle in my prayers. I had my exam yesterday, so now it's the mammgogram--ouch! Glad you are feeling so good. Oh I am guilty of staying in my pjs too much lately, but they are terry velour and oh so comfortable. Love Ya, Pat

  13. You are such an inspiration!!!

  14. Hi Deena,
    Consider it done...they will be in my thoughts and prayers..she is very pretty,poor thing she must be so worried about her baby.
    I love your thoughts for today especially the pink pj's....hope you have a great day!you are in my prayers Deena x
    Love Kristina XxX

  15. Deena
    Whoooo weee I finally made it back over. Been dancing as fast as I can. You have been a busy girlie and such a lovely one at that. I know I am much older than you but your beautiful spirit of how you are always thinking of others reminds me of her. Glad you got a walk outside and BIL visit was fun. Take care and Peace be with you.

  16. Hi Deena,we will of course pray that all goes well for Michelle and Sandra and that you keep your spirits up!Thank you for visiting us,I'm amazed that you manage to get round to everyone,you are so kind,but for a change please be kind to yourself and make sure you get plenty of rest!Take care ,love from Kathyann and the girls

  17. You crossed my mind several times today and I wondered how you were.... Your blog is so very very pretty ....... This is one of the blogs that I just will not miss each day.......... I will be fine just need to sleep tonight... I will put Sandra on my top Ten list for sure... (but I think it is top 30 or so now) But God never gets tired and He is always listening..........

    happy hugsx0x00x0x

  18. Keeping Michelle and Sandra in my thoughts and prayers.

    Have a good day, Deena!

  19. Deena, you are so special. Even though you are sick, you are still thinking of other people who are sick as well and asking for prayers on their behalf. I will pray for you and for the others mentioned.


  20. Thinking of all of you lovely ladies! Love, Esther

  21. I will pray for Michelle. I just love Mary, she is a wonderful woman! So are you Deena!

    I am thankful for sunshine. We have had some for the last couple of days and then it rained again today. I am also thankful for the rain because it makes Oregon so beautiful and it makes me appreciate the sun. I also just really love rain, it is so cleansing, smells good, sounds wonderful and when you are inside, it makes you feel cozy.

    Have a good night's sleep Deena!

    Love Sharon

  22. Your blog is delightfully charming! Thank you for your inspiration!

  23. Good Morning Deena,
    "PRAISE GOD" Michelle came thru her surgery well. I was over at Mary's last night before I went to bed and read the latest update on her and I posted a bit about it on my post for today. I will be praying for Sandra and her surgical team today. We all know that GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!!!! I hope you had a good day yesterday as well. Glad you made you some Chicken Noodle Soup. I love homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. That's the only kind of Chicken Noodle Soup our girls will eat. They don't like the canned kind. I am "THANKFUL" for you my friend for having the strength and courage you have. I am also "THANKFUL" that I actually slept good last night. You will have to show us your haircut when you get it done. "THANK YOU" so much for the email and the beautiful card you sent me. I really appreciate it very much. I just love the look of your blog here. I am really loving my new look and "THANK YOU" for the nice compliments about it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.


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