Sunday, February 10, 2008

Glory to God

Tis a very COLD day here. Woke of to zero, and crunchy snow.
I feel amazingly good, slept good, no sickness , still have hair!!
Oh what a Sunday.  

I'll be doing a few domestic things as my strength allows &
napping for sure.

Friday night Rich and I watched "3 10 to Yuma" with
Russell Crow, a remake of a 1957 western with Glenn Ford.

I enjoyed it, and there was always that glimmer of
hope for good in Ben Wade, Crowe's character.

Rich brother, Gary is coming to visit next Saturday...may not be good
for me, but I am hoping the boys will decided what to do with
their  dad long term.  

He's doing QUITE well at 
his apartment at Independence Village, but he can
stay in that apartment for 4 months, then he'll need to
make a long term commitment.

I need to get working a bit
and talk Rich into making breakfast, cinammon rolls and boiled eggs, with some milk for me ..and water , water, water..

Enjoy the day the Lord has made!!
Deena & her friend, Mr Sanders


  1. Deena,
    I just found your blog, and I send you sweet blessings. I am so glad you are feeling good. Stay strong. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love the pink purse too!

  2. I found your blog through Robin, we are winging prayers your way. Hope everything goes well for you.

  3. Good Morning!

    Glad your off to a good start today and feeling well..that is just wonderful!! I saw Mr. Sanders at your whimsy blog...I never thought I would say a possum is cute but he is so adorable!! I can just picture him in a Beatrix Potter book!
    Hugs to you!

  4. Enjoy your Sunday, and your breakfast!

    Best wishes.

  5. Is Mr.Sanders not the cutest little thing. Even the critters have come from the Singing Woods to bring you smiles and well wishes.
    Remember to have plenty of rest and dream of only good thoughts.You are brave and your faith will guide you.
    XO Susan

  6. Hi, Deena! I don't leave a comment every day but do come to check on you. Think of me as the neighbor who, seeing your curtains are open, is gratified to see you are up and about. You're a charming beauty in pink and a blessing to us all. Sher

  7. Hi Deena, I'm so happy to meet you! Yes, you are very welcome to use the snowdrops picture to 'lead the way' to my blog. I hope you have a lovely day! God bless you!


  8. Good morning, glad you slept well. Hope you enjoy the good breakfast....
    Prayers, blessings and hugs, bj

  9. Good Morning Sweet Deena,

    I'm so glad that you are feeling good today and that Friday went well - Praise God!!!!!!

    Have a blessed and relaxing Sunday.


  10. so happy for your restful night and fresh new thankful for our blessings.....enjoy your day...i will do the same.
    hugs and prayers,

  11. Hi Deena!

    I told Doogs that you needed a snuggle and he told me to tell you that if he could make the trip, he most certainly would! He loves the snow, too.

    Your breakfast sounds delightful! Off to make buttermilk pannie cakes for my boys.

    Glad to hear that you are feeling good. Rest, rest, rest my dear!!!

    love ya,

  12. Hoping that your day will be a restful one...keep warm.

    well wishes and hugs to you~

  13. Oh Sweet Deena, your day sounds so terrific and it's great knowing that you are feeling well. Enjoy that wonderful breakfast, because you deserve the best. God is soooo good. Hugs, Pat

  14. May the good Lord continue to be with you and like in 'Footprints' be carrying you through. Hugs.

  15. Deena how wonderful that you are doing so well.
    My thoughts are with you.

  16. Deena...glad to hear you are doing well and isn't that Mr.Sanders so cute! Get some rest and enjoy your weekend.

  17. Good Afternoon-
    Cherdecor linked to you and asked that we "go over and cheer her up and tell her that Cherdecor sent you." So here I am. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. We are snowed in with churches closed here in West Michigan today. Brrr. A good day to catch up with blogging friends.

  18. Oh, your idea of breakfast sounds yummy!! I bet Mr. Sanders would like some of it too.

    Have a wonderful day.


  19. It is cold here too ... it says 4 degrees, but with the wind chill, I'm not sure what it is. You are again in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you with a wonderful day and a special week.

  20. Your smiles are thoroughly contagious, Deena, bless your sunny nature. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, xoxo

  21. Dear Dear Deena,
    it would be so wonderful if you would get through this Chemo treatment without experiencing to much nausea, etc. but I know that you are taking each step as it comes and depending on God to see you through...
    I pray for Rich and his brother as they determine the long term care for their dad...
    I have been there and it is not easy...
    you sound wonderful..and I think God was thinking you needed a good uplift by sending your friend Mr. Sanders to greet you on your arrival from treatment day!!
    ((((((((big hug}}}}}}}

  22. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. Loved the pic of Mr.Sanders. Praying my friend. Have a good week.

  23. Hello Dear! I think this is the only photo I have ever seen that makes a possum look sweet. Maybe because we can't see the gi-normous pink tail :) So glad to hear that you are feeling well today. The cold would make me want to stay in bed with a good book - so ambitious of you to do chores! I hope the brothers work something out - not an easy decision, taking care of elderly parents. Have a good week - Jennifer

  24. Hello Deena, I'm just flying through to check that you are ok and doing well. Keep strong, you are a true inspiration.

    Lots of Love

    Kim x

  25. Hey Deena,
    Glad your Sunday is going well. It's GEORGOUS weather here. Sorry..HA! My husband and I have been outside working in the yard all day.
    I'm thinking of you. DO eat and keep up your strength and drink water and SLEEP as well. It's all good and you need it during this time with the treatments.
    Hang in there my friend!
    Be blessed,
    Love that PURSE..and the Possum....

  26. Hey Deena, just loved reading that you're feeling good! It's a gorgeous sunny day here in California, and I'm thinking about you and how you'll be out in your garden in a few short months. I'll be sending you good vibes on the 29th for chemo II.

    Much love,


  27. Deena, so good to see a post like this. Keep warm. I've got cheesecake for dessert tonight so make sure you save some room. :-)

  28. Hi, Deena. Just hopped over from "Bittersweet Punkin" to send good wishes!
    Can you be pretty in pink? My answer...a resounding YES! You have a very cute smile.
    Hope your Monday is as good as your Sunday. Frankly...any day that starts with boiled eggs and cinnamon rolls is a good day, LOL!

  29. Deena,

    It is COLD here too. There's a nasty wind and it's been frigid all day. I took the boys home and we just about froze getting to the car. Where we live gets all the wind and it wasn't pleasant. Even the house is cold and we have the furnace cranked.

    I'm so glad that you're doing great. I'm praying that Rich and his brother will get their Dad into a permanent place of his own. You need your privacy.

    Take care, my dear friend and get lots of rest. Love you.


  30. Just ran across your blog. I am praying for you sweetie. Hugs and Blessings,

  31. I just love Mr. Sanders! Deena, his face is just full of love for you! How sweet of him to come and cheer your up! The day is over, it's late, but I hope it was a good one. Keep warm on these cold days!!!!! Praying foryou! Cora

  32. Dear Deena, I have never seen such a handsome possum!
    God Bless and Keep you and Mr. Sanders!

  33. Some more pretty things to compliment the pretty you. I'm so glad you're feeling well. I hope that lasts a long time. I'll email you about a visit.
    Next door to Singing Woods,

  34. sleep well, deena.
    hugs and prayers..

  35. Just another blogger gal here, so nice to meet you, sending you love and hugs. Maybe my blog would make you smile, as I share a lot of creatures! Blessings of peace and warmth to you sweet lady. Katie

  36. Sounds like a beautiful Sunday. I am so thankful you are feeling good.

    Hugs, Sharon

  37. Praise be to Jesus!
    Happy to hear you are doing well.
    The joy of the Lord is my strenght!
    My shield of faith is held up for you.
    Be safe in Jesus!
    Love to you,

  38. Good Morning Deena,
    "PRAISE GOD" for another restful night. I'm glad you felt good yesterday. Just hang in there and with GOD, you will get thru this. I do hope that Rich and his brother can get their Dad to a place where he is content. I know that would be a load off of your shoulder. I love Mr. Sanders. He is adorable I must say. When you have time and feeling up to it, stop by. I have 3 Awards for you on my today's post. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,
    Karen H.

  39. So happy to hear things are going well. Enjoy the day and Mr. Sanders. Stay warm!

  40. Hi Miss Deena! It was very good to hear from you yesterday. I could feel your support and I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. I left a bit of a response to my 'commenters' on my comments section today (I KNOW WHERE I"M GOING post). If you have time, drop by and read the message. Love you Honey! Jennifer

  41. Dear Deena, I found your blog and want to tell you - you are brave girl. You will in my prayers!


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