Friday, February 1, 2008

Can the first day of February be the first day of Chemo??

I even added a Mr Linkie..and ..I'll be adding a clickable icon for your BLOG later today..spread the Fantasy.

 I slept great..with the aid of Ambien, up bright eyed
& bushy tailed at 5:15 AM.  

Taking meds, drinking water, eating, got my goodie bag packed.

Rich is going to snow blow the drive..and hopefully the 
snow plow will be through again in a bit.

We got about 6 inches or more..the schools are all closed.

I feel good about today..and I know I'll at LEAST get the
injection to start my bones hardening.

I want to THANK Dolly for my Valentine Swap box,  Mollye for
my KING CAKE from Louisianne to celebrate Mardi Gras
Dana's friend Cyndi for the lotion for when Radiation begins.

Pictures will be coming !!

I did get OUR WEBSITE updated last night...that 
is something I love to do..take a peek

I'll let you know the skinny as soon as I can today.

Blood Tests are at 8:15 AM, then see my oncologist, Diane Prager, then
the plan for the day!!

thank you are awesome
and my angel wings!!!

PS, the snow plow is here!!
Yippee we'll be able to head out, no problem
thank you Jesus!!

This came this AM from Marcella..thank you dear!!

Updated my surgery pics here . LOOK at YOUR discretion
it's NOT "Girls Gone Wild" or "Spring Break"
The pics from Dec. and this Monday past.


  1. Good thoughts & prayers are with you today.

    Blessed Be.

  2. so many loving thoughts and prayers with you, deena....

  3. Deena,

    Prayers have been speeding toward heaven that all will go well today and you will get your chemo.

    I looked at your photos and you seem to be healing nicely. It takes time and you're doing great.

    Love you, my friend. I will pray for your incessantly throughout the day.


  4. Godspeed. Where you stand, we stand beside you in body, heart and spirit. And we aren't going anywhere without you.

  5. You are doing a great service sharing your photos and your struggles with the world. My OH asked me to send your blog address to his office so he can give it to a lady who recently found out she has breast cancer.

    Yes, you can be pretty in pink, and you are an inspiration to the rest of us who hope fervently that we will never find ourselves in your situation. You must also be a comfort to others who share your burden.

    My thoughts and blessings for your recovery are being sent to you.


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~