Monday, February 25, 2008


In the box that came from
my great blogging friends

*Susan, Mimi, Bonnie, Judy, Laura & Paula*

I had this one lovely gift
that the sender didn't give
her mailing address..

Please email me through my profile  if this was your gift.

UPDATE ..I got my answer!!

Thanks so much , Deena


  1. That was so nice of your blogging friends. I know that you felt their tender hugs as you opened up each gift. You are so blessed!

  2. so nice to be loved and thought of.....i'm sure it is healing.....
    hope your day was a good one, deena, and your night, one of rest...
    loving thoughts and prayers,

  3. I try so hard to have words of something for you. yet I don't. It's becuse you are such and inspiration thru and thru. I have sat here and cried reading threw your pages and the comments these dear people leave. And I can only hope that it does help you . As much as you help others.

  4. What an assortment of wonderful gifts your blogging friends have sent you! You deserve each and every one,so much thought,love and kindness is shown in our blogging community each and everyday to so many in need of support!God Bless,Love from Kathyann and the girls
    ps,Deena it was so nice of you to pay us a visit!

  5. Hi Deena,

    I'm glad you figured out who gave you that awesome gift! I recieved a sweet little thank you note from a sweet little birdy today! Thank you Deena!

    Happy Monday, Sharon

  6. Hello Deena,
    I just came over to see how your doing, I have been thinking about you
    and keeping you in my prayers, love you dear one Denise

  7. Hello Friend,
    I came across your blog..what a dear sweet person you are. I am praying for you:) God bless you and what a thoughtful gift your friends sent you!!
    Your sister in Christ

  8. Hi Deena,
    How lovely to receive such lovely gifts,the card is so sweet.
    Please note....i am going back to praying for you being gorgeous as there are many praying for your health i don't think i'll be missed lol.
    Have a blessed day Pinkie!
    Love Kristina XxX

  9. What kind acts these wonderful friends have sent your way. What did we ever do before blogs brought us together? Healthy hugs coming your way!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~