Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm going to my very FIRST gathering of pink friends @ Five Senses Salon & Spa
There will be a speaker on Lymphedema & support from other pink gals.
PLUS free mini spa services.
*I am excited & looking forward to it*

Look at the sweet box I won from
Chris of Enchanted Arts Studio

Thank you CHRIS

OOPS How could I forget?? My Joys today

My new hair cut is awesome (pics to come)

Hubby filled the bird feeders

We got new sparkly snow last night

My first venture to meet Pink friends tonight

Hubby said he'd take me & pick me up cuz it's cold

Hubby calls me to see how I am
Hubby hugged me hard & said "you HAVE to beat this, you just have to, I don't 
know who'd I'd be without you"

& last but not least

please share your joys with me
& my BBFF


  1. Have a great time this evening!! I can't wait to hear about it.

    Love the box, too. Very cute. :o)

  2. I love that! It sounds very informative and relaxing. I hope you have a GREAT time.

  3. Deena, have a great time---you truly deserve it. Love the little box. What colors is your house decorated in? Love Ya, Pat

  4. Deena enjoy your evening with the pink gals.

  5. Love the sweet little box. Enjoy your evening with the pink gals.


    LeAnn :)

  6. Deena, Hope you have a great time tonight! Sounds like such fun...
    What a gorgeous heart box :-}
    Hugs & love ~Mary~

  7. My sister went to something like that. She got lots of makeup tips and samples which her teenage daughter tried to talk her out of but she helf firm...LOL!
    Have fun!

    A sweet heart box for a sweet heart (((hugs)))

  8. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing it and for your kind thoughts. Have a good time with your spa treatment.

  9. Enjoy meeting new pink friends. My support group friends are SO important to me.

  10. What a pretty heart box.

    Have fun with your pink friends.


  11. Congratulations on winning the heart box, Deena. It is beautiful. I would love to have one like it.

    You are sick and yet you still have good thoughts, which makes you such an inspiration to me and others I'm sure.

    Your hubby is sweet. You are blessed to have him.

  12. OMgosh, your husband is so romantic and sweet and caring! I highly suggest you keep him, LOL!
    Hope you have fun tonight. If you can, look at the moon around 8:45-9p.m. (that's EST). We're having a total lunar eclipse!

  13. I'm excited for your mtg. tonight! I hope it's all you need it to be:)

    If I read your post corrrectly, you wanted us to share our joys of today with you............I'll list just one and *in all seriousness* it would be "getting to know you through our blogs and becoming friends with someone as sweet and encouraging as you are".
    xoxo, Jan

  14. have a wonderful time at your meeting tonight...
    I love the pink box....and your hubby is right...
    You have to beat this...

  15. Lucky girl! Lots of Love!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. Some of my joys today:

    My Mom and Aunt arrived to take care of me after my minor surgery tomorrow.

    Fresh sheets on my bed...can't wait to crawl in.

    Playing card games with hubby, Mom and Aunt tonight.

    Great tennis this morning with friends.

    Dark chocolate.


  17. Deena,Thank you for your visits to us!Hope the meeting went went well!Please give your husband a hug from us,he is a man going through such turmoil at the moment ,he loves you so much!Take care ,as always Love from Kathyann and the girls

  18. of my most favourite joys is naps...but my absolute favourite joy is spending time with Tim.

    God bless you Deena

  19. Love the new do! Very chic! Jen


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