Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our snow

Just beginning on Thursday afternoon

Friday AM after Rich got the snowblower to the drive and
side walk

About 5.5 inches..not bad ..very pretty!!
ALL the schools were closed, even the Universities
GosH we never got SNOW days
and we walked to school
5 miles uphill both ways.


  1. We only got a dusting :(. I'd really like to have at least one more big snow before Spring! I like enough snow for the kids to get a snow day and then stay in my Pjs all day!

  2. Hope you have a good day, Snow Faery.

  3. The snow is beautiful. I wish we could get at least one before the spring flowers arrive.
    Peace be with you.

  4. 5.5 is just about perfect. ;-)

    Looks lovely. In middle Tennessee, we've gotten one dusting this winter and that's been about it. I grew up in Louisiana and so even a dusting is still a wonder to my eyes. But 5 inches looks like an avalanche. Keep warm Deena. I look across your blog and see a thousand candles flickering in your honor. There is no snow in all the world that will extinguish those flames. :-)

  5. Has anyone told you how amazing you are lately? You are amazing!

  6. love the quiet snow brings....and the beauty...thanks for the pictures so i can share in your winter snow for us in southern arizona! :)
    loving thoughts and prayers

  7. Church:
    and put a comment on asking for any and all info and data from everyone with life experience in this area.
    I did not have the internet nor blogs when I walked the have the tools...go to it girl...get informed and get proactive! Like your life depended on it!

  8. Dearest Deena,

    Love your photos of the snow. We got approx one foot of snow and the plows finally came by during the night. It snowed from 3am Friday morning until last evening. The roads were a mess, but I stayed in where it was cozy and warm.

    Thanks for sharing your snow photos.


  9. I pray for you daily! You are such a blessing to others. Maridon

  10. Photographs are lovely, enjoy your Saturday, kind thoughts and best wishes sent to you all the time.

  11. I came across your blog from Nonnie, something told me to click on it, and I did, it touched my heart, my Mom is a breast cancer survior!! May God bless you and surround with you angels.

  12. Deena, how pretty the snow looks.
    So much work to do once it falls.Snowblowing and shovelling.

  13. That snow looks lovely my little boys wants snow but we only get it about one or two days a year if that!. His sledge is in the loft waiting. Also school would be cancelled ,so he would be extra pleased
    x Dominique

  14. Deena,
    I found out about your blog through the zne network. Thank you for sharing your life with breast cancer. It reminds me of how important it is to be close and to be there for all the people that are around me in my life. I have an aunt who is currently in remission, and another great aunt who was just recently diagnosed. Again, thanks for sharing, my thoughts and prayers are also with you.

    Kristi Bremner

  15. I love the pictures of the snow. I want some. I've been begging for snow all winter. I'll bet if I was still working we would still be getting plenty of the white stuff.

  16. The snow is so pretty. I know that all of those dear friends up North and in the Midwest are so tired of it, but for this gal down in Texas, it sure looks like fun! We didn't get anything but a few ice pellets this winter...sigh... and I do so love the snow!! Toodles..


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