Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you know what today is, It's our Anniversary

Turn off my player on the right further down & play this video.
Today Rich &  I  celebrate 15 years of marriage.
Our girls taped this song, & would make us breakfast
& serve it in bed with this song PLAYING.
Oh they were SWEET.

I'll be back with more ..of our story & pictures 
maybe this weekend.

Till then I'll be watching movies & soaking up
some sun through the window.

Celebrate Life, Share your Joy of the Day with us.

My joys today
  a loving husband,
snow that looked like mica in the sun this morning,
dark chocolate Dove Promises,
a cold pepsi,
soft pillows,
please visit
for more joy~~


thank you.  If you're visiting my're my friend
please take these & pass them on!!


gave me this 
She thinks I create pretties!!

I'm passing it on to


for making pretties  for all of us to enjoy.

PS..My oncologist said Thursday , Friday and 
Saturday will be my "bottom out" days.
I just got the biggest waive of exhaustion, so
if I don't post for a few days, just know
I'm resting .  I'll be back..and for now

Rich will take GOOD care of me.
lovingly, Deena


  1. Well Deena and Rich, please let me be the first to wish you both the most blessed and happy anniversary -- this is one that will be with you in memory, different from some of the others you've shared, but wonderful because of how you are holding to one another during a hard challenge in your life -- but your love and your faith are basking in this opportunity to grow and shine. And I raise my glass to you that you celebrate many, many more wonderful anniversaries together!!

    I also think you make "pretties" (what a beautiful award this is!) -- on each of your blogs and wherever you go in life. So I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for passing this on to me as well. That it comes from you means so much.

    Enjoy your day with Rich!!

  2. What a fabulous day for a celebration! When we take our vows, we never stop to think about the "poorer", or "the sickness", but it gives true testament to the strength of our love when those surface. I am so happy to see you both are committed to each other through the hard times!

    Thank you for the "Pretties" award, and I too think you create pretties! Toodles...

  3. Good Morning Deena,
    "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEENA & RICH, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU"!!!! I do hope that you both have a great day together and I know that Rich has something special planned. I will be back later to read your story. I wanted to let you know that the graphics didn't come thru in the email you sent me. "CONGRATULATION'S" on your Pretties Award. You do deserve it as you are very creative. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,
    Karen H.

  4. I honestly didn't know it was your anniversary,I just stopped by to tell you I have a little something for you on my blog! Ihope you like it and Happy Anniversary to you and Rich!
    With much love from Kathyann and the girls

  5. "it is a special day, not just any day, it's your anniversary!"...loved it, deena.... and i wish you and rich a wonderful day wrapped in one anothers love and care....soaking in that special feeling and this special day......
    hugs, love and prayers,

  6. Here's a big toast to you and Rich and a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wish.
    hugs, bj

  7. I think it must be beautiful to the Lord that two people are committed together to Him! Blessings... Polly

  8. I hope you both have a very happy day.

  9. Deena and Rich,

    Happy Anniversary. This is a time of celebration, of showing your love for one another and for basking in your love. Enjoy! I wish I had known ahead of time. I would have sent you a pretty card.

    Love you, my friends. I will be back to read the love story.

    Deena, you do make such beautiful pretties and I'm glad you enjoyed the award. You've passed it on to some very deserving ladies.


  10. Happy Anniversary Deena! :) Thank you for visiting my blog! :) I had actually been reading yours for a little while now, following your progress and sending good thoughts your way. It was so nice to see you found me too! :) I even told my husband about you are handling everything with such GRACE and STRENGTH. I KNOW that is playing a big part in your recovery! I've learned a lot from you recently...thank you! Bless you! :)

  11. Happy Anniversary Deena and Rich. May angels wings wrap you with love.

  12. Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie!

  13. Happy 15th You Two!! And many more in the years to come!! I just know because of how you are Deena and the way you do the things you do, that it is already a pretty and well decorated day! And I'll bet you and your honey will be enjoying
    an event that can't even be duplicated. You have the gifts and the eye girl, not to mention your vital vital spirit! Live it, Love it! Church

  14. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy!

  15. Congratulations! Happy 15th anniversary! That is wonderful! I hope you have a lovely day with Rich.

    Here is a scripture for you:

    "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17a

    Have a beautiful day!

    Love Sharon

  16. I`ve only just seen your comment on my shop blog.
    Thankyou for taking a look and the words of support !

    Happy Anniversary to you both !
    Hoping the tiredness goes away soon .

  17. Happy Anniversary! I wish I could watch your video but I'm on dial up. Poo. Please rest and know I am thinking of you. I posted today on my blog a beautiful old quilt, imagine yourself wrapped up in it today all cozy and warm! Katie

  18. Wishing you a Happiest of Anniversaries my friend. :) Congratulations !! :) Glad that you are kicking the chemo. :) Yep, every day, that chemo is eating away at that nasty cancer. Praise God !!! :) Hugs for you,


  19. "Happy Anniversary" also "Happy Valentine's Day" May God grant you many more of both. Think of you and praying for you both. Get some rest. Just know we all love you.
    Love and God bless,

  20. Deena, Happy Anniversary to you and Rich---you can see the love and committement in your photo. The love and support that God has given you both is a true sign of love.
    Congrats on the award---you do make pretty things. Keep that fighting spirit, but remember to rest when needed. Love Ya, Pat

  21. Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you have a very special day.

    Rest and take it easy for the next few days.

    Lots of love

    Kim x

  22. Deena,

    Happy Anniversary!!! May you have a day blessed with Love and Comfort and Pure Joy!

    You are my friend and I treasure you!

    Many Blessings,

  23. Happy Anniversary! So neat you were married so close to valentine's day!

  24. ~ * ~ HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy ~ * ~


  25. Happy Anniversary Deena & Rich!!!!
    Wishing you many more to come!!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you today and every day!!

    Be safe in Jesus!
    Love to you,

  27. I wanted to wish you a sweet anniversary...this will be one that is a little different but perhaps even more meaningful and sweet. You are together, supporting one another and loving each other.What else there? have that. And that is what is important. my congratulations to you both on your anniversary and here's to 40 more!

    You will be in many prayers and hearts... get rest and smile knowing your surrounded by love.


  28. Happy Anniversay Deena. I know that your husband will make this day special and that you probably will plan to do something special when you are up and about. I check on your blog every day to see how you are doing. I had the same chemo you are getting and I can tell you that every treatment the 3 - 6th days for me were the worst for total exhaustion. Even that doesn't describe it well, but I am sure you know. Anyways, almost always, the day to the week after the treatment, I started to feel more and more "like me"! Then you will have a couple of good weeks again. And boy, did I ENJOY those good weeks! Thinking of Valentine's Day last year, I had just got my 3rd dose. So...this year is a different story! You are doing great because even by going on your blog is wonderful! Hang in there...a few more days and then the good days are here!

  29. Got my glass raised, happy Anniversary to you both and many happy returns!

  30. What a sweet song! Happy anniversary! Snuggle up you lovebirds and enjoy being together. Get lots of rest....we'll be here praying for you.


  31. Happy Anniversary dear one and many more. Peace

  32. Have a wonderful anniversary Deena. Ain't love grand? I am so happy that you and Rick have one another.
    Be restful. Be still and know He is God. You are ever in my heart and mind....Jen

  33. Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!
    We had our 15th back in October!

    Enjoy today...and Valentine's tomorrow too!
    Get your wonderful~the gift for your daughter. God is good!!


  34. Happy Anniversary to you and Rich!

  35. I hope you had a special day with your knight in shining armor. Sounds like you're staying strong-
    With admiration,

  36. Happy Anniversary. Have a wonderful day.

  37. Happy anniversary Deena, here's to many, many more for the both of you, i hope you enjoyed your day together!


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