Friday, February 29, 2008

Pretty In Blue & Brown & PLEASE PRAY

Here's my sweet hat that
my friend Sally embellished.

It had MORE on it , but my kitty
like to chew the beads & ribbon when
she layed above me on my pillow.

My blood work was ALL good!!

I'm so thankful to be here &
hubby is good  company, tis a good day
with sun 
I'm looking out of the half frozen pond, tis a blessing.

Fondly, deena

I just a received a  note from Dad2Eight

His two year old granddaughter has lung 
cancer . Surgery is Monday.
Her name is EVA
& she is in Texas.


  1. How cool is this that I can "talk" to you from here to exactly where you are?! When will you start interviewing your chemo buddies to blog them? Nurses/staff want to wave hi into your camera? The Barbara Walters of Chemo Cured Land! You look good and strong. Don't try to blame the cat for your hat...we all know the stuff that was on it will show up in one of your art projects! Who you think you foolin girl?! Honestly! sides, the cat and the hat thing has already been done....;-) It is spring almost here today. Crocus are up, robins in the yard, squirrels doing the wild thing....sending you healing healing spring. XO church

  2. LOL
    I've been found OUT??
    oh know.

    Spring is so not here yet
    new snow on the ground from last night.
    but next treatment is MARCH 21ST
    and there best be some signs of SPRING.
    love ya Church!!

  3. Hi Deena, thinking of you as you have your treatment today. February 29th, what a special day! May it bring you special "kick-that-cancer-in-the-butt" powers today and always! Take care, Katie

  4. you look beautiful in those colors, dear deena! so happy that all is GOOD.......will check back later.....and will keep eva in my prayers.....bless you!
    love and hugs,

  5. You look pretty as always and very peaceful! Your doing GREAT!!

    This poor little girl.. I will pray..keep us updated!

  6. ...This post here is proof of the Angel that you truly are Deena. Here you are fighting your own personal battle and you have such a giving heart that you ask others to pray for another soul who is fighting a battle as well - you my dear are a true blessing! ;o)

    ...And so pretty too in that hat of yours - I love that!

    ...Prayers and blessings to you Deena and to Eva too! Keep your chin up and keep the faith!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  7. I had you on my heart this morning and had to get up and see what you were did I know you would be appearing from your bed there? HA! Hang in there...I LOOOOOVE the hat. Soooo pretty on you. You look great.
    Be blessed,

  8. Hello Friend! So good to open your blog and find you here. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear one.

    We have snow, snow & more snow today. Tis a good day to get things done on the computer ... like taxes. They are now finished for another year.

    I had my appt. with hemotologist yesterday and will hopefully get blood work results this afternoon. If platelets & hemocrit levels are good then I won't need a phlebotomy this month. I will need to begin weekly blood work though as platelets have dropped to 202,000.
    Oh the joys of the medical field.

  9. Hi Deena. You look great! Love the hat. And I'm glad to hear your blood work is good. I'm praying. That poor family with the 2 year old with lung cancer. I'll pray for her too.
    The music is lovely.
    Rhondi xo

  10. What a cute hat. That was so sweet of your friend to make it for you.

    I'm glad you blood work was okay. That is terrible about Eva having lung cancer and so young for that. Prayers have already gone up for you and Eva.

  11. Deena, You look so pretty in your lovely blue hat.. Sweetie I wish a good day. Hope everything goes well for you.
    I will pray for the precious Eva. How devastating that she has lung cancer...My heart aches just knowing what she and her parents are going through.

  12. LOVE your hat...glad all went well...I am popping in and not supposed to be on blogger...I had to check on you..
    See you later on..

  13. I am so happy your lab work was good today. This is your 2nd treatment on your way to killing the cancer. I know you will have an easy time with your treatment and feel great during and after it. Cute hat. Hats are almost all I wore and they sure help keep your head warm. Thinking of you always. Traci

  14. Hi Deena,
    I love clicking on your blog and seeing your beautiful face. You look especially radiant today. You look great in your hat! Praying and thinking about you today.

    LeAnn :)

  15. Hi, Sweetie. You look great in that hat even minus the pearls and ribbon. Naughty cat. She just got back at me for visiting you without her permission. Praying for you today and often...Sally

  16. Wow-you are looking gorgeous. Didn't know that could happen at chemo! :D

  17. Hi Deena,
    I just was checking out your blog and you truly do look beautiful today. I'm praying for you too, along with all the others who are.
    Jennie Hughes (Sally's daughter)

  18. HI Deena, you are looking so good. Love the blue hat. What a treat for your kitty. Yummy.

  19. Great hat!! I never looked so beautiful when I went through chemo! :o)

    Prayers for Eva and all her family. I can't even imagine.

  20. Deena,

    Love your blue hat. You look beautiful in it and it is so pretty. The embellishments set it off perfectly.

    I will pray for Eva in Texas. It makes me sad to think of children with cancer of any type.

    Take care. Glad your chemo went well.

    Love and blessings,

  21. Deena,you look gorgeous in your hats! Glad you're treatment went well today! You must be shattered,resting tomorrow might be a good option!As always love and best wishes fromKathyann and the girls
    We will also pray for little Ava and her family,so young to have to go through so much!

  22. May the force be with you in your 'kicking-cancer-in-the-butt' war.
    Thinking of you and will pray for little Eva and her family too.

  23. Hi Deena,
    Well don't you look divine! So Happy chemo went well and your blood work is good...praise God!

    I will pray for little Eva and her family in Texas. Her family must be hurting so much.

    Hugs to you my dear friend.

  24. I too am praying. OHH dear. So many terrible things and I will pray all the more. Today Iam so thankful that blood work was good.
    My Dear you shine.


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